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East Kowloon Line
Diamond Hill
Choi Wan
Shun Tin
Sau Mau Ping
Po Tat
Po Lam
Railway Development Strategy 2014

East Kowloon Line (Chinese: 東九龍綫) is a proposed Hong Kong rapid transit system to serve the East Kowloon area to Tseung Kwan O New Town via the hilly Sau Mau Ping residential area, which has yet to be covered by any local railway service directly. The scheme was first revealed by the Hong Kong Government in the "Railway Development Strategy 2014" in September 2014. The transit scheme is a part of the revitalisation of the East Kowloon area and the planned development in the Anderson Road/Sau Mau Ping district.


The construction cost of this line is the most expensive among all seven railway plans outlined in the railway strategy due to the steep terrain along its alignment. The estimated cost is HK$27.5 billion (approximately US$3.5 billion) at 2013 prices, making it HK$3.5 billion (US$450 million) per kilometre for a 7.8 km system. It is recommended the line will begin construction in 2019 and finish in 2025. There will be six stations on the new railway, including four new stations and two interchange stations allowing connections to the Kwun Tong Line, Tseung Kwan O Line and East West Corridor.

Stations are planned for Choi Wan, Shun Tin, Sau Mau Ping and Po Tat, as well as the vicinity of large-scale new development projects including the Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley development programme, the Anderson Road development plan, the Anderson Road Quarry development plan, the "Energising Kowloon East" programme, and so on. At the strategic level, it would serve as an alternative route of travel in the event of a stoppage on the Tseung Kwan O Line or Kwun Tong Line, thereby enhancing overall network stability. Project planners have noted the need to overcome technical difficulties caused by the mountainous terrain.

All stations would be underground. Sai Kung District Council suggested an additional station in the Hong King area between Po Tat and Po Lam Stations before leaving Tseung Kwan O New Town, meaning the government may take the suggestion into consideration.[1]


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