Djibouti–Kenya relations

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Djiboutian–Kenyan relations
Map indicating locations of Djibouti and Kenya



Djibouti–Kenya relations are bilateral relations between Djibouti and Kenya.


Djibouti and Kenya first established diplomatic ties on 27 June 1977, after Djibouti's independence.

Both countries are founding members of COMESA. Additionally, the two nations are founding members of the IGAD trading bloc.[1]

In 2011, while on tour of Djibouti, Kenya's Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary, Monica K. Juma met with Djiboutian President, Ismail Omar Guelleh. She also held talks with the Djiboutian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Speaker of the National Assembly, Minister for Education, Minister for Transport, the Chamber of Commerce, the investment promotion agency and the tourism board.[2]


In 2005, Djibouti exported $1.4 million USD worth of commodities to Kenya. Around 11% or $8.7 million USD of Djibouti's total imports also consisted of goods from Kenya. In addition, Djibouti has bilateral trade and cooperation agreements with Kenya.[3]

Diplomatic missions[edit]

Djibouti maintains an embassy in Nairobi. Additionally, Kenya's embassy in Addis Ababa is accredited to Djibouti.[2]


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