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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2004, by order of first appearance.

Dom Shaw[edit]

Dom Shaw
EastEnders character
Portrayed byLloyd McGuire
First appearanceEpisode 2674
9 February 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2676
12 February 2004
ClassificationFormer; guest

Dom Shaw, played by Lloyd McGuire, is a board member on the Walford Community Centre committee. When Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) wants to hold a 2004 Valentine's Day ball in the Community Centre. she needs to get an alcohol license, but Community Centre manager Derek Harkinson (Ian Lavender) is unable to obtain one due to a previous criminal conviction for growing cannabis.[1][2] When Shaw discovers Derek's conviction, he sacks him, but is persuaded to reinstate him by Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou).[3] He later obtains a license for the Community Centre himself.[4]

Jill Green[edit]

Jill Green
EastEnders character
Portrayed byElizabeth Rider
Duration2004, 2007–2008
First appearanceEpisode 2679
17 February 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 3574
8 May 2008
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Jill Green, played by Elizabeth Rider, is a nurse who works at Walford General Hospital. She first appears in February 2004 when Ronny Ferreira (Ray Panthaki) has a kidney transplant. She appears again in January 2007 after Deano Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) and Chelsea Fox (Tiana Benjamin) are in a car crash. She is seen again in May 2008 after Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) runs over Pat Evans (Pam St. Clement).


EastEnders character
Portrayed byDaniel Anthony
First appearanceEpisode 2680
19 February 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2682
23 February 2004
Introduced byLouise Berridge
ClassificationFormer; guest

JJ, played by Daniel Anthony, is a teenage runaway who breaks into the Abercorn Bed & Breakfast, disturbing the proprietor Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) and his fiancée, Yolande Duke (Angela Wynter). When confronted, JJ tells the couple that he is 16 and is living on the streets, so they soften, letting him stay when he offers to help out around the place. Patrick's stepson Paul Trueman (Gary Beadle) takes a dislike to JJ and is suspicious of him. When Yolande offers to wash JJ's jacket, he is evasive and it is revealed he stole some jewellery from her. Paul informs JJ's social worker, Mattie George (Chizzy Akudolu), who arrives to collect JJ and reveals he is only 14 and has run away from care. Patrick and Yolande are furious with Paul and later visit JJ in care and learn that his mother is in prison. This experience leads to their decision to foster.

Wilfred Atkins[edit]

Wilfred Atkins
EastEnders character
Portrayed byDudley Sutton
First appearanceEpisode 2688
4 March 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2740
3 June 2004
ClassificationFormer; regular

Wilfred Atkins, played by Dudley Sutton, is Nana Moon's (Hilda Braid) fiancée, whom she meets on the bus travelling to her holiday in Eastbourne. She brings him back to Walford in March 2004 to meet her grandsons Alfie and Spencer (Shane Richie and Christopher Parker). Alfie is cautious of Wilfred at first, thinking he is only interested in Nana's money, but Wilfred tells Alfie that he is rich and has fallen in love with Nana. Alfie's wife Kat (Jessie Wallace) later agrees that Wilfred can move into The Queen Victoria pub when he and Nana are married.

Alfie is later enraged that Wilfred has not booked a honeymoon, and takes him to the travel agents to book one. Wilfred later admires the war medals of Nana's late husband William Moon (Dickon Tolson), then surprises Nana with the news that he has booked a honeymoon in the West Indies. Alfie welcomes him into the family. On his wedding day, Wilfred gets nervous and tries to run away, only to be caught by Alfie at Walford East station. He confides in Alfie that he is ill, and does not want Nana to become his nurse. Alfie agrees to let Wilfred leave, but when he hugs Wilfred he feels a sharp pain, and opens Wilfred's jacket to reveal William's medals.

Wilfred is exposed as a con artist. Alfie does not want to have to break the news to his grandmother, so he takes Wilfred back to the pub, where he confesses to stealing the medals. Nana reveals that she knew all along and forgives Wilfred, but he flees Walford along with £30,000 that he has conned out of Pat Evans (Pam St. Clement).

