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Bandstand in Duke's Meadows

Dukes Meadows is a riverside park in Chiswick, London. The land was purchased from the Duke of Devonshire in 1923. A seaside-type promenade and a bandstand were built alongside the riverfront and opened by the Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI) in 1926.[1] In 1998 a group of local people formed the Dukes Meadows Trust to protect the interests of the park.[2]

The land in 1902 consisted of orchards and meadows, with a farmhouse.[3] A plan was made that year to build homes for 40,000 people on the site, in a new town called Burlingwick, but they were never built. In 1914 the Brentford Gas Company introduced a bill in Parliament to build a gasworks over 80 acres of the meadows; Chiswick residents objected to the plan, and the bill was not passed. In 1923 Chiswick Urban District purchased the land to create a park. To finance the purchase, gravel extraction took place from 1924 to 1937; the gravel pits were not restored until after 1948 when they were restored and filled in.

The murder of Elizabeth Figg, whose body was found on 17 June 1959 in the Meadows, is one of the six unsolved killings of the Hammersmith nude murders. At that time, the park had a reputation as a lovers' lane, and prostitutes were known to take their clients there.[4][5]


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