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Electro-Wave Human Tackle (電波人間タックル Denpa Ningen Takkuru?) is a character from the 1975 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Stronger. Her primary motif was a Ladybug. She never officially held the title of Kamen Rider, despite other side-character Riders (such as Riderman) having been granted such status. However, she is certainly the predecessor to all future female Kamen Riders, such as Kamen Rider Femme and Kamen Rider Larc. The manga, Kamen Rider Spirits, offers an explanation as to why she was never given the title of Kamen Rider.

Yuriko Misaki[edit]

Yuriko Misaki (岬 ユリコ Misaki Yuriko?, portrayed by Kyōko Okada) is a modified human created by Black Satan; however, she was still inactive. While Shigeru Jo makes his escape from Black Satan, being modified as Kamen Rider Stronger, he discovers Misaki on an operation table and awakens her. After being revived by Shigeru, she decides to become his partner to fight Black Satan. Overtime, she would eventually fall in love with him. She is killed by Doctor Kate, when she sacrifices herself to save Shigeru from being poisoned.

Actress Kyoko Okada (1958 October 21 - 1986 August 12), born Kyoko Hanada, was given her stage name by the president of Toei at the time. For several years she maintained a very close friendship with Takeshi Sasaki (Kamen Rider #2) even after they had both left the series. Okada studied ballet and in one fight scene in Kamen Rider Stronger can be seen executing a ballet turn. She was asthmatic, however, so the contrivance of her trademark "Electro Wave Toss" was developed to allow her to do only a minimum of stage fighting. She died at the age of 27 due to a severe asthma attack. Takeshi Sasaki was reportedly deeply shocked upon receiving news of her death. [1]

Kamen Rider Spirits[edit]

Despite Misaki being dead, her story is continued to be told through Shigeru Jo's flashbacks of her. While escaping from the ZX Army, he eventually falls upon Tackle's shrine, where he remembers why she was never given the title of Kamen Rider, because she wanted a normal life to live instead of carrying the sadness of battle.[2]

Kamen Rider Decade[edit]

  • In the facetious non-canonical direct-to-internet series "Decade's World of Net there was a short titled, "Petition! Kamen Rider Tackle!! (陳情!仮面ライダータックル!! Chinjō! Kamen Raidā Takkuru!!?)", the history of female Kamen Riders are mentioned. When Stronger appears requesting the title of Kamen Rider be given to Tackle, its disputed if she is a Kamen Rider or not. The cast of Decade goes along with Stronger to petition for Tackle to be declared a Kamen Rider, only to discover that she is already the head of the division of Toei that declares heroes Kamen Riders, to Stronger's disbelief.

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