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Eaindra Kyaw Zin
Eaindra Kyaw Zin

(1977-04-24) 24 April 1977 (age 42)
Other namesEuwae
EducationB.Sc (Chemistry)
OccupationActress, model
Years active1996–present
Spouse(s)Pyay Ti Oo
ChildrenPyay Thudra, Pyay Di Ra
Parent(s)Kyaw Zin, Mya Thida
AwardsMyanmar Academy Award (Best actress for 2004)
Myanmar Academy Award (Best actress for 2017)

Pride of Myanmar Award (Entertainment for 2018)

and many other awards.

Eaindra Kyaw Zin (Burmese: အိန္ဒြာကျော်ဇင်, pronounced [ʔèiɴdɹà tɕɔ̀ zɪ̀ɴ]; born 24 April 1977) is a two-time Myanmar Academy Award winning Burmese actress and TV commercial model. Eaindra Kyaw Zin, an amateur painter, is one of the stars of the Burmese entertainment industry. Now, until she is above 40, she is taking one of the top actress of myanmar .[1]

Early life[edit]

Eaindra Kyaw Zin was born to a well-to-do family in Yangon, the youngest child of Mya Thida and Kyaw Zin. She is a granddaughter of Bo Zeya, one of the Thirty Comrades that founded the modern Burmese Army, a niece of Dagon Taya, a writer, and a first cousin of singer Hayma Ne Win and singer and film star Yaza Ne Win. Kyaw Zin graduated from Yangon's Dagon 1 High School. She holds a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry.[2]


In an interview with The Myanmar Times, Kyaw Zin admitted that film was not her initial choice of a career. Rather she envisioned herself as an independent artist or a doctor but had to reevaluate her options after getting sub-par grades in school. Her first foray into the entertainment industry came by way of a local beauty contest. She won the Miss Kokkine contest in 1996, and then went on to win Miss Christmas that same year. After this year, she became to act in TV series such as Loving Editor (Chit Thaw Editor) and Ah Hnine Mae. She became popular in Ah Hnine Mae TV series with a character called Po Tay. For the next two years she appeared in magazines and modeling shows. In 2000, she scored her big break as an actress in the film Pyaw Lai Kya Ya Aung (Let’s Have Great Fun) as the lead actress.[1]She was nominated as best lead actress at Tha-Mee-Shin Film for 2000 Academy.

Ironically, her film career in the early 2000s was handicapped by the top leading man of that day, Yaza Ne Win, her first cousin. In 2003, she spoke to Chiangmai-based The Irrawaddy magazine that "I have limited opportunities to act in current popular movies. In the movies, I can only perform sibling roles with my first cousin and we can not shoot love scenes." As it is leading men who score big at the box office in Burma, and being cast aside male superstars is an actress’s best chance at fame.[3]

Eaindra Kyaw Zin won the 2004 Myanmar Academy Award, playing a villain role in the movie, Flirtatious Sky (မျက်နှာများတဲ့ကောင်းကင်). She continues to act in films and model for commercials. Eaindra Kyaw Zin also won the 2017 Myanmar Academy Award, playing in the main role in the movie, Knife in the Heart ( Yin-Bat-Htae-Ka-Dar). Although she is over 40, she is still a top model and actress in an industry full of young starlets.

Political views[edit]

In December 2003, the Burmese actress was accused by The Irrawaddy for displaying " conspicuous patriotism". When the Thai film Bang Rajan—which featured scenes of one of Burma’s 18th century invasions of the Thai kingdom—was screened at a Pan-Asian film festival in France in early 2001, Kyaw Zin stormed out of the theater before the film’s end. Its director, Thanit Jitnukul, who took home the festival’s Best Director award, recounted meeting Kyaw Zin that day. "She was very friendly at first," Thanit said. "Then she asked me about my movie. I told her its name, and she refused to talk to me again."[3]


She married actor Pyay Ti Oo on 1 January 2011. She gave birth to her first-born daughter on 14 October 2011 and to her son on 27 August 2015.

