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Białystok, Poland, is home to one principal public university (University of Białystok) and two other public specialist universities (Białystok Technical University and Medical University of Białystok). Some institutions, such as Musical Academy in Bialystok, are branches of their parent institutions in other cities, usually in Warsaw. Since the fall of communism many private-funded institutions of higher educations were founded and their number is still increasing.

Public-funded institutes of higher education[edit]

University of Białystok[edit]

The University of Bialystok was created under the Act of Sejm of the Republic of Poland on June 19, 1997 from the Branch of Warsaw University after 29 years of its existence. The academic potential and scope of the new University’s activities have contributed to its present position as one of the biggest and most important academic centers in the Northern Eastern Poland. Though now an independent academic center, The University of Bialystok still maintains scientific and personal connections with Warsaw University.

Białystok Technical University[edit]

Białystok Technical University, the first technical college in Białystok, was opened on December 1, 1949 as a Private Evening Engineering College with the departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and nationalised in 1951, Bialystok University of Technology acquired its university status in 1974. It is the largest university of its kind in Poland’s north-eastern region. [1]

Private institutes of higher education[edit]

High schools[edit]