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Grimm Grimm
Birth nameKoichi Yamanoha
BornTokyo, Japan
Years active2013–present
Associated acts

Grimm Grimm is the solo project of London-based musician, recording artist and producer, Koichi Yamanoha.[1] He has released two solo albums, and four singles on independent labels since 2014.[2]

Grimm Grimm has collaborated with other artists, including Le Volume Courbe, Bo Ningen, Killer-Bong and Klein.[3][4]


Yamanoha is originally from Tokyo, Japan and formerly performing as frontman of psychedelic-punk group, Screaming Tea Party since 2006 in London.[5][6]The band has released 2 EPs through Stolen Recordings in United Kingdom, and disbanded in October 2010. Yamanoha's first solo performance was at the underground music event, Krautorock Karaoke at Cafe Oto in 2013.[7][8]

His debut Grimm Grimm single, Kazega Fuitara Sayonara / Tell the Truth, was released in late 2014 via Kevin Shields (of My Bloody Valentine)and Charlotte Marionneau (aka Le Volume Courbe)’s Pickpocket Records label[9] in collaboration with Honest Jon's. [4] Followed by his debut album, Hazy Eyes Maybe, was released on ATP Recordings[10] in 2015 and a track “Last Word Is Mine” from the album was used over the end credits for the Aaron Brookner / Jim Jarmusch directed and produced documentary film Uncle Howard (2016) featuring William S. Burroughs. [3] The sophomore album, Cliffhanger, was released by Some Other Planet in partnership with Kartel Music Group in June 2018.[3]

Musical style[edit]

Folk Radio UK described Grimm Grimm's music as "Otherworldly forays into baroque folk, futurist lyricism and electroacoustic oddities"[3] The Mosts Radicalist described his 2018 album, Cliffhanger, as "Gently phased guitar strums ripple beneath an exotic acoustic lead line as Yamanoha’s breathless vocals bear a striking resemblance to Elliott Smith’s beautifully melancholy tones."[11] Clash also gave his album "Hazy Eyes Maybe" an 8/10 describing it as "On the surface, 'Hazy Eyes Maybe' might seem a simple, acoustic album, but scrape beneath the surface and there lies intricately crafted layers of mournful, morphing, melancholic hooks".[12]



  • Hazy Eyes Maybe (ATP Recordings, 2015)
  • Cliffhanger (Some Other Planet, 2012)


  • "Kazega Fuitara Sayonara / Tell The Truth" 7" Vinyl (Pickpocket Records, 2014)
  • "Hazy Eyes Maybe / Knowing" 7" Vinyl (ATP Recordings / P-Vine, 2015)
  • "Take Me Down To Coney Island / Ballad of Cell Membrane" DL (Some Other Planet / Hostess Entertainment, 2018)

Split releases[edit]

  • w/Tapers, CD (So I Buried, 2014)


  • "Kazega Fuitara Sayonara Remixes: Remixed by Klein / Killer-Bong" 7" Vinyl (birdFriend, 2019)


  • "Rough Trade Counter Culture 15" CD (Rough Trade, 2015)


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