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Donato Grima, is a contemporary Argentine artist. Born in San Miguel de Tucumán, on July 22, 1949.

Donato Grima
Donato Grima, Buenos Aires, 2011
Born (1949-07-22) July 22, 1949 (age 71)
Tucuman, Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Known forPainting, Drawing, Visual arts, Digital art
MovementContemporary art


Donato Grima is an Argentine visual artist. Born in San Miguel de Tucumán, on July 22, 1949. He studied arts and design. During the 70’s, he moved to Caracas, Venezuela. He did not return to his home country until the mid-eighties, together with the restoration of the democracy. However, between the 90's and 2001, he lives in Spain. The artist's work thus, has been enriched by his many trips, either for business or studies. Several countries have recognized his work Spain, Germany, Italy, Morocco, United States; some of his paintings been acquired for private collections. Furthermore, his painting "The Patriarchs" integrates the permanent collection of the Museo del Barrio of New York City. Other museums and private collections in several countries in Latin America and Europe bought part of his work. By 1993 he founded, in Argentina, The Center of Art & Design (CAD), institution devoted to the education in art and design, and recently, in 2009, he created his art gallery "Art Territory" in Tucumán.


Among his numerous awards, the following can be highlighted:

  • City of Santa Fe Prize, National Hall of Santa Fe, Argentina, 1988.
  • First Prize Poem Illustrated Regional Hall (poem by Jose Augusto Moreno), Museum of Fine Arts, Tucumán, Argentina, 1988.
  • Honorable Mention Award National Drawing Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Tucumán, 1987.
  • First Prize 50th Salon Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. 1986.
  • First Prize Poem Illustrated Regional Hall (poem by Alberto Rojas Paz), 1972.
  • Second Prize San Pablo Museum of Fine Arts, Tucumán, Argentina, 1972.

His work in Museums and Collections[edit]

among other collections of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Italy

Published books[edit]

  • "Donato Grima / Antologia de Obras" 2016
  • Donato Grima / visual work, Madrid: Ediciones Infantas, 1991.
  • Cristina Bulacio and Donato Grima, Dos Visiones sobre Borges, Buenos Aires: Ediciones Gaglianone, 1998.
  • Roberto Espinosa, Donato Grima, Silvando Cielos”, Tucumán: Donato Grima, Digital Editions, 2009.


Individual international exhibitions[edit]

Individual exhibitions in Argentina[edit]


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