Embassy of Kuwait, London

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Embassy of Kuwait in London
Location Knightsbridge, London
Address 2 Albert Gate, London, SW1X 7JU
Ambassador Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Mr. Khaled Al-Duwaisan

The Embassy of Kuwait in London is the diplomatic mission of Kuwait in the United Kingdom.[1] It is located just off Knightsbridge at Albert Gate, one of the entrances to Hyde Park. It is situated immediately opposite the French Embassy.[2]

The building, along with the rest of Albert Gate, was the creation of British architect Thomas Cubitt; at the time of their construction in the 1840s they were by far the tallest structures in the neighbourhood.[3]

Kuwait also maintains a Health Office at 40 Devonshire Street, Marylebone and an Investment Office at Wren House, 15 Carter Lane, City of London.[4]

In 2011 a protest was held outside the embassy by Kuwaiti Bidoons alleging that the Kuwaiti government discriminates against their community.[5]



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Coordinates: 51°30′09″N 0°09′31″W / 51.5024°N 0.1587°W / 51.5024; -0.1587