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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2001, by order of appearance. Many were introduced by the show's executive producer, John Yorke.

Jill Marsden[edit]

Detective Chief Inspector Jill Marsden is played by Sophie Stanton. She makes her first appearance on 5 March 2001, when she investigates who shot Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) which is part of the whodunit storyline, Who Shot Phil?.[1] She returns in 2002 and 2003, and returns again in 2009 for another whodunit storyline, Who Killed Archie?[2] and returns again on 5 January 2012 for her third whodunnit storyline, 'Who's Stalking Phil?'.[3]

When brought back in 2009, Marsden feelings are further explored in a segment of the BBC EastEnders homepage entitled 'Marsden's Video Diaries', documenting the character's thoughts on the storyline she is involved in.[4] Marsden's relationship with Phil has been explored since her first appearance, the BBC describing their relationship as "romance in negative" and "Her ultimate dream is that some day she’ll get [Phil]… behind bars."[1]

Ritchie Stringer[edit]

Ritchie Stringer
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Gareth Hunt
First appearance 10 April 2001
Last appearance 12 April 2001
Classification Former; guest
Occupation Gangster

Ritchie Stringer, played by Gareth Hunt, is a gang boss who knows Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). Phil contacts him in April 2001 to call in a few favours. Ritchie and Phil have a mutual acquaintance, Dan Sullivan (Craig Fairbrass). Phil asks Ritchie to help him frame Dan. Dan had worked for Ritchie in the past, and so he does not suspect anything untoward when Ritchie provides him with a gun to do a raid on Phil. However it is all part of Phil's plan, and Dan is caught by the police in the middle of the armed robbery. It transpires that the gun Ritchie had given Dan is the same gun that Lisa Shaw (Lucy Benjamin) had used to shoot Phil earlier that year. Dan is blamed for the shooting.

Ritchie Stringer was 10/3 at Ladbrokes bookmakers as the culprit in the "Who Shot Phil?" storyline, despite not being one of the named suspects.[5] When the BBC announced that actor Gareth Hunt was appearing in EastEnders, there was a massive betting flurry on Ritchie being the culprit. Bookmakers William Hill even "closed the book". William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe commented that there were "dozens of calls" within half an hour of a 16/1 price being quoted and the bookmakers had nearly been "knocked over in the rush of punters wanting to place bets of hundreds of pounds on the actor".[6] William Hill decided to reopen the book later in the week after "information from unofficial BBC sources had convinced them that [Gareth Hunt's] character [was] not the killer."[7]

Paul Trueman[edit]

Main article: Paul Trueman

Paul Trueman, played by Gary Beadle, appears between 2001 and 2004. Paul is introduced as part of the already established Trueman family. He is portrayed as a bad boy. Beadle left the role in 2004, following a suspension, reportedly for failing to learn his lines. In his exit storyline, Paul becomes a drug dealer, and Beadle has been critical of the storyline, suggesting it played into black, racial stereotyping. It is implied that Paul is killed upon his exit, though his death is not screened.

Donna Andrews[edit]

Donna Andrews
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Alison Senior (2001)
Paula Jennings (2001–02)
Duration 2001–02
First appearance 24 April 2001
Last appearance 8 November 2002
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Mistress

Donna Andrews, played by Allison Senior (2001) and Paula Jennings (2001–02), is the mistress of Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns), who first appears on 24 April when Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) spots them entering Donna's house. A few days later, after much agonising over whether to tell Little Mo Morgan (Kacey Ainsworth), Trevor's wife, Billy takes Little Mo to see for herself. On 28 August, Little Mo's sisters, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Lynne Hobbs (Elaine Lordan), reveal that Donna is pregnant with Trevor's baby. Little Mo visits Donna several days later, and is urged by her not to let Trevor hurt her any more.

The following summer, Donna appears at Little Mo's trial for assaulting Trevor with an iron and gives evidence against Trevor. This proves fruitless as Little Mo is found guilty and given a prison sentence, although her conviction for attempted murder is quashed on appeal and she is released from prison within weeks of the verdict.

Donna next appears in October, when Trevor forces his way into her home in Swindon, attacks her and kidnaps their son, Sean. On his return to Walford, Trevor also captures Little Mo and attempts to kill them all in a house fire, only for Little Mo and Sean to be rescued, but Trevor and local fireman Tom Banks (Colm Ó Maonlaí) die in the resulting explosion, leaving Donna feeling Little Mo should be grieving for Tom, rather than Trevor. Donna makes her last appearance on 8 November, a week after Trevor's death.

Harry Slater[edit]

Harry Slater
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Michael Elphick
First appearance 3 May 2001
Last appearance 4 October 2001
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Bar owner

Harold "Harry" Slater, played by Michael Elphick, is the younger brother of Charlie Slater (Derek Martin). Harry groomed Kat as a child and it is later revealed that he had raped her when she was 13 years old, making Kat pregnant with Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan). Zoe is initially presented as Kat's sister but she is in fact Kat and Harry's daughter. Charlie didn't know the father was Harry so he decided to raise Zoe as his own daughter and Kat had to become her sister. Harry fled to Spain soon after the incident and didn't reappear until the death of his sister, Violet, in 1988. After Violet's funeral, Harry quickly left again.


