Droppin' Many Suckers

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Droppin' Many Suckers
EP by Madball
Released October 13, 1992
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 14:44
Label Wreckage
Madball chronology
Ball of Destruction EP
Droppin' Many Suckers
Set If Off

Droppin' Many Suckers is the second EP release from New York band Madball. Only tracks 1-6 were included in the original 7-inch, the rest are CD-only bonus tracks. Many songs on this release were re-recorded for their next release, their debut full-length Set It Off

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Spit on Your Grave"   01:50
2. "Never Had It"   00:59
3. "Across Your Face"   01:12
4. "Step on You"   01:10
5. "No Return"   01:15
6. "The Blame"   02:00
7. "Smell the Bacon"   00:38
8. "We Should Care"   01:13
9. "Get Out"   00:51
10. "It's My Life"   01:01
11. "Ready to Fight" (Negative Approach Cover) 00:59
12. "Friend or Foe" (Agnostic Front Cover) 01:36
Total length: