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The Diocese of Duleek was an Irish diocese,[1] firstly subsumed by the Diocese of Meath[2] and now within the Diocese of Meath and Kildare.

It began as an early Christian monastic settlement. St Patrick established the bishopric circa 450 AD.[3]


Bishops of Duleek
From Until Incumbent Notes
450 489 St Cianan He was descended from the royal blood of the kings of Munster. His feast day is November 24
unknown 778 Feargus
unknown 870 Gnia "Abbat, Scribe, Anchorite and Bishop died in his 87th year" (Archdall)
unknown 882 Cormac "also Abbat of Clonard" ([Archdall (ibid))
unknown 902 Colman
unknown 927 Tuathal "Son of Oenecan"
unknown 941 Caon Combrach
unknown 1117 Giolla Mochua
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Other Senior Clergy[edit]

Archdeacons of Duleek
From Until Incumbent Notes
unknown 904 Eochy Son of Socaragusa (Archdall)
unknown 953 Aengus Son of Moelbrighde (Archdall)
unknown 870 Mureadach Son of M'Saergusa (Archdall)

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