Harry arrives in Walford to visit his older brother, Charlie. Most of the family welcome him, but Kat leaves the room without explanation whenever Harry enters.

He starts dating Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and they soon get engaged and Peggy plans to emigrate to Spain, where Harry lives. Zoe announces that she is going with Harry to Spain but a furious Kat refuses to let her go. Zoe storms out saying she's leaving and Kat follows. The two argue and Kat shouts that she is her mother. When Zoe demands that Kat tell her who her real father is, Kat shocks her by revealing that it's Harry. Zoe tells Charlie as he was under the impression that Zoe's birth father was a boy Kat had gone to school with. He goes to find Harry and attacks him in The Queen Victoria public house, but is restrained by the punters. Charlie tells Harry to leave Walford and that if he ever sees him again he will kill him. He also tells him to end his relationship with Peggy and he does so by writing her a letter. Harry tells Charlie he is ashamed of his actions and that it's ruined his life. He admits that Charlie's late wife Viv (April Martin) knew what happened and told him to leave, ruining Charlie's idealised image of Viv in the process. He goes to shake Charlie's hand to say goodbye but Charlie, disgusted by him, spits in his face and calls him a monster.

Kat confronts Harry and he says she must hate him. She denies that she hates him but just thinks he's a pervert. Kat reveals that she got pregnant and that Zoe is the child. She says that Zoe hates him for what he did to her. Harry calls Kat a bitch and leaves in a taxi. Kat attempts suicide but is found in the park by Zoe and rushed to hospital.

The following year, Charlie receives news that Harry has died from a heart attack in Spain. Harry leaves Zoe £18,000 in his will, but when Zoe sees how much the idea of taking anything from Harry is upsetting Kat, she burns the cheque saying she doesn't need his money. In January 2015, Mo receives a cheque from Harry's will for £19,500 to Kat and gives it to her. Kat is upset but refuses to mention it to anyone. After Alfie tells her to consider using the cheque to make a fresh start for their children, she ponders it and later tears up the cheque in front of Alfie. It later emerges that Harry had abused other young people when Kat is visited by a compensation lawyer requesting her to give a statement. In May 2015, Kat visits the convent where she give birth to Zoe and it is revealed to the viewers that Kat had twins - meaning Harry has another child. Later that same day, the nun who had helped Kat when she gave birth gives her advice which culminates in Kat finally giving the police a statement on Harry.

Gary Bolton[edit]

Gary Bolton
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Bruce Byron
First appearance 14 May 2001
Last appearance 10 July 2001
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Builder

Gary Bolton, played by Bruce Byron, is the biological father of Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney), who lived with his mother Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) as her boyfriend, and her daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer) until a year after Robbie's birth. When David Wicks (Michael French) is revealed as Bianca's father in 1994, Carol tells Robbie she had left his father because he was having relationships with under-age girls; however, this is retconned when the character appears on-screen for the first time in 2001. He tries to get in touch with Robbie on his eighteenth birthday by phoning Carol's father Jim Branning (John Bardon), but Jim refuses to give Gary Carol's number.

In May 2001, Robbie and his half sister Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) go to Portsmouth to find Gary. They find his number when they see an advert for a builder called G. Bolton. When they go to his house, Gary gives Robbie a present he has saved from his first birthday and a cheque to make up for "backdated pocket money". Robbie then meets his half brother, Gary's son Kevin (Rupert Hill), and when he realises that Gary had left Carol to be with Kevin's mother, he throws the cheque back at Gary and leaves. In June, Gary arrives in Walford to talk to Robbie. He tells Robbie he will pay for him to go to college, but Jim tells him to leave. Later, in July, Gary returns to Walford and is happy to see old friend Mo Harris (Laila Morse). Gary and Mo spend the day reminiscing in The Queen Victoria pub, and when Robbie comes in, Gary gives him a cheque for £10,000. This is the last time Gary is seen. Robbie uses £1,000 of his money to travel to India, and gives Sonia £9,000 to pay her college fees.

Margaret Walker[edit]

Margaret Walker
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Susan George
First appearance 11 June 2001
Last appearance 24 August 2001
Classification Former; guest

Margaret Walker, played by Susan George, begins renting a flat from Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and Terry Raymond (Gavin Richards)'s letting agency in June 2001. Terry and Margaret are attracted to each other and a relationship soon develops.

Janine and Margaret do not get along, which makes things awkward for Terry as he and Janine live together. Janine grows extremely jealous of Margaret and Terry's relationship, and she plays various tricks to split them up. Margaret is not perturbed and vows to beat Janine at her own game, leading to numerous squabbles. When Janine discovers a photo of Margaret and another man, she immediately assumes the worst and informs Terry that Margaret is cheating on him. Margaret explains that the man in the photo is her brother, who is dying of cancer and she is paying for his placement in a drug trial in America.

