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The Go-Busters: (from left to right) Stag Buster, Beet Buster, Blue Buster, Red Buster, and Yellow Buster.

The Energy Management Center (エネルギー管理局?, Enerugī Kanrikyoku) is a fictional organization that appears in the 36th Super Sentai Series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Its Special Operations Unit (特命部 Tokumeibu) employs the series' protagonists the Go-Busters (ゴーバスターズ Gōbasutāzu) in their fight to keep the fictional energy source known as the Enetron (エネトロン Enetoron) safe from the evil Vaglass group. Their base of operations is 70 meters underground, modeled after an ant hill, with passages to any part of the city.


Thirteen years prior to the events of the series, a freak accident caused a computer virus to evolve into the entity known as Messiah who went on to create Vaglass before being trapped in subspace. To prevent Messiah's return as well as looking for a way to uproot the threat, three children who so happened to be around when the freak accident happened were installed with an Anti-Metavirus program that gives them each both a unique Super Power (超パワー Chō Pawā) and enabled them to be safely teleported away when the Transport Research Center is sent into subspace. These children were then trained to become spies for the Energy Management Center's Special Operations Unit, and now fight Vaglass as the primary members of the Go-Busters. Though their Anti-Metavirus program also gives them a crippling weakness called a Weakpoint (ウイークポイント Uīkupointo), Hiromu theorized it to be a necessary for them to work together as a team. During the final battle with Enter, the Go-Busters use a team attack known as the Volcanick All Busters Attack (ボルカニックオールバスターズアタック Borukanikku Ōru Basutāzu Atakku), an enhanced version of Red Buster's Volcanick Attack.

Hiromu Sakurada[edit]

Hiromu Sakurada (桜田 ヒロム Sakurada Hiromu) is 20 years old and is the most well-rounded warrior on the team despite joining the team the latest as Red Buster (レッドバスター Reddo Basutā). He is a serious, dedicated and level-headed warrior who rarely smiles, as well as being very blunt with words and not much of a social person. Hiromu's Super Power manifests in his legs as super speed, enabling him to move so fast it appears as if he is teleporting. His Weak Point involves him freezing whenever he panics. This would not be a problem if he did not panic every time he sees a chicken, real or illustrated. This stems from a childhood trauma involving Hiromu being trapped in a chicken coup as a kid. Though he freezes whenever seeing a chicken, he can shrug it off in some cases due to willpower. Hearing the word "chicken" can make him freeze too, but not always completely, making his movement stiff and robotic for several minutes. As Red Buster Powered Custom (レッドバスター パワードカスタム Reddo Basutā Pawādo Kasutamu), wearing the Protector armor created from Nick's data, Hiromu's speed increases and he can perform the Volcanick Attack (ボルカニックアタック Borukanikku Atakku) finishing move to destroy an opponent.[1]

Thirteen years ago, Hiromu's father was in charge of the Transport Research Center and his mother was a researcher. Both sacrificed themselves to trap Messiah in subspace with Hiromu entrusted to take care of his sister Rika, who refused to allow her only family to be taken from her by the Energy Management Center. However, with his Buddyloid Cheeda Nick training him and the promised he made to Yoko to get their families back, Hiromu resolved to become a Go-Buster to ensure nobody would again lose loved ones to the Vaglass like him and his sister. At first, putting the mission as top priority, Hiromu refuses to go see Rika despite Nick's efforts in mending their relationship. When Nick brings Rika to a battle scene to allow Rika herself to see what her brother fights for, Hiromu berates Nick for bringing a civilian to such a dangerous place despite Nick's good intentions, showing how much he cares in getting the job done. His relationship is eventually mended with Rika fully accepting Hiromu's decision to fight as a Go-Buster, though it is all thanks to Nick's efforts and Hiromu having next to no part in the events. Later, learning of his parents' fate as absorbed extensions of Messiah, a saddened Hiromu sees that stopping the monster is the only way he could save them. The encounter escalated their on-going feud as Enter developed an obsession with the human spirit, using Hiromu as the subject of his twisted research. Events transpired leading to Hiromu's Weak Point being exposed. However, with the assistance of his teammates, he devises a method to counter its crippling effect. But this too was a means to study the human resolve, as it was revealed that Enter installed the previously, unrecovered Messiah Card 13 inside his body; effectively becoming Enter's back-up. As a side effect, the card also protects Hiromu from fatal hazards, including the ones he intends to inflict on himself. After the Go-Busters send their own bodies with Enter into the unstable subspace, Masato intends to put Hiromu in his own stasis chamber to remove Messiah Card 13, saving Hiromu but at the cost of Masato's life. After destroying Megazord Omega, the Go-Busters finally destroy Enter once and for all. With his mission a success, Hiromu lives peacefully with Nick and Rika.

