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Welsh: [ˈdəlan]

Original pronunciation of Dylan
Anglicised pronunciation of Dylan
Gender Mainly Male
Word/name dy- + llanw
Meaning Great tide
Region of origin Wales

Dylan is a Welsh male given name. It is derived from the word llanw, meaning "tide" or "flow" and the intensifying prefix dy-.[1][2] Dylan ail Don was a character in Welsh mythology, but the popularity of Dylan as a given name in modern times arises from its use by poet Dylan Thomas. Its use as a surname stems from the adoption of the name by Bob Dylan.[1] In Wales it was the most popular Welsh name given to baby boys in 2010.[3]

People with the given name Dylan[edit]

People with the surname Dylan[edit]

  • Bob Dylan (born 1941), American composer and performer (born Robert Zimmerman)
  • Ellie Dylan (born 1952), American executive
  • Jakob Dylan (born 1969), youngest son of Bob and Sara Dylan and lead singer of The Wallflowers
  • Jesse Dylan (born 1966), American film director, eldest son of Bob and Sara Dylan
  • Sara Dylan (born 1939), American actress, first wife of Bob Dylan
  • Sarah X Dylan (born 1980), American radio and television personality
  • Whitney Dylan (born 1976), American television and film actress

Names in fiction[edit]

Other uses[edit]


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