Elizabeth River (Tasmania)

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Elizabeth River
Origin Lake Leake
Mouth Macquarie River
Basin countries Tasmania, Australia
Location 41°55′58″S 147°32′19″E / 41.93278°S 147.53861°E / -41.93278; 147.53861Coordinates: 41°55′58″S 147°32′19″E / 41.93278°S 147.53861°E / -41.93278; 147.53861
Length 59.6 km

The Elizabeth River in Tasmania is a small river with a length of 59.6 km. It is located in the northern midlands of Tasmania.

It begins above Lake Leake[1] and then flows south through Lake Leake and then flows west through the town of Campbell Town and then flows into the Macquarie River west of Campbell Town.[2]

The Red Bridge crosses the Elizabeth River at Campbell Town.


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