Chrissie Watts[edit]

Chrissie Watts, played by Tracy-Ann Oberman, first appears in April 2004 as the second wife of the show's "most enduring character", Den Watts (Leslie Grantham), becoming a prominent regular for the next 18 months. In 2005 she is the focus of one of "the programme's biggest and most high-profile narratives" when she kills her husband in a fit of rage during the special 20th anniversary episode. The broadcast, airing on 18 February, was watched by 14.34 million people, with "almost 60% of possible viewers" tuning in to see Chrissie take revenge. The character was credited by former head of BBC Drama Serials, Mal Young, as "anchoring the success of the anniversary storyline", and was described on the news programme BBC Breakfast as the "centrepiece" of the show, with the on-screen drama playing out over the course of the year and culminating in Chrissie's departure in December.

Jane Beale[edit]

Jane Beale, played by Laurie Brett, makes her first appearance on 22 June 2004 and soon starts a romance with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt). Jane has an affair with Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), though her and Ian overcome this and marry in 2007. Soon after Steven Beale (Aaron Sidwell) returns to Walford soon after, and mistakenly shoots Jane in the stomach, leaving her unable to have children. Brett took maternity leave in 2011[5] and Jane departed on 19 May.[6] Jane returned to screens on 8 November[7] before departing the series on 27 January 2012.[8] The character returned permanently in 2014.

David Collins[edit]

David Collins
EastEnders character
Portrayed byDan Milne
First appearanceEpisode 2784
19 August 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2864
31 December 2004
ClassificationFormer; guest

David Collins, played by Dan Milne, is the first husband of Jane Collins (Laurie Brett) who suffers from Huntington's disease and lives in a hospice.[9] Jane keeps David a secret from her new boss Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), but one day Ian demands to know why she is infrequent with her work, and Jane takes him to meet David. Ian regularly visits him until David dies on New Year's Eve 2004, leaving Jane heartbroken, as she had had sex with Ian prior to his death.

In January 2008, it is revealed that Jane's brother Christian Clarke (John Partridge) had been in love with David.

Sarah Cairns[edit]

Sarah Cairns
EastEnders character
Portrayed byAlison Pargeter
First appearanceEpisode 2792/2793
3 September 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2821
22 October 2004
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Sarah Cairns, played by Alison Pargeter, is a barmaid in Angie's Den nightclub. She first appears when Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) and his friends pretend to have a stag party to get free drinks. Martin gets very drunk and is seen flirting with Sarah. The following morning, Martin wakes up in Sarah's bed. Martin admits to Sarah that he has made a mistake as he is married, and Sarah seems to back off. However, it soon emerges that Sarah is mentally unstable and begins stalking Martin as well as sending him text messages declaring her love for him. Sarah eventually runs in front of a car knowing that Martin's wife Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) will see. Sonia is a nurse, so she looks after Sarah and they become friends. Meanwhile, Sarah convinces herself that Martin loves her and that he will leave Sonia to be with her.

Martin keeps the truth about Sarah from Sonia but Sarah tells Martin's family she is dating a "certain" married man, and later confesses to Martin's mother, Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard) that it is Martin. Martin finds the pressure intolerable and reports Sarah to the police, but they do not believe him. While he is out, Pauline "falls" off a stepladder, and Sarah disappears. Martin tracks her down and threatens her until she confesses that she pushed Pauline. He tells Sarah he will kill her if she shows her face again. Sarah calls the police and Martin spends most of the day at the police station. During this time Sarah goes to the Fowlers' house and tells Sonia of Martin's deceit. When Martin arrives, he apologises to Sonia and promises it meant nothing and will never happen again. When Sonia forgives him, Sarah refuses to leave, still adamant that she and Martin are meant to be together. She finally admits that although Martin fell asleep in her bed, they did not have sex. Sarah realises she can never be with Martin so she stabs him in his stomach with a pen knife. During the fight, Sonia picks up a fruit bowl, hits Sarah on the head with it, and then calls an ambulance for Martin. Sarah falls unconscious and is later committed to a mental institution.

Radio Times included Sarah in their feature profiling 'bunny boilers' and of her duration they stated: "If she's not a regular on her way to being written out, she's a guest who appears, causes havoc, and then vanishes again. [...] Sarah was one such, a barmaid in E20 who stalked, harassed and finally stabbed Martin Fowler when he refused to dump Sonia. Last heard of in an institution."[10]

Keith Miller[edit]

Keith Miller, played by David Spinx, arrives with his partner Rosie (Gerry Cowper), their twins Darren (Charlie G. Hawkins) and Demi (Shana Swash), joining Rosie's son Mickey (Joe Swash) and moving into 27 Albert Square. He cannot read and is work-shy, tending to sit around watching television all day, making excuses to Rosie as to why he doesn't go and find employment. Yet Rosie yearns for them to get married. However Keith's reluctance to commit and his failure to get a job lead to Rosie leaving Walford in July 2006, along with Demi and her daughter Aleesha.

