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The Companion Chronicles is an ongoing series of stories detailing adventures usually featuring the Doctor, as told by various former companions of his, with only one further voice actor taking part in the narration. It began in 2007 as a mini-series of four stories about adventures of the first four Doctors (none of whom appear in regular Big Finish audio plays, as William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee died before they began and Tom Baker had declined to participate at that time[citation needed]), but its popularity ensured that it returned for a second mini-series, and then in July 2008 releases became monthly.[citation needed] The monthly series of Companion Chronicles ended in June 2014 but the range will continue with box set releases[1], these releases focusing on adventures concerning the First and Second Doctors as narrated by their surviving companions.


Series 1 (2007)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Frostfire"VickiMark J ThompsonMarc PlattFirstSteven TaylorFebruary 2007 (2007-02)
2"Fear of the Daleks"Zoe HeriotMark J ThompsonPatrick ChapmanSecondJamie McCrimmon, DaleksFebruary 2007 (2007-02)
3"The Blue Tooth"Liz ShawMark J ThompsonNigel FairsThirdThe Brigadier, Benton, Mike Yates, CybermenFebruary 2007 (2007-02)
4"The Beautiful People"Romana IIMark J ThompsonJonathan MorrisFourthK9February 2007 (2007-02)

Series 2 (2007–08)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Mother Russia"Steven TaylorNigel FairsMarc PlattFirstDodo ChapletOctober 2007 (2007-10)
2"Helicon Prime"Jamie McCrimmonNigel FairsJake ElliotSecondNoneNovember 2007 (2007-11)
3"Old Soldiers"The BrigadierNigel FairsJames SwallowThirdNoneDecember 2007 (2007-12)
4"The Catalyst"LeelaNigel FairsNigel FairsFourthNoneJanuary 2008 (2008-01)

Series 3 (2008–09)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Here There Be Monsters"Susan ForemanLisa BowermanAndy LaneFirstIan Chesterton, Barbara WrightJuly 2008 (2008-07)
2"The Great Space Elevator"Victoria WaterfieldNigel FairsJonathan MorrisSecondJamie McCrimmonAugust 2008 (2008-08)
3"The Doll of Death"Jo GrantLisa BowermanMarc PlattThirdThe Brigadier, Benton, Mike YatesSeptember 2008 (2008-09)
4"Empathy Games"LeelaNigel FairsNigel FairsFourthNoneOctober 2008 (2008-10)
5"Home Truths"Sara KingdomLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstSteven TaylorNovember 2008 (2008-11)
6"The Darkening Eye"NyssaKen BentleyStewart SheargoldFifthTegan, Adric, Dar TradersDecember 2008 (2008-12)
7"The Transit of Venus"Ian ChestertonNigel FairsJacqueline RaynerFirstSusan Foreman, Barbara WrightJanuary 2009 (2009-01)
8"The Prisoner's Dilemma"AceLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSeventhNoneFebruary 2009 (2009-02)
9"Resistance"PollyLisa BowermanSteve LyonsSecondBen, Jamie McCrimmonMarch 2009 (2009-03)
10"The Magician's Oath"Mike YatesNigel FairsScott HandcockThirdJo Grant, The Brigadier, BentonApril 2009 (2009-04)
11"The Mahogany Murderers"Jago, LitefootLisa BowermanAndy LaneNoneDr. TulpMay 2009 (2009-05)
12"Stealers from Saiph"Romana ILisa BowermanNigel RobinsonFourthNoneJune 2009 (2009-06)