Social work[edit]

Eindra Kyaw Zin is socially involved with the community and various Burmese charities and is considered by her peers to be a good role model for young women in the country.[1]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1996 Miss Kokkine N/A N/A Won
Miss Christmas N/A N/A Won
2000 Myanmar Academy Award Best Actress Tha Mee Shin Nominated
2002 Myanmar Academy Award A Chit Thi Lay Pyay Nominated
Yin Wat Pann Nominated
2004 Myanmar Academy Award Myat-Hnar Myar Tae Kaung-Kin (Flirtatious Sky) Won
2005 Myanmar Academy Award Chit Chin Phwae Myittar Nominated
2006 Myanmar Academy Award Mite Tee Lay Myar Nominated
2009 Myanmar Academy Award A Tate Yae A Yeik,(Shadow of The Past) Nominated
Gyo-Gyar Taung-Pan Khat Than Nominated
2013 Myanmar Academy Award Best Actress A Phyu Yaung Ye Taik (The White Castle) Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Kyal Sin Maw Gon (Epic of Stars) Nominated
2015 Myanmar Academy Award Best Actress Maunt Eain Thu (My Missus) Nominated
2017 Myanmar Academy Award Yin-Bat Htae Ka Dar (Knife in the Heart) Won
2018 Pride of Myanmar Award Best in Entertainment N/A Won
2019 Myanmar Academy Award Best Actress Hit Tine Pending

Filmography (Big Screen Movies)[edit]