Demi Miller[edit]

Demi Miller, played by Shana Swash, is the daughter of Keith and Rosie Miller (David Spinx and Gerry Cowper), and the twin sister of Darren (Charlie G. Hawkins). She moves to Albert Square with her family in September 2004, joining her half brother Mickey (Joe Swash). Aged 13 when she first arrives, Demi becomes the talk of the Square due to her pregnancy. She gives birth to her daughter Aleesha Miller in October.

Darren Miller[edit]

Darren Miller, played by Charlie G. Hawkins, is the son of Keith and Rosie Miller (David Spinx and Gerry Cowper), and the brother of Demi (Shana Swash). He moves to Albert Square with his family in September 2004, joining his half brother Mickey (Joe Swash). Hawkins discussed his character in 2004: "Darren's a bit of a rough kid. He's a great character to play. There are resemblances of myself in there, although that's a matter of opinion. It's good to play someone like that, where you can have a laugh".[11]


EastEnders character
Portrayed byHuggy Leaver
First appearanceEpisode 2794
6 September 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 3183
7 July 2006
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Clint (real name Beverly) is a recurring character played by Huggy Leaver. He appears from 2004 to 2006 as Rosie Miller's (Gerry Cowper) brother.

Clint first arrives in his old ice cream van, loaded with all the Millers' possessions. The ice cream van bears the somewhat dubious logo of Clint's Creamy Whip. He comes to Walford to help out his family whenever they need him. He is also seen when Mike Swann (Mark Wingett), Rosie's ex-husband, is staying with the Millers and Keith (David Spinx) needs some support. His last appearance is when he helps Rosie to move back out of the Square.

Clint's ice cream van however makes a reappearance around August bank holiday 2007. Clint is on holiday so Mickey and Keith are left to mind the van. They use the van to sell ice creams to fund a DIY project of painting Summer Swann's nursery. Eventually, Clint gives the van to his nephew Darren (Charlie G. Hawkins).

Rosie Miller[edit]

Rosie Miller , played by Gerry Cowper, Her first appearance is 9 September 2004 and she was axed in 2006, with her final scenes airing in July 2006. Rosie is the mother of Mickey Miller (Joe Swash), Dawn Swann (Kara Tointon), Demi Miller (Shana Swash) and Darren Miller (Charlie G. Hawkins). Described as "hardworking", she is heavily protective over her family and makes enemies such as Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard).

Tommy Grant[edit]

Tommy Grant
EastEnders character
Portrayed byRobert Cavanah
First appearanceEpisode 2799
14 September 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2838
22 November 2004

Tommy Grant, played by Robert Cavanah, is the much older boyfriend of Vicki Fowler (Scarlett Johnson) who is attracted to Vicki's stepmother Chrissie Watts (Tracy-Ann Oberman). They kiss and Tommy arranges for them to meet in the toilets in the Queen Victoria pub. He strips naked and Chrissie steals his clothes, exposing him (as a cheat, and literally exposing him). He then runs away through the market, naked.

The next day, as he gets into a taxi to the airport, Vicki's father Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) gets into the taxi with him and takes him to Angie's Den night club, where he pins him down and warns him to leave Walford and never return. Tommy now lives in Thailand.

Ray Taylor[edit]

Ray Taylor
EastEnders character
Portrayed byDorian Lough
First appearanceEpisode 2825
29 October 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2992
12 August 2005

Ray Taylor, played by Dorian Lough, is the abusive father of Leo (Philip Dowling) and husband of Trisha (Cathy Murphy). He hates Keith Miller (David Spinx) from a business deal-gone-wrong, and so is horrified when Keith's daughter Demi (Shana Swash) gives birth to Leo's daughter, Aleesha (Freya and Phoebe Coltman-West). He bans Leo from having contact with the Millers, and drags Leo and Trisha from the church when they attend Aleesha's christening.