After continued hostility, Margaret tries to persuade Terry to throw Janine out, and he eventually gives in and arranges for Janine to move into one of his bedsits. Janine is aware of Terry's paternal feelings towards her, and she begins using emotional blackmail to manipulate him. Margaret eventually grows tired of all the game playing and so she and Terry book a trip to Paris in order to spend some time alone together. Janine is furious and Margaret goads her further by telling her that she plans to propose to Terry while they are away.

In order to prevent this, Janine goes to Margaret's property to steal Terry's passport, and whilst there she witnesses Margaret kissing her supposed brother goodbye. Janine becomes suspicious and when Terry tells her that he is planning to give Margaret £10,000 to help her brother, she tells him that Margaret is conning him and informs him about the kiss she'd witnessed. Furious, Terry goes to Margaret's to discover the truth, but she refuses to let him see her brother and after he insults her, she slams the door in his face.

Later that day Margaret confronts Terry demanding an apology. However Terry is adamant that she has been conning him for his money all along. She denies this, but he refuses to believe her. He brands her a prostitute and orders her to leave. After having one last fight with a smug Janine, Margaret goes home, where it is revealed that the man at her flat really is her brother after all. She puts him into a taxi and tells him that he is all that matters to her.

Although sources prior to the filming of this storyline had suggested that Margaret would be a sophisticated conwoman,[8] this is never actually confirmed on-screen. The ending is left ambiguous and although the man at Margaret's flat turns out to be her brother, Margaret's final line - "We'll find the money somehow" - does not confirm he is dying.[9]

Angel Hudson[edit]

Angel Hudson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Goldie
Duration 2001–02
First appearance 19 June 2001
Last appearance 19 July 2002
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Gangster

Angel Hudson, played by Goldie, is a gold-toothed gangster who is first seen in June 2001 when he attends a poker game that Steve Owen (Martin Kemp) is holding. His appearance is a huge shock to one of the other gamblers, Paul Trueman (Gary Beadle), and it is soon clear that they have unresolved issues. Later, during a break from the game, Angel tells Paul that he wants what he is owed: £30,000. He tells Paul that he has a week to pay up or he will make sure he disappears for good.

Goldie (pictured) portrayed Angel Hudson from 2001 until 2002.

Paul tries to get the money by stealing property from his mother, Audrey Trueman (Corinne Skinner-Carter), pawning the goods and gambling the money he receives. This fails and he ends up with less money than he began with. At the end of the week, Angel comes to collect his money, and when Paul fails to pay, Angel gives him a severe beating and trashes his mother's bed and breakfast. After more threats from Angel, Paul blackmails his brother, Anthony Trueman (Nicholas R. Bailey), into giving him the money. Anthony is the local GP, a respectable man with a worthy profession, but he has a dark secret. When he was 15 years old, after a heavy drinking session, Anthony had driven a car, hit a pedestrian and then left the scene. Not wanting to ruin his brother's chance of a successful career, Paul took the blame and subsequently served 18 months in prison. Paul threatens to tell their mother the truth unless Anthony gives him the money he needs. Anthony feels he has no choice but to oblige, so he takes out a loan and Paul pays Angel. Satisfied, Angel leaves, but tells Paul they will meet again.

Angel returns in June 2002 with more orders for Paul. Angel is soon to stand trial for murder and is using his wife, Precious Hudson (Judi Shekoni), as a fake alibi. He wants Paul to guard her until she can testify. Paul obliges and Precious moves to Albert Square. Paul is initially unaware that Precious is Angel's wife, so when she sets about seducing him, he has no qualms about having sex with her. When he discovers the truth, he is terrified of what Angel will do if he finds out. However, Precious does a runner, leaving Paul to face a furious Angel. Paul goes to get Precious back, while Angel holds his father, Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), and his brother's girlfriend, Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan), hostage. Luckily, Paul persuades Precious to return before Angel does any real harm. Their affair continues and it soon blossoms into love.

Later in the month, the family of the man that Angel had killed, tries to silence Precious by placing a bomb under her car. Garry Hobbs (Ricky Groves) receives minor injuries but, furious, Precious tells Angel she will only provide his alibi if he promises to divorce her. Angel agrees but, days later, Precious is kidnapped by the victim's family. They convince her that Angel will never let her go and that the only way to be rid of him is to get him locked up. Precious agrees and at the trial, denies being with Angel at the time of the murder. Precious assumes that this will be enough to put Angel away, but is shocked when he is found not guilty.

Paul and Precious decide to leave the country. However, Angel catches up with Precious before she can get away. He tells her that her betrayal doesn't bother him enough to kill her and that she can have her divorce on one condition – she stays away from Paul. If he ever finds out she and Paul are together, he promises to kill them both. Precious has no choice but to finish with Paul and leave Walford alone. Angel's last appearance is in July 2002.

