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The Italian Catholic diocese of Todi existed until 1986, when it was united into the diocese of Orvieto-Todi.[1][2] It was directly dependent on the Holy See.


During the Gothic War the city of Todi withstood Totila during a long and severe siege. The Lombard failed to capture it, and Todi and Perugia remained the two chief fortresses defending the passage through the duchy from Rome to the Exarchate. It was included in Pepin's donation to the Holy See.

Saint Terentius, or Terentianus, was martyred under Diocletian. Other bishops are:


Diocese of Todi[edit]

Erected: 2nd Century
Latin Name: Tudertinus
Immediately Subject to the Holy See


30 September 1986: United with the Diocese of Orvieto to form the Diocese of Orvieto-Todi


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