When Trisha and Ray plan to move away to Scotland with Leo, he runs away with Demi and Aleesha. Leo takes a heroin overdose just before they are found, and Ray is last seen at the hospital when Leo dies from the overdose.

Aleesha Miller[edit]

Aleesha Miller
EastEnders character
Portrayed byFreya Coltman-West
Phoebe Coltman-West
First appearanceEpisode 2825
29 October 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 3183
7 July 2006

Aleesha Miller is born on the show on 29 October 2004, and is played by twins Freya and Phoebe Coltman-West.

Aleesha is the infant daughter of teenagers Demi Miller (Shana Swash) and Leo Taylor (Philip Dowling). Aleesha's godparents are Demi's older brother Mickey Miller (Joe Swash) and Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard), whose heart softens towards Demi' family after accompanying Demi to hospital for Aleesha's birth. Aleesha is the centre of an ongoing feud between Demi's parents Keith and Rosie Miller ((Gerry Cowper) and Leo's parents Ray and Trisha Taylor, with she, Demi and Leo bear the brunt of the turmoil. Demi and Leo take her with them when they run away together. They leave her with Pauline when they have to move into a squat. This leads to Leo's death from a heroin overdose, when Demi takes some heroin to numb her pain and Leo overdoses because he thinks she is dead. Aleesha leaves Walford with Rosie and Demi in July 2006 to live in the Cotswolds.

Leo Taylor[edit]

Leo Taylor
EastEnders character
Portrayed byPhilip Dowling
First appearanceEpisode 2825
29 October 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2992
12 August 2005
ClassificationFormer; regular

Leo Taylor, played by Philip Dowling, is Demi Miller's (Shana Swash) boyfriend. He first appears in October 2004 visiting his and Demi's new born baby daughter Aleesha (Freya and Phoebe Coltman-West).

In May 2005, the Millers return to their former home in a block of flats whilst a rat problem in the square is being dealt with. Demi is reluctant, as it means she is likely to see Leo. Upon their arrival, Leo's father Ray (Dorian Lough) and his wife Trisha (Cathy Murphy) are the first people they see, and they receive a cold reception. Whilst taking Aleesha for a walk, Demi is teased by some of her brother Darren's (Charlie G. Hawkins) old friends, who mock her and refer to her as "Vicky Pollard". Upon heading back to the flats, Demi sees Leo and tries to escape in a lift, but Leo stops her. They realise their split had been due to their parents meddling and denying contact between the two, and they reunite. Demi tells Leo that it is Aleesha's christening the following day. Despite appearing reluctant, Leo and Trisha attend the christening, however the service is interrupted by Ray, who viciously drags his wife and son away whilst a heartbroken Demi looks on. The christening continues back at Clint's (Huggy Leaver) flat, and Demi and Leo meet later that evening from their balconies. As the feud between the Millers and the Taylors escalates, Leo plans to run away, and begs Demi to come with him. Demi agrees, but Leo abandons her when she insists on taking Aleesha. Demi returns to Walford, devastated, but is delighted when she meets Leo near the swings. Leo promises her he will keep in contact, and will wait as long as it takes to be with her.

Leo, Demi and Aleesha run away, and Leo starts dealing drugs. Demi takes some of the drugs to numb her pain and she passes out. Leo returns to her and thinks she has died, so takes a heroin overdose and dies in hospital. This ending is a modern interpretation of that of Romeo and Juliet as much of the related storyline had been.[citation needed]

Stacey Slater[edit]

Stacey Slater, played by Lacey Turner, makes her first appearance on 1 November 2004.[12] The character is introduced as a feisty and troublesome teenager, an extension of the already established Slater clan. She features in numerous high-profile storylines, including abortion, drug abuse, mental illness, an affair with her father-in-law Max (Jake Wood) and the murder of Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb). Stacey is involved in a love triangle with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott), the father of her daughter Lily. Janine discovers that she murdered Archie, which forces Stacey to flee the country with Lily in 2010.

