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The Audibles
Origin Las Vegas, Nevada
Genres Pop Music, Hip hop, R&B, EDM
Occupation(s) Producers, singers
Instruments Motif keyboard, Macintosh computer, MPC2000XL, Ableton Live, Akai Oxygen controller
Labels Track Team
Associated acts Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Jason Boyd, Interstate Fatz, JR Castro, Polow da Don, Sasha Sirota, Lupe Fiasco, Yelawolf, Young Money, Hit-Boy, JayFrance, Chase N. Cashe, Mr. Pyro
Members Dominic "DJ Mecca" Jordan
Jimmy "Jimmy G" Giannos

The Audibles is a Pop Music, hip hop production duo from Las Vegas, Nevada, consisting of Dominic "DJ Mecca" Jordan and Jimmy "Jimmy G" Giannos. The 2x Grammy nominated duo, Dominic “DJ MECCA” Jordan and Jimmy “Jimmy G” Giannos, met in 2007 at the “Lost in Love” music video shoot for Polow Da Don artists I-15 at the Palms Casino in Paradise, Nevada. Jimmy was interested in working with JR Castro from I-15 for one of his artist songs. They officially met up a week later at Odds On Recording Studios in Henderson. After vibing at the studio in an all night session, they realized each other talents and began to create together. They coined their name “The Audibles” from its root definition “to be heard” and “to change the game” as seen by quarterbacks in football. JR Castro and Das offered an opportunity for the two to move to Atlanta and develop their art further under producer Polow Da Don.


Before Las Vegas[edit]

Through working with Polow in 2008, The Audibles went on to co-write and produce songs on I-15′s album that was never released. They went on to co-produce records with Zone 4 signed (at the time) producers Hit Boy and Chase N Cashe of the Surf Club. After living in Atlanta for a couple years, they gained much insight into the industry and decided to migrate back to Las Vegas.

Rise to success[edit]

Their first major production hit came with Interscope recording artist Mishon’s “Turn it Up” in 2009. It featured Roscoe Dash. The song reached #80 on the Billboard Hot 100 and attained them widespread attention for the first time.[1] They also co- produced Young Money’s 3rd single “Girl I Got You” with Mr. Pyro on YMCMB’s first album entitled “We Are Young Money. Through their partnership with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, the duo went on to create records for Redman’s Reggie album and landed an instant cult hip hop classic entitled “Lite 1 Witcha Boi” featuring Method Man and Bun B. They achieved huge success with their production on Lupe Fiasco L.A.S.E.R.S album with their smash performance single, “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” featuring Jason “MDMA” Boyd.

They came across a superstar in the making by the name of Sasha Sirota by fluke. Sasha applied for an engineering position at Future Music Studios where the two work from. They discovered that he was much more than an “engineer” and realized not only his multi-instrumental talents, but his amazing singing ability as well. They went on to sign him and immediately began to work on his masterpiece in the making. In 2011, they teamed up with Interscope recording artist and Alabama native Yelawolf to work on his debut album Radioactive (Yelawolf album). They recorded five songs, four of which made the album. “Let’s Roll” which was co- produced by Mr. Pyro and Eminem, became the second lead single and featured Kid Rock. The song was successful on the radio and helped catapult Yela’s career into mainstream hip hop.

Recent history[edit]

In 2012, they went on to work with Lupe Fiasco on his newest single “Bitch Bad” for his forthcoming album, “Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.” The two teamed up with Poo Bear to work on his R&B opus “BEATS 2 BREAK UP 2″ which they did almost all the production for, aside from “Made You Break Up With Me” produced by Mr. Pyro.[2] They have produced songs for artists like Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, YMCMB, Fabolous and Usher. They are currently working on songs for The Weeknd, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, Drake, Ciara, Lloyd, Rihanna.

In 2013, they worked with French Montana and were in the studio with Pop Superstar Justin Bieber to produce six records off of his Journal's album. Bad Day, Recovery, PYD, Swap It Out, Alone and Hold Tight were all released as singles. Journals (album) noted by critics as well as fans as One of the greatest R&B albums of this generation.

In 2014, the guys took sometime off to travel the world and do some humanitarian work. They released a record entitled "Julius Ceasar" with the artist French Montana which gained great success. They also produced five songs on the Multi Grammy award winning and singer/songwriter Poo Bear's BEATS 2 MAKE LOVE 2. The EP trumped all of the R&B albums released that year with grammy suggestions from critics.

In 2015, The Audibles got back in the studio and worked on several songs with Justin Bieber and Poo Bear for his fourth album Purpose (Justin Bieber album). Out of the songs, "No Pressure" was released feat. Big Sean.[3] The song features a dreamy guitar riff with a smooth bassline and 3/4 time signature. They also contributed to Chris Brown's seventh studio album Royalty by producing the song "Little More (Royalty)", for which the music video was released on December 18th, 2015. They teamed back up with their childhood friend JR Castro to work on his debut EP and Co produced a single with DJ Mustard entitled "Get Home" feat. Kid Ink and Quavo.


Their ‘sound’ is mostly big POP melodic synthesizer riffs, Sampling Keyboard and modules. An Audibles’ production is typically characterized by flat, punchy drum sounds and the use of module presets and live instruments. Their choice keyboards are the Motif XS8, Moog Voyager and soft synths. They are also well known for using Ableton and FL Studio and incorporating live percussion and acoustic instruments into their music. Another sound found on Audibles hip hop productions are their distinctive use of synth lines and their blend of hip hop styled verses mixed with an electro style driven hooks, as seen on Lupe’s “I don’t Wanna Care Right Now.”

Their trade mark includes a lady seductively saying "The Audibles"[citation needed]



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