Series 4 (2009–10)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Drowned World"Sara KingdomLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstSteven TaylorJuly 2009 (2009-07)
2"The Glorious Revolution"Jamie McCrimmonNigel FairsJonathan MorrisSecondZoe HeriotAugust 2009 (2009-08)
3"The Prisoner of Peladon"King PeladonNicola BryantMark Wright, Cavan ScottThirdIce Warriors, Alpha CentauriSeptember 2009 (2009-09)
4"The Pyralis Effect"Romana IILisa BowermanGeorge MannFourthNoneOctober 2009 (2009-10)
5"Ringpullworld"TurloughNeil RobertsPaul MagrsFifthTegan, HuxleyNovember 2009 (2009-11)
6"Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code"BennyJohn AinsworthEddie RobsonSeventhNoneJanuary 2010 (2010-01)
7"The Suffering"Steven Taylor, VickiLisa BowermanJacqueline RaynerFirstNoneFebruary 2010 (2010-02)
8"The Emperor of Eternity"Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria WaterfieldLisa BowermanNigel RobinsonSecondNoneMarch 2010 (2010-03)
9"Shadow of the Past"Liz ShawLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierThirdThe BrigadierApril 2010 (2010-04)
10"The Time Vampire"Leela, K9Nigel FairsNigel FairsFourthNoneMay 2010 (2010-05)
11"Night's Black Agents"Jamie McCrimmonLisa BowermanMarty RossSixthNoneMay 2010 (2010-05)
12"Solitaire"Charley PollardNicholas BriggsJohn DorneyEighthCelestial ToymakerJune 2010 (2010-06)

Series 5 (2010–11)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Guardian of the Solar System"Sara KingdomLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstSteven Taylor, Mavic ChenJuly 2010 (2010-07)
2"Echoes of Grey"Zoe HeriotLisa BowermanJohn DorneySecondJamie McCrimmonAugust 2010 (2010-08)
3"Find and Replace"Jo Grant, Iris WildthymeLisa BowermanPaul MagrsThirdBentonSeptember 2010 (2010-09)
4"The Invasion of E-Space"Romana IILisa BowermanAndrew SmithFourthAdricOctober 2010 (2010-10)
5"A Town Called Fortune"Evelyn SmytheLisa BowermanPaul SuttonSixthNoneNovember 2010 (2010-11)
6"Quinnis"Susan ForemanLisa BowermanMarc PlattFirstNoneDecember 2010 (2010-12)
7"Peri and the Piscon Paradox"Peri Brown, Sixth DoctorJohn AinsworthNev FountainFifth, SixthNoneJanuary 2011 (2011-01)
8"The Perpetual Bond"Steven Taylor, Oliver HarperLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstNoneFebruary 2011 (2011-02)
9"The Forbidden Time"Polly, Jamie McCrimmonLisa BowermanDavid LockSecondBenMarch 2011 (2011-03)
10"The Sentinels of the New Dawn"Liz ShawLisa BowermanPaul FinchThirdNoneApril 2011 (2011-04)
11"Ferril's Folly"Romana ILisa BowermanPeter AnghelidesFourthNoneMay 2011 (2011-05)
12"The Cold Equations"Steven Taylor, Oliver HarperLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstNoneJune 2011 (2011-06)

Specials (2011)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Three Companions"Polly, The Brigadier, BrewsterLisa BowermanMarc PlattSecond, ThirdBen, Jamie McCrimmonAugust 2011 (2011-08)
2"The Mists of Time"Jo GrantLisa BowermanJonathan MorrisThirdNoneAugust 2011 (2011-08)
3"Freakshow"TurloughLisa BowermanMark MorrisFifthTeganAugust 2011 (2011-08)