Freddie Mitchell[edit]

Freddie Mitchell
EastEnders character
Portrayed byIsabella Grant
First appearanceEpisode 2826
1 November 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 3159
26 May 2006
Other namesFreddie Slater

Freddie Mitchell (also Slater),[13] played by Isabella Grant, was conceived in late 2003 when his mother, Little Mo Mitchell (Kacey Ainsworth), was raped by her friend, Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney). Her refusal to abort the baby caused the break-up of her marriage to her husband Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick). Little Mo stayed with her sister, Belinda Peacock (Leanne Lakey), where she gave birth to Freddie. In November 2004, after Graham is sentenced to eight years imprisonment, Little Mo and Billy make another attempt at their marriage, but they separate again after Billy admits that he struggles to accept Freddie. Freddie then lives at the Slater household with Little Mo, her grandmother Mo Harris (Laila Morse), her father Charlie Slater (Derek Martin) and her cousin Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

In February 2006, Freddie causes his mother much stress by crying a lot. He takes a trip to the park with Jane Collins (Laurie Brett) and Bobby Beale (Kevin Curran), where Bobby pokes him in the forehead with a stick. Freddie has to go to hospital but was thankfully is okay. However, the incident results in a visit from a health visitor. Little Mo thinks that the health visitor is accusing her of abusing Freddie and becomes angry and hostile. Little Mo struggles to cope with Freddie as when he is teething he often cries.

In May 2006, Freddie goes to hospital seriously ill with bleeding on the brain. A few days before the hospital admission, Little Mo admits to her boyfriend Oliver Cousins (Tom Ellis), who is also a GP, that she sometimes gets very irritated with Freddie when he cries. When Oliver hears that Freddie's injury must have been caused by shaking or rough handling, he admits what Little Mo has told him to a paediatrician, Briony Campbell (Rae Hendrie), at the hospital. While the hospital believes that Little Mo may have shaken Freddie, Little Mo suspects that Ben Mitchell (Charlie Jones) may have hurt him in some way as they were left unsupervised together just before the incident. Little Mo confronts Ben and shakes him in irritation when he tries to run away.

After extensive tests at the hospital, it is discovered that Freddie has a temporary low platelet count, due to an infection, meaning that any minor injury could hurt him badly, as his blood isn't clotting properly. Little Mo is no longer suspected of hurting Freddie.

Freddie leaves Walford in May 2006 with Little Mo, who wants to start a new life in Barnstaple, Devon.

Deirdre Foster[edit]

Deirdre Foster
EastEnders character
Portrayed byPatricia Brake
First appearanceEpisode 2827
2 November 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 2829
5 November 2004
ClassificationFormer; guest

Deirdre Foster, played by Patricia Brake, is the mother of Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney), who attends his rape trial in November 2004. When Deirdre speaks to Little Mo Mitchell (Kacey Ainsworth) about her son Freddie (Alex and Tom Kilby), she reveals that Graham has two daughters from his failed marriage who he never sees. Kate Mitchell (Jill Halfpenny) passes this information onto Mo's legal team, who ask Graham about it under cross examination. Graham lies and is caught out, then berates his mother for telling Mo. Graham is then found guilty.

Little Mo feels sorry for Deirdre and keeps in contact with her until she and Freddie leave Walford in May 2006.

Jean Slater[edit]

Jean Slater, played by Gillian Wright, is the mother of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner). She appears in December 2004 briefly and in December 2005. She returns as a recurring character in June 2006 and begins making regular appearances from November 2006 when she moves in with the Slater family in Walford. Jean departs on 13 January 2011 when she admits herself into a psychiatric hospital after becoming severely depressed. She returns to Walford on 29 March 2011.

DI Christopher Riddick[edit]

DI Christopher Riddick
EastEnders character
Portrayed byRoger Griffiths
First appearanceEpisode 2854
20 December 2004
Last appearanceEpisode 3043
10 November 2005
ClassificationFormer; recurring
OccupationDetective Inspector

Detective Inspector Christopher Riddick, played by Roger Griffiths, is a local police officer. Riddick first appears following Paul Trueman's (Gary Beadle) arrest for running drug errands for Andy Hunter (Michael Higgs). Riddick urges Paul to stop protecting Andy and implicate him and Paul does so. When Paul is later murdered, Riddick and his colleague DS Jones question Andy, who has an alibi for where he had been at the time. Riddick's last appearance is when Chrissie Watts (Tracy-Ann Oberman) is arrested for the murder of her husband Den (Leslie Grantham).