Sean Andrews[edit]

Sean Andrews
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Victor and Harry Hunter (2001)
Oliver Bradley (2002)
Duration 2001, 2002
First appearance 30 August 2001
Last appearance 8 November 2002
Classification Former; recurring

Sean Andrews, played by Victor and Harry Hunter (2001) and Oliver Bradley (2002), is the son of Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) and Donna Andrews (Paula Jennings), born on 31 August 2001. Sean is the product of his parents' extra-marital affair. Donna was originally Trevor's mistress.

Sean is first mentioned by Trevor's wife Little Mo Morgan (Kacey Ainsworth), who urges Trevor to be a part of Sean's life despite his abusing both her and Donna in the past. Donna then flees to the Slaters' house to hide from Trevor who is on a violent rampage but is eventually found and leaves Sean with Mo Harris (Laila Morse). Trevor bursts into the house and the police are called. A violent Trevor demands to see his son but Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) fights off Trevor, letting him beat her in order to prevent him going out the back where Sean is being kept and to stall for the police's arrival. The police arrive and arrest Trevor and Donna takes Sean home. In November 2002, Sean is kidnapped from Donna's house by Trevor. Trevor starts abusing Little Mo but she stands up to him and says she's not frightened of him. He threatens to start a fire but Little Mo shows little interest and goes to get Sean and leave but Trevor grabs Mo, causing her to drop the lit match, and starts a house fire at Little Mo's home. Local fireman Tom Banks (Colm Ó Maonlaí) saves Sean and Little Mo, but dies when going back to save Trevor, who also dies. Donna and Sean leave shortly afterwards.

Patrick Trueman[edit]

Main article: Patrick Trueman

Patrick Trueman, played by Rudolph Walker, makes his first appearance on 13 September 2001. The character was introduced by John Yorke as a replacement parental figure to the Trueman brothers, Anthony (Nick Bailey) and Paul (Gary Beadle), following the departure of Audrey Trueman (Corinne Skinner-Carter), a character killed-off in the serial in September 2001.[10] Patrick first appears at Audrey's "rum-fuelled wake" as her estranged husband.[11] Walker was keen to play a comic element to the character, telling Larry Jaffee of Walford Gazette, "Before joining, I told the producer [comedy] is an area I would like to explore [with the character] because there was not enough of it [in the show]. [Patrick] treats a lot of things with a certain amount of humour. His way of escaping a problem is to find something funny to do or say or sometimes to get himself out of a tight corner. That’s really the sort of foundation. I try to put as much humour as possible into the character."[12]

Belinda Peacock[edit]

Belinda Peacock
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Leanne Lakey
Duration 2001–03
First appearance 1 October 2001
Last appearance 25 December 2003
Slaters in Detention (2003)
Classification Former; recurring

Belinda Peacock, played by Leanne Lakey, is the sister of Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), Lynne Hobbs (Elaine Lordan), Little Mo Slater (Kacey Ainsworth) and daughter of Viv (April Martin and Natasya Rush) and Charlie Slater (Derek Martin). Belinda rejected her working class roots and likes to think she is superior to her sisters, but is not as classy as she makes out.


Belinda is married to Neville Peacock who is wealthy and Belinda frequently brags about this to her sisters. She wears a blonde wig and speaks in an exaggerated accent, but reveals her true self at Lynne's hen night under the influence of alcohol. Belinda usually turns up in Albert Square when she is having marriage problems. She has brief flings with Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder) and her brother-in-law Garry Hobbs (Ricky Groves).

Although Belinda resides in Kent, within driving distance of Walford, she makes great use of her villa in Lanzarote. She often holidays there and her grandmother Mo Harris (Laila Morse) frequently visits, although Belinda often lets down her father Charlie. Belinda is mentioned 2008 when she promises Charlie that she is returning to spend some time with him, only then to cancel, leaving Charlie very upset. Belinda also makes a small cameo appearance in Slaters in Detention where she has been arrested after Charlie says she was the only normal daughter he has, but sees Belinda at the station and withdraws the remark. She is most recently mentioned in December 2012 by Kat, when Mo and Jean (Gillian Wright) take Tommy to visit her, and in February 2014 when Kat tells her husband Alfie (Shane Richie) that she was with Belinda while she was actually trying to track down Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

Louise Mitchell[edit]

Louise Mitchell
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Rachel Cox (2001–03)
Danni Bennatar (2008)
Brittany Papple (2010)
Duration 2001–03, 2008, 2010
First appearance 5 November 2001
Last appearance 5 August 2010
Introduced by John Yorke (2001)
Diederick Santer (2008, 2010)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student

Louise Mitchell (also Fowler) is the daughter of Phil Mitchell and Lisa Fowler (Steve McFadden and Lucy Benjamin). Because of their difficult relationship, Lisa is determined that Phil should never know he is the father, so she marries Mark Fowler (Todd Carty), names him as the father on Louise's birth certificate, and names her daughter after Mark's late grandmother, Lou Beale (Anna Wing). However, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) discovers Louise's true paternity and tells Phil, who ends his relaitonship with Sharon. Wanting his daughter, Phil goes after Lisa, soon persuading her to have an affair with him and moving into the flat above The Queen Victoria public house with him and his mother, Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor), when Mark discovers Lisa's infidelity.