Series 6 (2011–12)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Tales from the Vault"Jo Grant, Romana I, Zoe Heriot, Steven TaylorLisa BowermanJonathan MorrisFirst, Second, Third, FourthJamie McCrimmon, Dodo ChapletJuly 2011 (2011-07)
2"The Rocket Men"Ian ChestertonLisa BowermanJohn DorneyFirstBarbara Wright, VickiAugust 2011 (2011-08)
3"The Memory Cheats"Zoe HeriotLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecondJamie McCrimmonSeptember 2011 (2011-09)
4"The Many Deaths of Jo Grant"Jo GrantLisa BowermanMark Wright, Cavan ScottThirdThe BrigadierOctober 2011 (2011-10)
5"The First Wave"Steven Taylor, Oliver HarperLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstVardansNovember 2011 (2011-11)
6"Beyond the Ultimate Adventure"Crystal, Jason, Sixth DoctorJason Haigh-ElleryTerrance DicksSixthRutans, Raston WarriorDecember 2011 (2011-12)
7"The Anachronauts"Steven Taylor, Sara KingdomKen BentleySimon GuerrierFirstNoneJanuary 2012 (2012-01)
8"The Selachian Gambit"Polly, Jamie McCrimmonLisa BowermanSteve LyonsSecondBenFebruary 2012 (2012-02)
9"Binary"Liz ShawLisa BowermanEddie RobsonThirdNoneMarch 2012 (2012-03)
10"The Wanderer"Ian ChestertonLisa BowermanRichard DinnickFirstSusan Foreman, Barbara WrightApril 2012 (2012-04)
11"The Jigsaw War"Jamie McCrimmonLisa BowermanEddie RobsonSecondNoneMay 2012 (2012-05)
12"The Rings of Ikiria"Mike YatesKen BentleyRichard DinnickThirdThe Brigadier, BentonJune 2012 (2012-06)

Special (2012)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Revenants"IanLisa BowermanIan PotterFirstBarbaraMay 2012 (2012-05)

Series 7 (2012–13)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Time Museum"IanLisa BowermanJames GossFirstBarbaraJuly 2012 (2012-07)
2"The Uncertainty Principle"Zoe HeriotLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecondJamie McCrimmonAugust 2012 (2012-08)
3"Project: Nirvana"Seventh Doctor, Aristedes, SallyKen BentleyMark Wright, Cavan ScottSeventhNoneSeptember 2012 (2012-09)
4"The Last Post"Liz ShawLisa BowermanJames GossThirdThe BrigadierOctober 2012 (2012-10)
5"Return of the Rocket Men"StevenLisa BowermanMatt FittonFirstDodoNovember 2012 (2012-11)
6"The Child"LeelaNigel FairsNigel FairsFourthNoneDecember 2012 (2012-12)
7"The Flames of Cadiz"Ian, SusanLisa BowermanMarc PlattFirstBarbaraJanuary 2013 (2013-01)
8"House of Cards"Jamie, PollyLisa BowermanSteve LyonsSecondBenFebruary 2013 (2013-02)
9"The Scorchies"JoKen BentleyJames GossThirdNoneMarch 2013 (2013-03)
10"The Library of Alexandria"IanLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstBarbara, SusanApril 2013 (2013-04)
11"The Apocalypse Mirror"Jamie, ZoeLisa BowermanEddie RobsonSecondNoneMay 2013 (2013-05)
12"Council of War"John BentonLisa BowermanSimon Barnard and Paul MorrisThirdThe BrigadierJune 2013 (2013-06)

Series 8 (2013–14)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Mastermind"The MasterKen BentleyJonathan MorrisNoneNoneJuly 2013 (2013-07)
2"The Alchemists"SusanLisa BowermanIan PotterFirstNoneAugust 2013 (2013-08)
3"Upstairs"Vicki, StevenLisa BowermanMat CowardFirstNoneSeptember 2013 (2013-09)
4"Ghost in the Machine"Jo GrantLouise JamesonJonathan MorrisThirdNoneOctober 2013 (2013-10)
5"The Beginning"Susan ForemanLisa BowermanMarc PlattFirstQuadrigger StoynNovember 2013 (2013-11)
6"The Dying Light"Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe HeriotLisa BowermanNick WallaceSecondQuadrigger StoynDecember 2013 (2013-12)
7"Luna Romana"Romana II, Romana IIILisa BowermanMatt FittonFourthRomana I, Quadrigger StoynJanuary 2014 (2014-01)
8"The Sleeping City"Ian ChestertonLisa BowermanIan PotterFirstBarbara, VickiFebruary 2014 (2014-02)
9"Starborn"VickiLisa BowermanJacqueline RaynerFirstBarbara, IanMarch 2014 (2014-03)
10"The War to End All Wars"Steven TaylorLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstDodo ChapletApril 2014 (2014-04)
11"The Elixir of Doom"Jo Grant, Iris WildthymeLisa BowermanPaul MagrsThirdThe Eighth DoctorMay 2014 (2014-05)
12"Second Chances"Zoe HeriotLisa BowermanJohn DorneySecondJamie McCrimmonJune 2014 (2014-06)

