Elena Asenina of Bulgaria

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Elena of Bulgaria was an empress consort of Nicaea, married to Theodore II Laskaris (r. 1254–1258). She was daughter of Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Asen II and Anna Maria of Hungary.


Elena was the sister of emperor Kaliman I of Bulgaria and princess Tamara of Bulgaria. Her maternal grandparents were king Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of Merania. On the paternal side, Emperor Ivan Asen I of Bulgaria and Elena of Bulgaria.

She was betrothed to Baldwin II of Courtenay, the last Latin emperor before marrying Theodore.

Her husband died in 1258 and their son, John IV Laskaris, who was only seven years old, became emperor.


Elena and Theodore had three children:


Elena Asenina of Bulgaria
Born:  ? Died:  ?
Royal titles
Preceded by
Constance II of Hohenstaufen
Empress consort of Nicaea
Succeeded by
Theodora Palaiologina