Lists of Films
Year Film Director Co-Stars Notes
1998 KyaNaw KyaMa Doh Thi Lwin Moe, Htun Eaindra Bo, Myo Thandar Htun, Ah Yei
2000 Ta Mee Shin Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Yan Aung, Dwe, Wyne,Sai Bo Bo,Khin Than Nu,Cho Pyone,Myo Thandar Tun,Soe Moe Kyi,Nwae Nwae San Nominated-Best Actress Award
Ma Mone Lay Nae Nga Pa Li Zin Yaw Maung Maung Yan Aung, Dwe,Moe Di,May Than Nu,Nwae Nwae San
2001 Pin Sa Let Yin Khun Malekha Soe Htike Aung Dwe,Min Oo, Htet Htet Moe Oo,Hla Eain Za Li Tint
Eaint Met Yar Ti Mee Pwar Dwe, Moh Moh Myint Aung, Nay Toe, Aung Lwin
2002 A Chit Thi Lay Pyay Ko Aung Min Thein Dwe,Phyo Ngwe Soe,Sai Bo Bo,Ku Thol,Smile,Nawarat Nominated-Best Actress Award
Yin Dwin Sa Karr Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Dwe,May Than Nu, Zaganar,Khu Thol,King Kaung
Minn Nae Ma Chit Tat Bi Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Dwe,Nay Aung, Thu Maung, Wyne,Ku Thol,Phoe Phyu,Nget Pyaw Kyaw,Zu Zu Maung
Yin Wat Pann Mite Ti Dwe, Lu Min,Tun Tun Win
2003 La Min Ko Sein Khaw Kya Tu Myar Maung Tin Oo Lu Min,Myint Myint Khaing
Nay Ka Mway Dae La Maung Tin Oo Kyaw Hein,Min Maw Kun,Tint Tint Tun
Thoo Mwae Hta Tit Sar Wai Hmai Nyo Nyunt Win,Thi Ha Tin Soe, Lu Min,Si Thu Tin Soe,May Than Nu, Htun Eaindra Bo,Nawarat,Nwae Nwae Mu,San San Aye
Chit Chin Yin Khon Yawng Kyi Swar Phyit Lwin Min Dwe,Tint Tint Tun
2004 Naug Ma Kja Kyay Mg Myo Min(Yin Twin Phyit) Dwe,Nanda,Ah Yine, Aung Lwin,Khine Thin Kyi
Yin Khon Tan A Yin Hni Sone Naung Tun Lwin+Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Dwe,Phyo Ngwe Soe,Byite,Kyaw Htoo,Htin Paw, Wyne,Zaw Zaw Aung,Aye Wit Yi Thaung,Hnin Wit Yi Thaung,Gone Pon Lay
Aeint Met Nat Tha Mee Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Dwe,Thu Htoo San, Htun Eaindra Bo,Pearl Win
Myet Hnar Myar Dae Kaung Kin Mg Myo Min(Yin Twin Phit) Yan Aung, Lwin Moe,Tint Tint Tun Won-Best Actress Award
Style Mite Ti Lwin Moe, Yar Zar Ne Win, Zarganar,Soe Myat Nandar,May Thinzar Oo
2005 Chit Chin Phwat Met Tar Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Dwe,Phoe Kyaw,Min Thu,Min Htet Kyaw Zin,Myint Naing,Tint Tint Tun,Myat Kay Thi Aung,Su Pan Htwar,Khine Hnin Wai Nominated-Best Actress Award
Ah Chit Yae Nel Sat Ah Hmone Tae Myo Yoe Naung Tun Lwin+Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Kyaw Ye Aung, Dwe,Min Hein, Wyne,Ah Yine,Nawarat
Kyo Nah Sah Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Dwe,Tint Tint Tun, Myint Myint Khin,Ku Thol,Nyo Min Lwin
Kaba Sone Hti Khin Maung Oo+Soe Thein Htut Tun Tun,Wyne Su Khaing Thein
Modern A Chit Myar Lwin Moe, Zarganar
2006 Ton Ton Le Chit Maung Nanda Yan Aung, Dwe,Sharr Nyo,Soe Myat Nandar,Hla Eain Za Li Tint,Khine Hnin Wai
Mite Ti Lay Myar Mite Ti Lwin Moe, Lu Min,Yar Zar Nay Win Nominated-Best Actress Award
2007 Winkabar Achit Nae Tu Ei Chit Koko Chit Thein Han (Phoenix) Min Maw Kun, Nay Toe,Be Lu Wa,Tin Zar Wint Kyaw
Moe Paw Khone Tat Ka Lite Chin Par Tal Nyunt Myanmar Nyi Nyi Aung Nay Toe,Tun Tun, Ye Lay,Nay Aung,Myat Kay Thi Aung,May Thinzar Oo
D Kaung Bal Tu Done Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Nay Toe,Moe Di,Moss,Met Tar,Khin Soe Paing
2008 Shock Shi Te A Chit Myar Ko Zaw (Ar Yon Oo) Ye Aung,Khant Si Thu, Pyay Ti Oo,Soe Myat Thuzar,Moe Hay Ko
Myint Mo Htet Ka Tha Ra Phu Thein Han (Phoenix) Nay Toe,Tun Tun,Zin Wyne, Moh Moh Myint Aung
2009 Mommy Shein Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Yan Aung, Nay Toe,Moe Di,Moss,Tin Zar Wint Kyaw,Nan Su Ya Ti Soe
Ah Teik Yae Ah Yeik (Shadow of the Past) Zin Yaw Maung Maung Aung Thu Ra,Zin Myo,Khine Hnin Wai Nominated-Best Actress Award
Hot Shot 2 Thu Htoo San, Moe Aung Yin, Moh Moh Myint Aung,May Than Nu,Melody
Gyo Gyar Taung Pan Khat Tan Zin Yaw Maung Maung Nay Toe,Kyaw Kyaw Bo,Wyne Su Khine Thein,Moe Yu San Nominated-Best Actress Award
2010 Nat-Phet-Te`-Sone-Twal-Myar Ko Zaw (Ar Yon Oo) Ye Aung, Pyay Ti Oo,Nanda,Soe Myat Thuzar, Thet Mon Myint
Heart Hti Tal Nyunt Myanmar Nyi Nyi Aung Thu Htoo San, Moe Aung Yin,Tin Zar Wint Kyaw
Achit Larr Lar Htar Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Min Maw Kun,Khant Si Thu, Moe Aung Yin,Kyaw Kyaw Bo,Khine Thin Kyi,Melelody, Soe Pyae Thazin
2011 Change Thein Han


