Duhok International Airport

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Duhok International Airport

Balafirgeha Nêvdewletî ya Duhokê

فڕۆکه‌خانه‌ی نێوده‌وڵه‌تی
Airport typePublic
Operator Kurdistan
Openedunder construction
Coordinates36°54′41.418″N 42°43′42.568″E / 36.91150500°N 42.72849111°E / 36.91150500; 42.72849111Coordinates: 36°54′41.418″N 42°43′42.568″E / 36.91150500°N 42.72849111°E / 36.91150500; 42.72849111
Duhok international airport is located in Iraq
Duhok international airport
Duhok international airport
Location in Kurdistan, Iraq
Direction Length Surface
ft m
12 11,745.41 3,850 m 330.000 tons of Asphalt
Duhok international airport project started in 2012 and is currently under construction

Duhok International Airport (Sorani:فڕۆکه‌خانه‌ی نێوده‌وڵه‌تی Kurmanji: Balafirgeha Nêvdewletî ya Duhokê) is an international airport under construction in Kurdistan. It is located in the Duhok city province just near the village of Sêmêl. The airport construction is also on the 5 meter route of Zakho way.


2012 Opening ceremony[edit]

The Lebanese company Dar al-Handasa has started to build the company in the summer of 2012. At the end of February 2012 the airport facilities would have to be completed. Another Korean company, Incon, had been given the assignment to set up the structure of the airport. This was initially ordered to be done in May 2012 so that the airport could start to operate.[1]

Duhok International Airport (DIA) will be the third operating international airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It covers an area of 1,500 hectares and will include 18 check-in desks. The project funding cost is $450 million and is going to handle approximately 1 million passengers for the first year upon service.[2]

2014 halt[edit]

In early 2014 the Islamic state appeared this perhaps impacted heavily on the government of Kurdistan. Everything was halted and the allocated funding for the airport was immediately cut from the included budget of KRG including Iraq government.

2015 plan[edit]

In July 2015, Kurdistan's Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani announced that construction of the airport would begin within two months.[3] During those 2 months the runway was being built but unfortunately due to funding financial crisis the project stopped again.

2015 updates[edit]

Late summer of 2015 the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) laid the cornerstone for the international airport of Dahuk, the plan was finally approved by August, but Turkish, Korean and Arab companies in charge of implementing it have so far completed only 10 percent of the work. The economic impact on the region was caused because of the failure of its relationship with the federal government in Baghdad and other constraints related to ownership of this land area allocated to this project. Which is six thousand acres and is the property of three villages and hundreds of citizens worked to compensate them all about seven thousand, and two hundred plots of land Intention and more than sixteen million dollars and became the property of the government project Duhok International Airport. Two hundred and forty million dollars funded by Kurdistan of Iraq considered by some economic project is not without the political dimensions and strategy of this airport which is very important to the close proximity of Turkey. This project perhaps deepens the relationship of the region with it at the expense of its relationship with Iran, in addition to providing thousands of jobs and revitalize the economy of this city and its surroundings and tourist facilities this airport, which is about twenty-five kilometers east of the city of Dohuk did not witness during our roaming, indicating that work to complete has resumed Indeed, despite the confirmation of those who have already done that revived the project of Duhok International Airport hope the people in the job opportunities and revive tourism and trade, but faltering achievement reduces the chances of achieving those hopes so far. Report by Al-Jazeera.[4]


The Duhok International Airport will serve global international airports around Europe most likely Netherlands Germany, Sweden, U.K. etc. and the Middle-East.[according to whom?]

Airport facilities[edit]


Duhok airport terminal 1 will feature modern luggage handling 18 check in desks, a first class lounge similar to Erbil international airport. Immigration facilities, press, tobacco, souvenirs and duty-free shops, restaurant, cafes, mini market, bureau de change, banks, mosque Parking for cars of arrivals and departures.[5] The airport will also have 7 in total jetways 3 mobile and 4 fixed.

Taxiway and ILS[edit]

Featuring modern equipment and aviation handling the airport will have a modern ILS (instrument landing system) CAT II landing system and radar monitors. 8 million dollars will be spend in total onr the tower control and firehandling service in the airport.

Other airports in Kurdistan, Iraq[edit]

There are two other international airports in the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq.


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