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Dr. Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks by David Whitaker, published in 1964, was the very first Doctor Who novelisation. Illustrated is the first paperback edition published in 1965.

This is a list of Doctor Who novelisations, in order of publication.

The first three Doctor Who serials to be novelised were the William Hartnell stories The Daleks (as Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks by David Whitaker), The Web Planet (Doctor Who and the Zarbi by Bill Strutton) and The Crusade (Doctor Who and the Crusaders by Whitaker). They were published in hardback by Frederick Muller Ltd; the first was also published in paperback, by Armada.

Between 1973 and 1991, Target Books published almost every Doctor Who television serial as a novelisation, starting with new editions of the Frederick Muller books. When Target was taken over by Virgin Books in 1991, three further serials - The Power of the Daleks and The Evil of the Daleks by John Peel and the radio serial The Paradise of Death by Barry Letts - were added to the range.

The only serials from the original 1963-1989 run of the show never to have been officially novelised by Target and its related companies are The Pirate Planet (to be published Summer 2016 by BBC Books[1][2]), City of Death (published on 21 May 2015 by BBC Books[3]), Shada (published in March 2012 by BBC Books[4]), Resurrection of the Daleks, and Revelation of the Daleks, due to licensing issues with the original scriptwriters. (Unofficial fan novelisations were published by the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club between 1989 and 2000.) The Children in Need special Dimensions in Time and the Comic Relief spoof Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death have also not been novelised.

BBC Books published a novelisation of the 1996 Doctor Who television movie by Gary Russell. There are currently no plans to novelise episodes of the revived series with Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, David Tennant's Tenth Doctor or Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. However, in late 2007 unofficial fan-produced novelisations of the first two 2005 episodes were published as ebooks. They were quickly removed from the website following threat of legal action by the BBC's Brand Protection Team.[citation needed]

In addition to the television serials, three scripts from the cancelled Season 23 - The Nightmare Fair, The Ultimate Evil and Mission to Magnus - were novelised. A short series entitled The Companions of Doctor Who comprised the novelisation of K-9 and Company along with the original works Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma and Harry Sullivan's War.

Besides The Paradise of Death, Target also novelised two additional non-televised stories: the radio play Slipback and the audio story The Pescatons.

A novelisation by Barry Letts of a further radio drama, The Ghosts of N-Space, was published as part of the Virgin Missing Adventures range in 1995, as was the novelisation of the independent spin-off Downtime; in the same year, the Virgin New Adventures range published a novelisation of Shakedown: The Return of the Sontarans. The most recent novelisation to be published was an adaptation by Gareth Roberts of the unfinished TV story Shada, published by BBC Books in 2012. In 2013, Roberts announced that he was working on a novelisation of City of Death, due for publication in 2015.[5][6][3] Roberts later announced he was no longer working on the book, rather James Goss was working on it.[7][8] The book was published in May 2015.[9]

In 2005, BBC Audio released unabridged audiobook versions of the first three Frederick Muller novelisations, read by actor William Russell (who played Ian Chesterton). Beginning in September 2007, they began releasing further unabridged audiobooks of the Target novelisations at a rate of approximately two every two months; the books themselves remain officially out of print. BBC Books began reprinting selected titles starting in July 2011.[10]

Publication details[edit]

Although Target endeavoured to commission the original scriptwriters to novelise their own stories, this was not always possible. As a result, many books in the Target line were written by Terrance Dicks. During the late 1970s to early 1980s, Target, which classified the novelisations as children's fiction, imposed a page limit of 128 pages. Some books (particularly several by Dicks) even fell short of this limit. By the late 1980s, however, the page cap had been lifted, although John Peel was still required to split his novelisation of the epic 12-episode The Daleks' Master Plan into two volumes because the manuscript was too long.

Target began numbering its novelisations from 1983, with almost all of the first seventy-three books being numbered as reprints came out. The first new book to be numbered was Time-Flight. Target's numbering did not initially reflect original publication order (which would have placed David Whitaker's Doctor Who and the Daleks book first), but rather was conducted in alphabetical order, so that the novelisation of The Abominable Snowmen was numbered "1". The numbering likewise had no connection with production or broadcast order. Due to print delays and last-minute reordering of publication schedules, some of the later books were released out of numeric order.