It is soon clear that Phil and Peggy want Louise, not Lisa. They take over caring for Louise, excluding Lisa completely and hiring a nanny, Joanne Ryan (Tara Lynne O'Neill), telling her and the other Mitchells that Lisa is mentally unstable. This comes to a head on the day of Peggy's party to celebrate legally changing Louise's name to Mitchell. Desperate to get away, Lisa takes Louise and goes to Portugal, joining her best friend Melanie Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite). When Phil finds a postcard with Mel's address, he goes after her; he returns with Louise and tells his family that Lisa will not be back. The police are suspicious and send undercover officer Kate Morton (Jill Halfpenny) to get Phil to confess to Lisa's murder. Kate gets a confession but it is not what she and her boss expect - he bullied Lisa to give him custody of Louise and told her to stay away so Louise would not be confused. Phil goes on to marry Kate, and is shocked when Lisa returns on their wedding day, wanting Louise back. Lisa plans to shoot Phil but Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) talks her out of it and looks after her. He and his son Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman) frame Phil for armed robbery; when he is arrested, Lisa takes Louise and leaves Walford.

In 2007, Phil suggests to his son Ben (Charlie Jones) that they find Louise. Ben is not keen so Phil drops it but later in the year, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) tells Phil he knows where Louise is and helps him find her. Jack gives Phil a picture of Louise and her address so Phil goes to find her on 4 January 2008 and tells her that he is her daddy, only to be disappointed when she points to an unfamiliar man and calls him her daddy. Louise returns[13] on 16 March 2010, though she is initially credited as "Little Girl".[14] A show insider said "Her arrival is going to be massive. It will send shockwaves around the square."[15] Louise is dropped outside the tube station in a car where Phil's cousin Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) approaches her. Louise tells Ronnie she is looking for her father and shows Ronnie a photo. Ronnie tells her that she knows him and will take her to see him. Louise tells Ronnie that her mother went on holiday but did not return. When Ronnie finds Phil, she sees him arguing with people in the pub and tells Louise that she could not find him. Wanting the best for Louise, she calls Social Services who take her into care. However, Phil finds out that Louise returned to the Square and angrily confronts Ronnie, just as Louise enters the Queen Victoria. Louise spends the weekend with her father and he tries to keep her visit a secret. When the police arrive, he tells them he has not seen her. Phil allows her to stay off school, which annoys Ben. After Phil speaks to Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), he decides to contact Social Services who take Louise away, but Phil vows to fight for custody. However, he soon discovers he will need a DNA test to prove he is Louise's father as Mark is listed as Louise's father on her birth certificate. The results show that Phil is the father and a social worker, Terry (Jon Foster), visits Phil's home. After Billie Jackson (Devon Anderson) and his gang hold up the bar, Terry decides it is not a safe environment for Louise, but Shirley tells him that Phil is moving in with her soon. The social worker eventually allows Louise to move in with Phil and Shirley, but her arrival upsets Ben, especially when she tells him she dislikes Shirley. She causes further problems for Ben by stealing his diary and writing entries in it, then reading them to her friends. Phil forces Louise to apologise but she does not, and when Phil is out, Ben burns Louise's hand with a hot spoon.

Louise sees Ben with a bottle of alcohol that he took from the pub, and tries to get Ben in trouble by asking Phil what alcohol tastes like. Later, Ben tells Louise that Phil will not believe her if she says anything but if she does, he will make her pay for it. Ben is asked to take Louise to school but locks her in a shed all day instead, making Phil think she has run away because he saw a note she wrote saying she wishes she was not there. Ben "finds" Louise and takes her home and she blames Jordan Johnson (Michael-Joel David Stuart) for locking her up. Ben tells her she is a good girl and will not lock her in the shed again. The next day, Phil sees burns on her arm and she blames Ben. A suspicious Phil questions Ben but he denies burning Louise and locking her in the shed. Phil asks Heather to keep an eye on them but Ben sends Heather out for some crisps and a DVD. A worried Phil rushes home and sees Louise's doll in pieces and Ben about to burn his sister. Ben claims he is playing a game but Phil angrily punches him. Ben is later imprisoned for an attack on Jordan. Phil learns that Lisa has applied for contact with Louise, but he keeps this from his daughter, asking his solicitor Ritchie Scott (Sian Webber) to find a legal way of stopping Lisa seeing Louise.

