Modern Revolutionary Party

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Modern Revolutionary Party
Partido Revolucionario Moderno
Abbreviation PRM
President Andrés Bautista García[1]
General Secretary Jesús Vásquez
Spokesperson Nelson Arroyo[2][3]
Founded 9 September 2014
Split from Dominican Revolutionary Party
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Progressive Alliance[4]
Coalition Convergencia por un Mejor País ("Convergence for a Better Country")
Colors Indigo dye and white
Slogan "Democracy, Development and Equality"[5]
2 / 32
42 / 190
35 / 155
Central American Parliament
0 / 120

The Modern Revolutionary Party (Spanish: Partido Revolucionario Moderno or PRM) is a social-democratic political party in the Dominican Republic. It emerged after a new division within the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).[6] It was recognized on 9 September 2014.[5] The PRM is the legal heir of the Dominican Social Alliance.

The PRM directive has announced that it will lead a coalition made up of more than 10 parties for the 2016 general election.

By 4 August 2014, 34 deputies had confirmed their move from the PRD to the PRM.[3]

Dominican Social Alliance[edit]

The Dominican Social Alliance (Spanish: Alianza Social Dominicana) was a minor political party of the Dominican Republic. It was founded by Rafael Abinader. In the 16 May 2006 election, the party was member of the defeated Grand National Alliance. In 2014 it was transformed into a new party, the Modern Revolutionary Party, when most senior leaders of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (widely known as los viejos robles, the Spanish for "the ancient oaks") followed Luis Abinader and Hipólito Mejía to found a new party.

Ideology and principles[edit]


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