Nay Toe, Eaindra Kyaw Zin
Falan Falan Phyit Dae Achit Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin Yan Aung, Nay Toe, Moh Moh Myint Aung,May Thinzar Oo,Chit Snow Oo
2012 May Khin Ka Nyar Ko Zaw (Ar Yon Oo) Yan Aung,Ye Aung,Khant Si Thu, Pyay Ti Oo,Kyaw Kyaw Bo,Soe Myat Thuzar,Tin Zar Wint Kyaw, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee
2013 Kyal-Sin Maw-Gun(Star Record) Pa Gyi Soe Moe Ye Aung, Lu Min, Wai Lu Kyaw, Nay Toe,Tun Tun,Soe Myat Thuzar,Tint Tint Tun,Pan Phyu, Thet Mon Myint Nominated-Best Supporting Actress Award
Ah Phyu Yaung Ye Taik Ko Zaw (Ar Yon Oo) Nay Toe, Pyay Ti Oo,Kaung Pyae,Cho Pyone,Thandar Bo, Yoon Yoon Nominated-Best Actress Award
2015 Ko Tint Doh Super Yat Kwat Kyaw Zaw Linn Ah Yine,Yan Aung,Ye Aung, Lu Min,Min Maw Kun, Pyay Ti Oo, Nay Toe,Myint Myat,Aung Ye Lin,Moe Pyae Pyae Maung,Soe Myat Thuzar, Thet Mon Myint, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee, Phway Phway,Sandi Myint Lwin special appearance
Chit San Eain 2028 Hein Soe Lu Min,Min Maw Kun, Pyay Ti Oo, Nay Toe,Tun Tun,Myint Myat,Nay Min, Htun Eaindra Bo,Moe Hay Ko,Chit Thu Wai, Soe Pyae Thazin,Tin Zar Wint Kyaw, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee
Maunt Eain Thu Thi Dar Linn(Laurel) Lu Min,Tun Tun Win,Hla Yin Kyay, Yoon Yoon Nominated-Best Actress Award
2016 Hnin Si Pan Tu(Rose Wearer) Hein Soe Naung Naung,Zin Wyne,Ye Aung,Zaw Oo,May Than Nu
2017 Yin Bat Htae Ka Darr Wyne (Own Creator) Pyay Ti Oo,Nay San, Htun Eaindra Bo,Myat Kay Thi Aung,May Ka Byar,Khin Moh Moh Aye,Nwae Nwae San Won-Best Actress Award
2018 Kyi Lay Kyi Pyay Thein Thi Ha Lu Min,Khant Si Thu,Khin Hlaing,Khine Thin Kyi
Reflection (Yaung Pyan) Lu Min Htun Eaindra Bo, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee, Patricia Post-Production
Kyat Gu Lu Min Lu Min, Myint Myat,

Htun Eaindra Bo

2019 The Three Men She Loves Mg Myo Min (Yin Twin Phyit) Yan Aung,Min Oo,Min Bhone Myat,Moh Moh Myint Aung,Emily Bo
Hit Tine Hein Soe Sai Wanna Aung, James, Htoo Pyae Aung, May Than Nu, Sao Yoon Waddy Oo
Jin Party Yazawin Ko Yan Aung, Min Maw Kun,Ye Yint Aung,Htoo Aung,Bella, Yin Latt, Shwe Eain Si, Khin Hlaing, Ko Pouk, Joker,K Nyi


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