Louise asks Peggy when Lisa is returning from her holiday. Peggy reveals that she already has and that she wants to see Louise. Louise demands to see her mother but Peggy insults her, so Louise storms off and then runs away Phil eventually finds her and she tells him she wants to see her mother and needs to know if she still loves her. Back at home, Phil shouts at Louise, telling her not to mention her mother again and she sees Phil slap Peggy after she says he is not fit to be a parent. Phil shuts Louise in the house, telling nobody to answer the phone or door. However, Peggy sneaks Louise out to apologise for insulting Lisa. Louise asks if she can see her mother, so Peggy takes her there. Peggy is unable to assure Lisa that Phil will never harm Louise so allows her to stay with Lisa as long as Phil can visit regularly. When Peggy goes home, she tells Phil what she has done and he drives to Lisa's house and kicks down the door to find the house empty. Lisa has disappeared with Louise again.

Viv Slater[edit]

Viv Slater
EastEnders character
Portrayed by April Martin (flashback)
Natasya Rush (Pat and Mo; flashback)
Appears on 5 October 2001
Pat and Mo (2004)

Vivienne "Viv" Slater is the late wife of Charlie Slater (Derek Martin), portrayed by April Martin. Viv appears in her daughter Kat's (Jessie Wallace) flashbacks in a near-death sequence when Kat attempts suicide. Additionally, Natasya Rush portrayed Viv as a child in the spin-off episode EastEnders: Pat and Mo.

Viv's parents are Mo Porter (Laila Morse) and Stuart Mullins, a one-night stand; she is brought up by Mo and stepfather Jimmy Harris (Alex King), with little contact with her father. After leaving school at 15, Viv meets Charlie Slater at a dance. They began dating and get engaged. After losing her virginity to Charlie, Viv becomes pregnant at 16. Mo, believing Charlie will not want to marry her, tries to force her to have an abortion; however, Charlie proves supportive and Viv gives birth to daughter Lynne (Elaine Lordan). Charlie and Viv marry and Viv goes on to have three more daughters: Kathleen, Belinda (Leanne Lakey), and Maureen (Kacey Ainsworth). As the girls are growing up, Viv becomes a hard, bitter, cold woman. With the death of her stepfather Jimmy, she has no fatherly guidance and resents the fact that she has no sons. She favours her oldest daughter Lynne, whilst Kat, Belinda, and Little Mo all vie for Charlie's attention, making Viv feel second-best to her daughters.

When Viv catches 13-year-old daughter Kat trying to run away, it emerges that Kat was raped by her uncle Harry (Michael Elphick) and is pregnant. When Kat says Harry raped her, Viv pretends not to believe her, then secretly orders him to leave and he flees to Spain. She then sends Belinda and Little Mo to live with Charlie's sister Violet in order to hide Kat's pregnancy. When Kat's daughter Zoe (Michelle Ryan) is born, Viv decides to raise Zoe as her and Charlie's youngest daughter. Viv dotes on Zoe but continues to treat her own daughters with contempt; although they loyally stick by her, they come to resent her harsh discipline. Eventually Viv has a stroke and is nursed mostly by Charlie and Little Mo. She manages to make amends with all of her daughters before she dies at age 48.

Nathan Williams[edit]

Nathan Williams
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Doug Allen
Duration 2001–02
First appearance 13 November 2001
Last appearance 24 May 2002
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Car dealer

Nathan Williams is a character played by Doug Allen. The character was axed after 6 months, reportedly because of Allen's failure to learn his lines adequately.[16]

Nathan is the illegitimate son of Roy Evans (Tony Caunter), born, unbeknownst to Roy, out of an extramarital affair with his former employee Jane Williams (Ann Mitchell). Nathan makes his first appearance in Albert Square in 2001, after his mother, who is terminally ill with cancer, confesses to Roy that Nathan is actually his son.

Nathan initially refuses Roy's attempts to get to know him. However, after Jane dies (on the same day that Roy's grandson Jack was born), Nathan is left penniless with a bankrupt business, so he begrudgingly turns to Roy for help. Soon after, he moves in with the Evanses, much to the annoyance of Roy's other son Barry (Shaun Williamson), who resents Nathan and is furious with his father for betraying his dead mother. It also becomes clear that Nathan equally dislikes Barry and resents the fact that he had known and been brought up by his father, whilst he has only just met him. The pair spend much time winding each other up, with Barry usually ending up looking the fool.

Nathan quickly integrates into life in Albert Square, growing closer to his father and having a brief relationship with Walford resident Melanie Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite). He starts working in the car lot with Roy, whilst Barry stays at home playing at house-husband and looking after his son Jack. Barry resents him even more for this and feels that Nathan is taking over his role as dutiful son. It seems as if Nathan can do no wrong, but it is the petty jealousy and sibling rivalry between him and Barry that is eventually his undoing.

In an attempt to exclude Barry and take his place in his father's heart, Nathan makes a plan to set Barry up and steal the affections of Barry's wife Natalie (Lucy Speed). His first advancement towards Natalie results in the pair kissing, but Natalie is adamant that it will go no further and despite further flirtations from Nathan, their kiss is a one-off occurrence. Undeterred, Nathan continues with his plan. Aware of Barry's past monetary blunders, and knowing that any subsequent mistakes will not be tolerated by Roy, Nathan steals money from the car-lot and sets Barry up for the blame. The plan seems to be working, until Natalie pieces it together and uncovers his ploy. With Nathan's true character unveiled, Roy decides that he wants nothing more to do with him and Nathan is banished from Albert Square in mid-2002.