For the first few years of the Target line, it was common practice for the novels to have titles that differed from the adapted serials: for example, Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion, which was based upon the serial Spearhead from Space. This practice was dropped in the mid-1970s. Another tradition established by the books was to append the words "Doctor Who and ..." to the titles, except in a few cases where impractical. This practice continued until the early 1980s. From 1990 onwards reprints of the books generally dropped "Doctor Who and..." from the title and changed titles back to the original television story, although some of the reprints merely rejacketed earlier stock.

List of novelisations published by Frederick Muller Ltd[edit]

These three books based on First Doctor serials were first published in hardcover by Frederick Muller Ltd.

Title Author Published
Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks Whitaker, DavidDavid Whitaker 12 November 1964
Doctor Who and the Zarbi Strutton, BillBill Strutton 16 September 1965
Doctor Who and the Crusaders Whitaker, DavidDavid Whitaker 1965

List of novelisations published by Target[edit]

This list of novelisations published by Target, or its successors, is sortable by its number in the "Doctor Who Library", title, Doctor, author or date. The Audiobook column indicates whether an abridged or unabridged audiobook has been released. See List of Doctor Who audiobooks.

No. Title Doctor Author Published Audiobook
16 Doctor Who and the Daleks 1st David Whitaker 2 May 1973 Unabridged
73 Doctor Who and the Zarbi 1st Bill Strutton 2 May 1973 Unabridged
12 Doctor Who and the Crusaders 1st David Whitaker 2 May 1973 Unabridged
6 Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion 3rd Terrance Dicks 17 January 1974 Unabridged
9 Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters 3rd Malcolm Hulke 17 January 1974 Unabridged
23 Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon 3rd Malcolm Hulke 27 March 1974 Unabridged
18 Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks 3rd Terrance Dicks 27 March 1974
15 Doctor Who and the Dæmons 3rd Barry Letts 17 October 1974 Unabridged
54 Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils 3rd Malcolm Hulke 17 October 1974 Unabridged
1 Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen 2nd Terrance Dicks 21 November 1974 Unabridged
13 Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon 3rd Brian Hayles 1 January 1974 Abridged & Unabridged
14 Doctor Who and the Cybermen 2nd Gerry Davis 20 February 1975 Unabridged
28 Doctor Who and the Giant Robot 4th Terrance Dicks 13 March 1975 Unabridged
63 Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons 3rd Terrance Dicks 15 May 1975 Unabridged
29 Doctor Who and the Green Death 3rd Malcolm Hulke 21 August 1975 Unabridged
48 Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders 3rd Terrance Dicks 16 October 1975 Unabridged
64 The Three Doctors[a] 3rd Terrance Dicks 20 November 1975 Unabridged (twice)
40 Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster 4th Terrance Dicks 15 January 1976 Unabridged
22 Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion 3rd Malcolm Hulke 19 February 1976 Unabridged
62 Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet 1st Gerry Davis 19 February 1976
33 Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors 2nd Brian Hayles 18 March 1976 Unabridged
51 Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen 4th Terrance Dicks 20 May 1976
27 Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks 4th Terrance Dicks 22 July 1976 Unabridged
72 Doctor Who and the Web of Fear 2nd Terrance Dicks 19 August 1976
57 Doctor Who and the Space War 3rd Malcolm Hulke 23 September 1976 Unabridged
46 Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks 3rd Terrance Dicks 21 October 1976 Abridged & Unabridged
50 Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars 4th Terrance Dicks 16 December 1976 Unabridged
8 Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters 3rd Terrance Dicks 20 January 1977 Unabridged (twice)
55 Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom 4th Philip Hinchcliffe 17 February 1977
17 Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of Earth 1st Terrance Dicks 24 March 1977 Unabridged
10 Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos 3rd Terrance Dicks 21 April 1977
4 Doctor Who and the Ark in Space 4th Ian Marter 10 May 1977 Unabridged