Jake Moon[edit]

Jake Moon, played by Joel Beckett, first appears with his brother Danny Moon (Jake Maskall) from 30 December 2004. He is notable for his alliance with gangster Johnny Allen (Billy Murray), his obsession with Johnny's daughter Ruby (Louisa Lytton), his feuds with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman) and Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky), and his relationship with Chrissie Watts (Tracy-Ann Oberman).

Danny Moon[edit]

Danny Moon, played by Jake Maskall, makes his first appearance on 30 December 2004 with his brother Jake (Joel Beckett). After Danny's employer Johnny Allen (Billy Murray) is beaten severely by Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), he orders Danny to murder Dennis. The murder soon leads to Danny leaving Walford. He returns briefly in March 2006 for Get Johnny Week, which ultimately leads to his demise.


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Keith Makepeace 13 January Julian Parkin A Trading Standards inspector who visits Bridge Street market on 13 January 2004. Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) is worried that the weights on his stall are not accurate, so Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) helps him to fix them, and he passes the inspection.
Michael Nee 3 February Christopher Fry A young trainee taxi driver who expresses interest in buying Charlie Slater's (Derek Martin) taxi from him, as he is due to sit his taxi driver exams the following week. As his wife, Val, is pregnant, Charlie lets him have the taxi for £700 instead of the advertised £1000, because he reminds Charlie of himself.
George Wakefield 23 February Andrew Bridgemont A counsellor at Walford General Hospital who speaks to Tariq Larousi (Nabil Elouahabi) before one of his kidneys is removed for his half brother Ronny Ferreira's (Ray Panthaki) kidney transplant operation.
Mattie George 23 February Chizzy Akudolu A social worker who collects JJ, a teen runaway, from the bed and breakfast run by Patrick (Rudolph Walker) and Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter). She takes him back to the care home where he lives, after Paul Trueman (Gary Beadle) reports to Social Services that he is there.
Robert 12–16 April Paul Antony-Barber Robert is Derek Harkinson's (Ian Lavender) former lover. He appears as the entertainment when Derek arrives at a holiday camp with Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard), Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), Yolande Duke (Angela Wynter), Jim (John Bardon) and Dot Branning (June Brown). Derek and Robert discuss the past and talk about how Derek left several months into their relationship. and spend the night together. When the time comes to leave, Derek says he will call Robert but Robert tells him he knows he will not.
Simon Gott 22 April Johann Myers A nurse who cared for Mark Fowler (Todd Carty) in the days leading up to his death from AIDS-related illness, and informs Mark's brother Martin (James Alexandrou) of Mark's death over the telephone on 12 April 2004. He appears at Mark's funeral, and gives Martin a letter written by Mark giving him advice on how to live his life.
Robert MacLean 29 April Gordon Kane A fire safety officer who inspects Angie's Den following a fire there. According to Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) he is a "jobsworth", but the inspection goes well and MacLean approves the reopening of the club.
Nurse Rowan Kennedy 11 August 2004,
31 October 2008,
21–24 July 2009,
20 December 2010,
20 January 2011,
27 June 2016
Natasha Williams A nurse who treats Dot Branning (June Brown) after she is diagnosed with kidney cancer. In 2008 she treats Max Branning (Jake Wood) after he is run over by a car. She later treats Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) after a fall, and Max again when he gets his finger stuck in a bowling ball. In 2010, she treats Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) when he is hospitalised after being poisoned by his wife Janine (Charlie Brooks). In 2011, she appears when Connor Stanley (Arinze Kene) is in hospital after being assaulted by Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer). In 2016, she tends to Amy Mitchell (Abbie Knowles) when her father Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) suspects she may have eaten cocaine. Amy says her pet rabbit had eaten her mother Roxy Mitchell's (Rita Simons) "sherbert", and nurse Kennedy asks if she ate any of it herself, to which Amy says no. She then tells Jack that social services will want to speak to them.[14]
Matt Hill 30 September Ben Joiner An events promoter who Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) meets in a nightclub, shortly before leaving her husband Alfie (Shane Richie) and moving away from Walford. After she leaves, Matt arrives at The Queen Victoria pub looking for Kat, as she had arranged to meet him there. Alfie is agitated by this, and gets progressively angry with Matt, until he physically throws him out of the pub.
Roger 4–5 November Russell Boulter Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) meets Roger in a bar. He invites her back to his home, where they have sex.


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