Nita Mistry[edit]

Nita Mistry
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Bindya Solanki
Duration 2001–03
First appearance 26 November 2001
Last appearance 28 February 2003
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Shop assistant

Nita Mistry, played by Bindya Solanki, is a love interest for Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney). The character was axed along with Robbie in 2003. In a press report, executive-producer Louise Berridge commented "Dean and Bindya have contributed an enormous amount to the programme. However, we feel that the characters have reached the end of their natural course in the show, and they will both be leaving in Spring 2003. [...] It is always sad to be saying goodbye to a good double act, so we will be leaving the door open for both characters".[17]

When Nita arrives, she is a single mother to Anish (Ali Zahoor) and a widow. She gets a job at the local shop, the Minute Mart, and becomes involved in the community theatre, where she meets Robbie. In 2003, Nita gets an offer from her family in India, asking her to return and they will support her and Anish. In February 2003, Nita takes up her parents' offer to return to Mumbai. Nita, Robbie and Anish leave for India. This is Anish and Nita's last appearance.

In February 2010, Robbie returns for his sister Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer)'s wedding and reveals that Nita is six months pregnant. Nita later gives birth to a boy, Sami Jackson (Shiven Shankar) who appears in Walford in September 2015 as Robbie returns to the square. Robbie reveals that he and Nita have separated.

Jane Williams[edit]

Jane Williams
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Ann Mitchell
Duration 2001–02
First appearance 26 November 2001
Last appearance 11 January 2002
Classification Former; guest

Jane Williams, played by Ann Mitchell, is a former employee and the former mistress of Roy Evans (Tony Caunter). She is first seen when Roy appears at her house to confront her about him being named as the father of her son Nathan (Doug Allen), who had arrived in Walford several days earlier and told Roy this. Jane assures Roy that he is and gives him a gold pen.

As it emerges that Jane is dying from ovarian cancer, Roy begins spending more and more time with her, arousing the suspicions of Roy's other son Barry (Shaun Williamson). and Roy's wife Pat (Pam St. Clement). Eventually Roy is forced to confess to his family that Nathan is his son, much to the upset of Barry, as Roy had been having sex with Jane on the night Barry's mother and Roy's first wife Doreen had died. On 11 January, Jane peacefully dies of her progressing cancer on the same day Roy's grandson, Jack Evans (Samuel and Joseph Timson) is born.

Since April 2011, Ann Mitchell has appeared in EastEnders as another character, Cora Cross, the mother of Tanya Jessop (Jo Joyner) and Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks).[18] She initially appeared from 11 to 15 April and re-appeared as a full-time regular character on 28 July.[19]

Roxy Drake[edit]

Roxy Drake
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Tracy Brabin
First appearance 10 December 2001
Last appearance 25 December 2001
Classification Former; guest
Occupation Pimp

Roxy Drake, played by Tracy Brabin, is a pimp who first seen on 10 December 2001. She grooms Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan), who has run away from home and is living on the streets. Roxy finds Zoe a flat to live in. However, Roxy forces her to prostitute herself. Roxy and fellow prostitute Kelly Taylor (Brooke Kinsella) dress and make-up Zoe, but Zoe gets drunk on whiskey and vomits on her first client, much to the anger of Roxy. Some days later, Zoe's mother, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) comes looking for Zoe along with Anthony Trueman (Nicholas Bailey). They find her and try to take Zoe home, but Roxy tries to prevent Kat taking Zoe. This leads to Kat headbutting Roxy in the face. A humiliated Roxy then gets in her car and drives away, and has not been seen since.

Kelly Taylor[edit]

Kelly Taylor, played by Brooke Kinsella, was introduced by executive producer John Yorke, in 2001. She was only due to appear in eight episodes as part of a prostitution/homelessness storyline featuring Michelle Ryan's established character, Zoe Slater, who runs away from home in late 2001 and lives at the same brothel as Kelly. However, the viewer response to Kelly was positive, so she was reintroduced as a regular at the end of 2002. The character remained in the serial until 2004, when executive producer Louise Berridge decided that her storylines had come to a natural end.

