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Economists for Peace and Security (EPS) is a United Nations-registered, New York-based NGO which links economists interested in peace and security issues. Inspired by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, it was founded in 1989 as Economists Against the Arms Race (ECAAR), before becoming Economists Allied for Arms Reduction (ECAAR) in 1993. It adopted its present name in 2005.[1] Stockbroker Robert J. Schwartz led its creation.[2][3]

Since 1995 EPS has been registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the United Nations' Department of Public Information.[1] Since 2006 the UK branch of EPS publishes a peer reviewed journal, the Economists for Peace and Security Journal (EPSJ).[4]

In 1995 EPS was involved with criticism of the United States Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico, producing several reports on the subject.

Notable trustees of EPS include Kenneth Arrow and Lawrence Klein (founding trustees); Amartya Sen, Robert Reich and Óscar Arias.[5] James K. Galbraith was named Chair of the Board of Directors in 1996.[1]



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