Series 9: The First Doctor Volume 1 (2015)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Sleeping Blood"Susan ForemanLisa BowermanMartin DayFirstNoneJune 2015 (2015-06)
2"The Unwinding World"VickiLisa BowermanIan PotterFirstIan, BarbaraJune 2015 (2015-06)
3"The Founding Fathers"Steven TaylorLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstVickiJune 2015 (2015-06)
4"The Locked Room"Steven TaylorLisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirstVickiJune 2015 (2015-06)

Series 10: The Second Doctor Volume 1 (2016)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Mouthless Dead"Ben, Polly, JamieLisa BowermanJohn PritchardSecondNoneJune 2016 (2016-06)
2"The Story of Extinction"Jamie, VictoriaLisa BowermanIan AtkinsSecondNoneJune 2016 (2016-06)
3"The Integral"Jamie, ZoeLisa BowermanDavid BartlettSecondNoneJune 2016 (2016-06)
4"The Edge"JamieLisa BowermanRob NisbetSecondZoeJune 2016 (2016-06)

Series 11: The First Doctor Volume 2 (2017)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Fields of Terror"VickiLisa BowermanJohn PritchardFirstStevenJune 2017 (2017-06)
2"Across the Darkened City"StevenLisa BowermanDavid BartlettFirstVicki, DaleksJune 2017 (2017-06)
3"Bonfires of the Vanities"Polly, BenLisa BowermanUna McCormackFirstNoneJune 2017 (2017-06)
4"The Plague of Dreams"Polly, BenLisa BowermanGuy AdamsFirstNoneJune 2017 (2017-06)

Series 12: The Second Doctor Volume 2 (2018)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"The Curator's Egg"Polly, BenLisa BowermanJulian RichardsSecondJamieJune 2018 (2018-06)
2"Dumb Waiter"Jamie, LeelaLisa BowermanRob NisbetSecondVictoriaJune 2018 (2018-06)
3"The Iron Maid"Jamie, ZoeLisa BowermanJohn PritchardSecondNoneJune 2018 (2018-06)
4"The Tactics of Defeat"Jamie, ZoeHelen GoldwynTony JonesSecondNoneJune 2018 (2018-06)

Series 13: The First Doctor Volume 3 (2019)[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"E is for..."SusanLisa BowermanJulian RichardsFirstIan, BarbaraSeptember 2019 (2019-09)
2"Daybreak"VickiLisa BowermanJohn PrichardFirstNoneSeptember 2019 (2019-09)
3"The Vardan Invasion of Mirth"StevenLisa BowermanPaul Morris and Ian AtkinsFirstTBASeptember 2019 (2019-09)
4"The Crumbling Magician"PollyLisa BowermanGuy AdamsFirstTBASeptember 2019 (2019-09)

Series 14: The Second Doctor Volume 3[edit]

No.TitleTold byDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1TBATBATBATBASecondTBAJune 2020 (2020-06)[2]
2TBATBATBATBASecondTBAJune 2020 (2020-06)[2]
3TBATBATBATBASecondTBAJune 2020 (2020-06)[2]
4TBATBATBATBASecondTBAJune 2020 (2020-06)[2]


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