Doctor Who (season 24)

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Doctor Who (season 24)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 14
4 stories
Original network BBC One
Original release 7 September (1987-09-07) – 7 December 1987 (1987-12-07)
Season chronology
← Previous
The Trial of a Time Lord
(Season 23)
Next →
Season 25
List of Doctor Who serials

The twenty-fourth season of British science fiction television series Doctor Who began on 7 September 1987 with Sylvester McCoy's first story Time and the Rani, and ended with Dragonfire.


Main cast[edit]

New Companion[edit]

The departure of Bonnie Langford saw plans to introduce a new companion. However, owing to Langford being undecided as to when she would actually leave the show, producer John Nathan-Turner asked writers Malcolm Kohll and Ian Briggs to formulate characters that could be used as potential companions. Kohll designed a character in his script, titled The Flight of the Chimeron (eventually to take shape as Delta and the Bannermen), called Ray. Initially it appeared that The Flight of the Chimeron would be the final serial of the season, which would see Ray leave with the Doctor. However, by the time it came to production and scheduling for the season, Kohll's serial had been swapped in the running order with Ian Briggs' (which became Dragonfire), and led to Briggs' creation, who eventually became Ace, taking Mel's place with the Doctor.[1]

Recurring stars[edit]

Kate O'Mara makes her second appearance as the Rani in McCoy's first serial Time and the Rani.

Guest stars[edit]

Sophie Aldred guest stars as Ace in Dragonfire; Ace would become the Doctor's companion in the next season.

Tony Selby, having recently appeared in The Trial of a Time Lord, also made a guest appearance as Sabalom Glitz in the same story and acts as an unofficial companion to the Seventh Doctor.


Andrew Cartmel takes over as script editor. This season is moved to a Monday schedule.

The previous season, while ostensibly a single 14-part serial, was divided into three stories of four episodes and one of two episodes. For this season, this was re-jigged into a new format that would be followed over the next three years, with a pair of four-parters and a pair of three-parters. Not including The Two Doctors, which had episodes of 45-minute duration, Delta and the Bannermen was the first standard format (25-minute) 3 part serial since Planet of Giants in Season 2.

Story Serial Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
UK viewers
(millions) [2]
AI [2]
144 1 Time and the Rani Andrew Morgan Pip and Jane Baker 7 September 1987
14 September 1987
21 September 1987
28 September 1987
7D 5.1
The Rani has taken control of the planet Lakertya and forced the peaceful Lakertyans to build a rocket silo-cum-laboratory base into a cliff face. She is aided by the Tetraps, a race of bat-like creatures. To aid in her plans, she forces the Doctor's TARDIS to crash-land on the planet, initiating the Doctor's regeneration into his seventh incarnation. Can the Doctor get past his post-regenerative trauma and thwart the Rani once more?
145 2 Paradise Towers Nicholas Mallett Stephen Wyatt 5 October 1987
12 October 1987
19 October 1987
26 October 1987
7E 4.5
The Doctor takes Mel to the peaceful Paradise Towers for a trip. However, things are quite wrong; killer cleaners and the disembodied mind of architect in the basement pose a threat.
146 3 Delta and the Bannermen Chris Clough Malcolm Kohll 2 November 1987
9 November 1987
16 November 1987
7F 5.3
The Chimeron queen heads for a holiday camp in Wales after being a target for assassination. The Doctor and Mel run into Delta and decide to help her get rid of the Bannermen.
147 4 Dragonfire Chris Clough Ian Briggs 23 November 1987
30 November 1987
7 December 1987
7G 5.5
Kane has waited 3,000 years to escape his ice prison. However, the Doctor, Mel, Ace, and Glitz may have something to say about that.


The entire season was broadcast from 7 September to 7 December 1987.

DVD Release[edit]

All serials of season 24 were released individually in between 2009 and 2012.

Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
Time and the Rani 4 × 25 min. 13 September 2010 4 November 2010 14 June 2011
Paradise Towers 4 × 25 min. 18 July 2011 1 September 2011 9 August 2011
Delta and the Bannermen 3 × 25 min. 22 June 2009 6 August 2009 1 September 2009
Available as part of the Ace Adventures box set in Regions 2 & 4. Only available individually in Region 1.
3 × 25 min. 7 May 2012[3] 7 June 2012 8 May 2012

In print[edit]

Serial name Novelisation title Author First published
Time and the Rani Time and the Rani Pip and Jane Baker 1988
Paradise Towers Paradise Towers Stephen Wyatt 1988
Delta and the Bannermen Delta and the Bannermen Malcolm Kohll 1989
Dragonfire Dragonfire Ian Briggs 1989


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