7 Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius 4th Terrance Dicks 23 June 1977 Unabridged
47 Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil 4th Terrance Dicks 18 August 1977
44 Doctor Who and the Mutants 3rd Terrance Dicks 29 September 1977
19 Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin 4th Terrance Dicks 20 October 1977 Unabridged
61 Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang 4th Terrance Dicks 15 November 1977 Unabridged
42 Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora 4th Philip Hinchcliffe 8 December 1977 Unabridged
25 Doctor Who and the Face of Evil 4th Terrance Dicks 19 January 1978 Unabridged
32 Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock 4th Terrance Dicks 30 March 1978
66 Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen 2nd Gerry Davis 18 May 1978 Unabridged
65 Doctor Who and the Time Warrior 3rd Terrance Dicks and Robert Holmes 29 June 1978 Unabridged
20 Death to the Daleks 3rd Terrance Dicks 20 July 1978
2 Doctor Who and the Android Invasion 4th Terrance Dicks 16 November 1978
56 Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment 4th Ian Marter 7 December 1978
30 Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear 4th Terrance Dicks 18 January 1979
36 Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy 4th Terrance Dicks 29 March 1979
53 Doctor Who and the Robots of Death 4th Terrance Dicks 24 May 1979
34 Doctor Who and the Image of the Fendahl 4th Terrance Dicks 26 July 1979
70 Doctor Who and the War Games 2nd Malcolm Hulke 25 September 1979 Unabridged
21 Doctor Who and the Destiny of the Daleks 4th Terrance Dicks 20 November 1979
52 Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation 4th Ian Marter 11 December 1979 Unabridged
67 Doctor Who and the Underworld 4th Terrance Dicks 24 January 1980
35 Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time 4th Terrance Dicks 21 February 1980
59 Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood 4th Terrance Dicks 20 March 1980
3 Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara 4th Terrance Dicks 24 April 1980
49 Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll 4th Terrance Dicks 26 May 1980
5 Doctor Who and the Armageddon Factor 4th Terrance Dicks 26 June 1980
38 Doctor Who and the Keys of Marinus 1st Philip Hinchcliffe 21 August 1980
45 Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden 4th Terrance Dicks 21 August 1980
31 Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon 4th Terrance Dicks 16 October 1980
43 Doctor Who and the Monster of Peladon 3rd Terrance Dicks 4 December 1980
11 Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit 4th David Fisher 15 January 1981 Unabridged
24 Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World 2nd Ian Marter 17 April 1981
68 Doctor Who and An Unearthly Child 1st Terrance Dicks 15 October 1981
58 Doctor Who and the State of Decay 4th Terrance Dicks 14 January 1982 Unabridged
71 Doctor Who and Warriors' Gate 4th Stephen Gallagher as John Lydecker 15 April 1982
37 Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken 4th Terrance Dicks 20 May 1982
39 Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive 4th David Fisher 22 July 1982 Unabridged
69 Doctor Who and the Visitation 5th Eric Saward 19 August 1982 Unabridged
26 Full Circle 4th Andrew Smith 16 September 1982 Unabridged
41 Logopolis 4th Christopher H. Bidmead 21 October 1982 Unabridged
60 Doctor Who and the Sunmakers 4th Terrance Dicks 18 November 1982
74 Time-Flight 5th Peter Grimwade 15 April 1983
75 Meglos 4th Terrance Dicks 5 May 1983
76 Castrovalva 5th Christopher H. Bidmead 16 June 1983 Unabridged
77 Four to Doomsday 5th Terrance Dicks 21 July 1983
78 Earthshock 5th Ian Marter 18 August 1983 Unabridged
79 Terminus 5th Stephen Gallagher as John Lydecker 15 September 1983
80 Arc of Infinity 5th Terrance Dicks 20 October 1983
81 The Five Doctors 5th Terrance Dicks 24 November 1983
82 Mawdryn Undead 5th Peter Grimwade 12 January 1984
84 Kinda 5th Terrance Dicks 15 March 1984 Abridged
83 Snakedance 5th Terrance Dicks 3 May 1984
85 Enlightenment 5th Barbara Clegg 24 May 1984
86 The Dominators 2nd Ian Marter 19 July 1984
87 Warriors of the Deep 5th Terrance Dicks 16 August 1984 Abridged
88 The Aztecs 1st John Lucarotti 20 September 1984 Unabridged
89 Inferno 3rd Terrance Dicks 18 October 1984 Unabridged
90 The Highlanders 2nd Gerry Davis 15 November 1984 Unabridged
91 Frontios 5th Christopher H. Bidmead 10 December 1984 Unabridged (twice)
