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Doodia caudata - Berlin Botanical Garden - IMG 8674.JPG
Doodia caudata
Scientific classification
Newman 1844

R. Br. 1810

Doodia is a genus of ferns in the Blechnaceae family,[1] in the eupolypods II clade of the order Polypodiales,[2] in the class Polypodiopsida.[3] It is named after Samuel Doody (1656-1706), an English botanist.[4] Distribution of the genus includes parts of Australia and New Zealand.[5]

Phylogenic studies have found Doodia to be embedded within the paraphyletic genus Blechnum.[2] Christenhusz et al., 2011, therefore reassigned the Doodia species to Blechnum.[6][7]


(=) Doodia heterophylla (F.M.Bailey) Domin 1915
(=) Blechnum norfolkense Christenh. 2011
(=) Doodia australis (Parris) Parris 1998


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