Diocese of Brechin

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Coordinates: 56°43′59″N 2°39′32″W / 56.733°N 2.659°W / 56.733; -2.659

For the contemporary diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church, see Diocese of Brechin (Episcopalian).
Skene's map of Scottish bishoprics in the reign of David I (reigned 1124–1153).

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brechin or Diocese of Angus was one of the thirteen pre-Reformation dioceses of Scotland.


The diocese was believed to have been founded by Bishop Samson in 1153, and based at the cathedral in Brechin, Angus.

At the Reformation, the cathedral, churches and jurisdiction of the diocese were transferred to the Church of Scotland, its line of episcopacy having been continued without breaks by the Scottish Episcopal Church, which separated from the Church of Scotland in 1690.

The Diocese has been led by the Bishop of Brechin (Episcopal), sole successor to the early Catholic Bishop of Brechin.


  1. Brechin
  2. Buthergill (now Burghill)
  3. Catterline
  4. Cortachy
  5. Crebyauch (now Kirkbuddo)
  6. Dun
  7. Dundee
  8. Dunnichen
  9. Farnell
  10. Fothenevyn (now Finavon or Oathlaw)
  11. Glenbervie
  12. Glenisla
  13. Guthrie
  14. Kilmoir
  15. Kingornie
  16. Kingoldrum
  17. Lethnot
  18. Maryton
  19. Menmuir
  20. Monikie
  21. Montrose
  22. Navar
  23. Panbride
  24. Stracathro
  25. Strathmartine

and in the Mearns

  1. Garvock
  2. Strachan