El Sello De Los Tiempos Tour

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El Sello De Los Tiempos Tour
Tour by WarCry
WarCry - El Sello De Los Tiempos Tour.jpg
Start date December 13, 2002
End date December 12, 2003
No. of shows 33
WarCry concert chronology

El Sello De Los Tiempos Tour was the first concert tour by Asturian power metal band WarCry, supporting their second studio album. The tour consisted of 33 shows performed throughout Spain.

Víctor García decided not to give any tour until they had released a second album, with the idea to have enough songs to perform. The band made their first live-presentation on a concert in Avilés, Asturias, Spain free of charge just by showing the covers of any of their two albums. The second concert, which took place December 17, 2002, at the hall Divino Aqualung in Madrid, also featured the famous Spanish metal band Dark Moor. Throughout March, the band kept touring as a solo act. In the first concert of the next month, which took place in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, WarCry performed with groups like Darna, SunFire, Snowblind. Metal Mareny, Perversiones, Víctima, and other bands participated as opening acts on some of their concerts. On the metal festival Derrame Rock, which took place June 27, 2003, WarCry played with bands like Moonspell, Saratoga, Avalanch, Hamlet, Sôber. Then on July 11, on the Bike Rock Festival in Cantabria, they shared stage with Sepultura, Rage, Barricada, Hamlet, Lost Horizon, among others. The band kept performing only on festivals the remaining of the tour, as they were working on their upcoming album. On their last performance at Sala Quattro in Avilés, Asturias, bassist Alvaro Jardón left the band, due to musical and personal issues.[1]

Typical setlist[edit]

(Taken from the Sala Divino Aqualung show on December 17, 2002)

  1. "Luz del Norte"
  2. "Alejandro"
  3. "Por mi Libertad" (Originally performed by Avalanch)
  4. "Señor"
  5. "Hijo de La Ira"
  6. "Vampiro"
  7. "Cada Vez"
  8. "Quiero"
  9. "Dispuesto a Combatir"
  10. "Nadie"
  11. "Nana"
  12. "Tú Mismo"
  13. "Aquí Estaré" (Originally performed by Avalanch)
  14. "Trono del Metal"
  15. "Capitán Lawrence"
  16. "Hoy Gano Yo"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
13 December 2002 Avilés Spain Sala Quattro
17 December 2002 Madrid Sala Divino Aqualung
7 March 2003 Irun Sala Tuk
8 March 2003 Bilbao Sala BilboRock
14 March 2003 Barcelona Sala Mephysto
15 March 2003 Castellón Sala Duende
21 March 2003 Pontevedra Sala Camawey
22 March 2003 Ourense Sala Burbuja
5 April 2003 Dos Hermanas "Leyenda 2003" Festival
6 April 2003 Valladolid Sala Mambo
11 April 2003 Pamplona Sala Artasia
12 April 2003 Zaragoza Sala Oasis
25 April 2003 Córdoba Sala Áfrika
10 May 2003 Junquera "Sona que Trona II" Festival
16 May 2003 Valencia Sala Republica
23 May 2003 Salamanca Sala Argos
24 May 2003 Madrid Sala Divino Aqualung
30 May 2003 Alicante Sala Stereo
31 May 2003 Murcia Sala Gamma
27 June 2003 Langreo "Derrame Rock" Festival
11 July 2003 Cantabria "Bike Rock" Festival
9 August 2003 Azuaga "Viriato Rock" Festival
12 September 2003 Duruelo de la Sierra Plaza de Duruelo
27 September 2003 Madrid Sala Divino Aqualung



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