In the past, Kinsella had auditioned for the parts of Janine Butcher, Zoe Slater and Sonia Fowler, but had been unsuccessful. Kinsella has commented, "I went up for the part of every girl in the Square. I was closest to getting the part of Zoe. I did workshops with all the Slater girls but you have to say they are all dark and look very alike while I'm blonde. Obviously that wasn't the right one for me. It was hard at the time but I'm very glad because I love playing Kelly. She's totally different from any other character and she's good fun to play."[20]

Derek Harkinson[edit]

Derek Harkinson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Ian Lavender
Duration 2001–05
First appearance 29 November 2001
Last appearance 19 May 2005
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Community Centre Manager

Derek Harkinson, played by Ian Lavender, was a childhood friend of Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard). He reappears in her life through her involvement in the Community Theatre. Pauline makes a play for him but he reveals he is gay. They decide to stay friends and Derek moves in with Pauline, becoming a new father-figure for her son Martin (James Alexandrou). He helps out with the fruit and veg stall, teaches Martin to drive, and takes the blame when Martin is caught growing cannabis. Derek gets in touch with his estranged son and daughter, Alex (Ben Nealon) and Mary (Mary Woodvine), and Alex's son Danny (Josh Alexander). He has a long string of arguments with Pauline in 2005 and goes to live with Alex.

Tom Stuart[edit]

Tom Stuart
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Shaun Dooley
Duration 2001–04
First appearance 17 December 2001
Last appearance 6 July 2004
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Vicar

The Reverend Tom Stuart is a recurring fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Shaun Dooley.

Tom is the vicar for the parish of Walford, and one of his earliest appearances is conducting the wedding ceremony of Dot (June Brown) and Jim Branning (John Bardon) on Valentine's Day 2002. However, he is earlier seen in December 2001 talking to Dot and Jim right after Dot returns from a visit to Nigel. His vicarly duties include conducting Jamie Mitchell's (Jack Ryder) funeral, and performing Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Andy Hunter (Michael Higgs)'s wedding ceremony that is crashed by Alfie Moon (Shane Richie). He also occasionally appears when Dot attends church meetings and suchlike. He is replaced off-screen by Reverend Stevens (Michael Keating).


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Diane Irving 9 January, 14 April Sheila Whitfield[21] A social worker who takes over from Ameena Badawi on the case of Chloe Jackson, when Ameena is promoted. She eventually finds Chloe a home with Neil and Sue Miller, who rename her Rebecca.
George Hawkins 23–24 April Gary Lucas[22] A salesman who tries to sell his wares to Ian Beale at his fish-and-chip shop. He is nicknamed "Cuban Man" by Beppe di Marco, a minicab driver as he insists on smoking cigars in his taxi.
Norman Dunn 7 May Roland Oliver The father of Laura Beale who appears in Walford for Laura's wedding to Ian Beale in 2001, along with his wife Edwina. He is very conservative and disapproves of Laura and Ian's marriage, as Ian had been declared bankrupt just a few months earlier. He threatens to disinherit Laura and when she refuses to postpone the wedding, he refuses to attend. When Edwina returns to Walford in 2005 for Janine Evans's trial for Laura's murder, she speaks to Pat Evans and says that Norman is very upset about his daughter's death.
Edwina Dunn 7 May 2001
9 December 2005
Patricia Maynard (2001)
Gay Hamilton (2005)
The mother of Laura Beale who appears for Laura's wedding to Ian Beale in 2001, along with her husband, Norman, but does not attend the ceremony as Norman disapproves of Ian being declared bankrupt in the past. She reappears in December 2005 to attend Janine Butcher's trial for the murder of Laura, and unknowingly persuades Pat Evans to change her testimony, allowing the innocent Janine to walk free.
Kevin Bolton 17 May Rupert Hill[23] The son of Gary Bolton, and half brother of Robbie Jackson. He appears when Robbie and his half sister Sonia track Gary down to Portsmouth. He is jealous of Robbie's presence in his father's life.
Kay Bradshaw 14–19 June Vanessa Earl[24] A woman who Beppe di Marco has a one-night stand with. It is later revealed that she is Beppe's son Joe's teacher, when Joe walks in on Beppe and Kay lying together on the sofa, and refuses to go to school the next day.
Sidney Gibbs 2–3 July James Marcus[25] Owner of a cleaning firm, Sid's Scrubbers, who are hired by Sharon Watts in order to get Billy Mitchell to lower the prices of his cleaning firm.
Jan Sherwood 17–21 September Cherie Lunghi[26] A woman who Steve Owen meets when he and his gang attempt a robbery targeting Jan's lover and wealthy businessman Alan Mills. When Steve seduces her, she tricks him and takes off with all the money, leaving him and his gang with nothing. It is however revealed that she and Steve are still working together: Steve fools his gang into thinking Jan had gone with all the money, and then meets up secretly with her and takes half of the money and never sees her again.
John Davies 11 October – 2 December Huw Higginson[27] The landlord of 15a Turpin Road. He doubles the rent on the flat, then offers to help Laura Beale with the money, but only if she will have sex with him.[28]
Chris Wallace 16–19 October Georgia Reece[29] An interior designer who redesigns e20 after a fire there, and has an affair with the manager Beppe di Marco, and contracts a sexually transmitted infection from him, leading to her husband Tony discovering the affair and attacking Beppe.
Tony Wallace 1 November Andy Capie[30] The husband of Chris Wallace, who attacks Beppe di Marco at the e20 Hallowe'en party after Beppe and Chris had an affair and Beppe had given Chris a sexually transmitted infection.[31]


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