93 Planet of Fire 5th Peter Grimwade 14 February 1985
92 The Caves of Androzani 5th Terrance Dicks 14 March 1985
94 Marco Polo 1st John Lucarotti 11 April 1985
95 The Awakening 5th Eric Pringle 13 June 1985 Unabridged
96 The Mind of Evil 3rd Terrance Dicks 11 July 1985
97 The Myth Makers 1st Donald Cotton 12 September 1985 Unabridged
98 The Invasion 2nd Ian Marter 10 October 1985
99 The Krotons 2nd Terrance Dicks 14 November 1985
100 The Two Doctors 6th(&2nd) Robert Holmes 5 December 1985 Unabridged
101 The Gunfighters 1st Donald Cotton 9 January 1986 Unabridged
102 The Time Monster 3rd Terrance Dicks 13 February 1986
103 The Twin Dilemma 6th Eric Saward 13 March 1986 Unabridged
104 Galaxy Four 1st William Emms 10 April 1986
105 Timelash 6th Glen McCoy 15 May 1986
-- Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma (original novel) none Tony Attwood 15 May 1986
107 The Mark of the Rani 6th Pip and Jane Baker 12 June 1986
108 The King's Demons 5th Terence Dudley 10 July 1986
-- Slipback (radio play) 6th Eric Saward 21 August 1986
109 The Savages 1st Ian Stuart Black 11 September 1986
110 Fury from the Deep 2nd Victor Pemberton 16 October 1986 Unabridged
-- Harry Sullivan's War (original novel) none Ian Marter 16 October 1986
111 The Celestial Toymaker 1st Gerry Davis and Alison Bingeman 20 November 1986
112 The Seeds of Death 2nd Terrance Dicks 4 December 1986
113 Black Orchid 5th Terence Dudley 19 February 1987 Unabridged
114 The Ark 1st Paul Erickson 19 March 1987
115 The Mind Robber 2nd Peter Ling 16 April 1987 Unabridged
116 The Faceless Ones 2nd Terrance Dicks 21 May 1987
117 The Space Museum 1st Glyn Jones 18 June 1987
118 The Sensorites 1st Nigel Robinson 16 July 1987 Unabridged
119 The Reign of Terror 1st Ian Marter 20 August 1987
120 The Romans 1st Donald Cotton 19 September 1987
121 The Ambassadors of Death 3rd Terrance Dicks 1 October 1987
-- K-9 and Company (spin-off) none Terence Dudley 1 October 1987 Unabridged
122 The Massacre 1st John Lucarotti 19 November 1987 Unabridged
123 The Macra Terror 2nd Ian Stuart Black 10 December 1987
124 The Rescue 1st Ian Marter 21 January 1988 Unabridged
125 Terror of the Vervoids 6th Pip and Jane Baker 18 February 1988 Unabridged
126 The Time Meddler 1st Nigel Robinson 17 March 1988
127 The Mysterious Planet 6th Terrance Dicks 21 April 1988 Unabridged
128[b] Time and the Rani 7th Pip and Jane Baker 5 May 1988
106 Vengeance on Varos 6th Philip Martin 16 June 1988 Abridged
129 The Underwater Menace 2nd Nigel Robinson 21 July 1988
130 The Wheel in Space 2nd Terrance Dicks 18 August 1988
131 The Ultimate Foe 6th Pip and Jane Baker 15 September 1988 Unabridged
132 The Edge of Destruction 1st Nigel Robinson 20 October 1988 Unabridged
133 The Smugglers 1st Terrance Dicks 17 November 1988
134 Paradise Towers 7th Stephen Wyatt 1 December 1988 Unabridged
135 Delta and the Bannermen 7th Malcolm Kohll 19 January 1989
136 The War Machines 1st Ian Stuart Black 16 February 1989
137 Dragonfire 7th Ian Briggs 16 March 1989
138 Attack of the Cybermen 6th Eric Saward 20 April 1989 Abridged
-- The Nightmare Fair (unproduced script) 6th Graham Williams 18 May 1989
139 Mindwarp 6th Philip Martin 15 June 1989 Unabridged
140 The Chase 1st John Peel 20 July 1989 Unabridged
-- The Ultimate Evil (unproduced script) 6th Wally K. Daly 17 August 1989 Unabridged
141 The Daleks' Master Plan Part I: Mission to the Unknown 1st John Peel 21 September 1989 Unabridged
142 The Daleks' Master Plan Part II: The Mutation of Time 1st John Peel 19 October 1989 Unabridged
143 Silver Nemesis 7th Kevin Clarke 16 November 1989
144 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 7th Stephen Wyatt 21 December 1989 Unabridged
145 Planet of Giants 1st Terrance Dicks 18 January 1990
146 The Happiness Patrol 7th Graeme Curry 15 February 1990 Unabridged
147 The Space Pirates 2nd Terrance Dicks 15 March 1990
148 Remembrance of the Daleks 7th Ben Aaronovitch 21 June 1990 Unabridged
-- Mission to Magnus (unproduced script) 6th Philip Martin 19 July 1990
149 Ghost Light 7th Marc Platt 20 September 1990 Unabridged
150 Survival 7th Rona Munro 18 October 1990
151 The Curse of Fenric 7th Ian Briggs 15 November 1990 Unabridged
152 Battlefield 7th Marc Platt 18 July 1991
153 The Pescatons (audio drama) 4th Victor Pemberton 15 September 1991
154 The Power of the Daleks [c] 2nd John Peel 15 July 1993
155 The Evil of the Daleks[c] 2nd John Peel 19 August 1993
156 The Paradise of Death (radio play)[c] 3rd Barry Letts 21 April 1994

