High Commission of Cameroon, London

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High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon in London
High Commission of Cameroon in London 1.jpg
LocationHolland Park, London
Address84 Holland Park, London, W11 3SB
Coordinates51°30′19.8″N 0°12′31.7″W / 51.505500°N 0.208806°W / 51.505500; -0.208806Coordinates: 51°30′19.8″N 0°12′31.7″W / 51.505500°N 0.208806°W / 51.505500; -0.208806S
High CommissionerAlbert Fotabong [1]

The High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon in London is the diplomatic mission of Cameroon in the United Kingdom.[2]

A protest was held outside the embassy in 2013 following the murder of Cameroonian gay-rights activist Eric Lembembe. This led to several more protests in Cameroon, especially in the southern regions.[3]



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Diplomatic list: Cameroon: High Commissioner: Albert NJOTEH FOTABONG Minister Counselor: Anna MBUR Second Counselor: Cyril Bourne Defence Attaché: Colonel EWANE Samuel EBWEKOH Cultural Adviser: Humphrey NGALLA Communication Adviser: Guillaume KIMBI LOH Deputy Defence Attaché: Lt. Col. REYANG GASKREO First Secretary: Guy ELESSA First Secretary: Peter EKEMA Second Secretary: TIANGUE NGANGUEN Bonnard Carlos Communication Attaché: Henri Steane MPOLLO

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