^a The 1976 edition (and subsequent reprintings until 1991) have the title as Doctor Who and the Three Doctors on the front cover.
^b Initial copies were mistakenly printed as number 127
^c Published by Virgin's Doctor Who Books imprint after Virgin bought Target.

Omnibus and two in one releases[edit]

A number of novelisations were released in omnibus editions, mostly by book clubs.

Title Novelisations included Author Publisher Published
Doctor Who and the Daleks Omnibus Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks Terrance Dicks Artus Books September 1976
Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks
The Doctor Who Omnibus Doctor Who and the Space War Malcolm Hulke Book Club Associates 1977
Doctor Who and the Web of Fear Terrance Dicks
Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen
The Adventures of Doctor Who Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks Terrance Dicks Nelson Doubleday 1979
Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen
Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster
Dalek Omnibus The Dalek Invasion of Earth Terrance Dicks W. H. Allen 1983
The Planet of the Daleks
The Day of the Daleks
The Further Adventures of Doctor Who Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin Terrance Dicks Nelson Doubleday 1986
Doctor Who and the Face of Evil
Doctor Who and the Robots of Death

In 1988–1989, W. H. Allen's Star label published a number of the Target novelisations in a format of two novelisations in one book in a range titled Doctor Who Classics. These were produced by fixing together two Target books with a new front page and outer cover. The pairings were:

List of other novelisations[edit]

Other Doctor Who or Doctor Who-related productions have been novelised outside of the Target Books line. This includes a series of novelisations by the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club which were privately published and not licensed by the BBC (all based upon serials Target were unable to obtain the rights to), several novelisations of radio and independent film stories published by Virgin after it had retired Target, novelisations published by BBC Books, and novelisations written exclusively for audiobooks.

Title Doctor Author Published Publisher Notes
State of Decay 4th Terrance Dicks June 1981 Pickwick Audiobook with different text from the Target novelisation.[11]
Doctor Who and Shada 4th Paul Scoones March 1989 TSV Unlicensed fan club publication.
Doctor Who and the Pirate Planet 4th David Bishop September 1990 TSV Unlicensed fan club publication.
Revelation of the Daleks 6th Jon Preddle July 1992 TSV Unlicensed fan club publication.
Doctor Who and the City of Death 4th David Lawrence November 1992 TSV Unlicensed fan club publication.
The Ghosts of N-Space 3rd Barry Letts February 1995 Virgin Books Published as part of the Virgin Missing Adventures range
Shakedown 7th Terrance Dicks December 1995 Virgin Published as part of the Virgin New Adventures range
Downtime None Marc Platt January 1996 Virgin Published as part of the Virgin Missing Adventures range
Doctor Who: The Novel of the Film 8th Gary Russell May 1996 BBC Books An abridged audiobook recording of this novelisation has been released.
Resurrection of the Daleks 5th Paul Scoones January 2000 TSV Unlicensed fan club publication.
Scream of the Shalka 9th (alt) Paul Cornell February 2004 BBC Books
The Stones of Blood 4th David Fisher 5 May 2011 BBC Audio New novelisation exclusive to audio.
The Eleventh Hour[12] 11th Trevor Baxendale May 2011 Pearson Education
The Time of Angels[13] 11th Trevor Baxendale May 2011 Pearson Education
Victory of the Daleks[14] 11th Peter Gutiérrez May 2011 Pearson Education Photo novelisation
The Lodger[15] 11th Peter Gutiérrez May 2011 Pearson Education Photo novelisation
Shada 4th Gareth Roberts 15 March 2012 BBC Books An unabridged audiobook recording of this novelisation has been released.
The Androids of Tara 4th David Fisher 5 July 2012 AudioGo New novelisation exclusive to audio.
City of Death 4th James Goss[7][8] 21 May 2015[3] BBC Books An unabridged audiobook recording of this novelisation has been released.
The Pirate Planet 4th James Goss Summer 2016 [1][2] BBC Books
An Unearthly Child 1st Nigel Robinson TBA BBC Physical Audio New novelisation exclusive to audio. Originally scheduled for release 7 November 2013 by AudioGo, this was suspended due to AudioGo suspending operations in October 2013.,[16]

List of Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations[edit]

Beginning in 2007, Penguin Books under its Penguin Character Books imprint began publishing novelisations based upon the spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

No. Title Author Published Publisher
1 Invasion of the Bane Terrance Dicks 1 November 2007 Penguin Character Books
2 Revenge of the Slitheen Rupert Laight 1 November 2007 Penguin
3 Eye of the Gorgon Phil Ford 1 November 2007 Penguin
4 Warriors of Kudlak Gary Russell 1 November 2007 Penguin
5 Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Rupert Laight 3 November 2008 Penguin
6 The Lost Boy Gary Russell 3 November 2008 Penguin
7 The Last Sontaran Phil Ford 6 November 2008 Penguin
8 The Day of the Clown Phil Ford 5 November 2008 Penguin
9 The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Gareth Roberts 5 November 2009 Penguin
n/a Judoon Afternoon[17] Trevor Baxendale September 2010 Pearson Education (photo novelisation)
n/a Haunted House[18] Trevor Baxendale September 2010 Pearson Education (photo novelisation)
n/a Painting Peril[19] Trevor Baxendale September 2010 Pearson Education (photo novelisation)
n/a Blathereen Dream[20] Trevor Baxendale September 2010 Pearson Education (photo novelisation)
n/a The Nightmare Man Joeseph Lidster 25 November 2010 ePenguin (e-book)
n/a Death of the Doctor Gary Russell 25 November 2010 ePenguin (e-book)


British artist Andrew Skilleter created much of the cover art for the Doctor Who books from 1979 to 1994, along with video covers and other merchandise.[21][22] His work on Doctor Who was showcased in his 1995 volume Blacklight: The Art of Andrew Skilleter.[22][23]


Generally, Doctor Who stories that have been broadcast will be adapted into print, rather than vice versa. There have been some occasions where written media has been adapted for the screen or formed inspiration for television episodes.

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