Hiromu Sakurada is portrayed by Katsuhiro Suzuki (鈴木 勝大 Suzuki Katsuhiro).[2][3][4][5] As a child, he is portrayed by Ryu Hashizume (橋爪 龍 Hashizume Ryū).

Ryuji Iwasaki[edit]

Ryuji Iwasaki (岩崎 リュウジ Iwasaki Ryūji) is 28 years old and he is the most experienced out of the Go-Busters team as Blue Buster (ブルーバスター Burū Basutā). He is easy-going and always keeps a cool head, rarely seen being angry over anything. Ryuji's Super Power manifests in his arms, giving him superstrength. His Weakpoint is that his body overheats if he uses his superpower for too long. Once overheated, his strength increases exponentially and gains a murderous personality along with it, being thoroughly incapable of telling friend from foe. He cannot be stopped once overheated and one can only wait until he shuts down on his own. As a side effect, Ryuji is also far more susceptible to heat than normal people and can overheat if his surroundings are too warm, although he would merely be very aggressive and irritable instead of murderous. Though ice and large amounts of water can be used, a special cooling cream is more effective to cool him down. Compared to his teammates, his Weakpoint is the least likely to happen, so long as he uses his Super Power sparingly and with caution, but it is also the most devastating when it does happen. Ironically, his Weakpoint can be considered a mixed blessing as he can use the increased strength and destructive personality to deal with Metaloids far easier than it would usually be. His overheating happenings are so rare that Yoko, despite growing up together with him over a decade, had never seen him overheat even once until recently. As Blue Buster Powered Custom (ブルーバスター パワードカスタム Burū Basutā Pawādo Kasutamu), wearing the Protector armor created from Gorisaki's data, Ryuji's superhuman strength is amplified with the added ability to analyze any substance to create a digital copy of it for use. He can also use data to perform the Gorillarge Punch (ゴリラージパンチ Gorirāji Panchi) finishing move.[6]

As a child living near one of the facilities that employ Megazords, Ryuji grew up aspiring to become an engineer. However, Ryuji is forced to give up his childhood dream after the accident to become a Go-Buster. As the oldest of the Go-Busters, he feels that it is his duty to watch over Hiromu and Yoko, mediating whenever they start bickering. Unlike his teammates who started training at a very young age, he was already a teenager when his training started and as such, he trains extra hard to catch up to them. He is a rather passive in his approach to things and unlike Hiromu and Yoko, lacks a personal reason to fight. As such, he is very much a background character supporting his juniors in battle until Masato prompts him to find a personal reason, which he finds to be resuming his dream once Vaglass is defeated. After destroying Megazord Omega, the Go-Busters finally face Enter once and for all. Ryuji transfers his power into Hiromu so he can use the Volcanick All Busters Attack to defeat Enter. After the battle ends, Ryuji becomes an engineer as he always wanted.

Ryuji Iwasaki is portrayed by Ryouma Baba (馬場 良馬 Baba Ryōma)[3][4][7][8] As a teenager, he is portrayed by Koudai Matsuoka (松岡 広大 Matsuoka Kōdai).

Yoko Usami[edit]

Yoko Usami (宇佐見 ヨーコ Usami Yōko) is a moody, sharp-tongued, impatient and easy-to-anger but earnest 16-year-old and is the youngest and the most energetic on the team. She fights as Yellow Buster (イエローバスター Ierō Basutā). Her Super Power manifests in her legs and enables her to jump high in the air. Her Weakpoint is that she collapses very easily. As such, she must keep her calorie count in check by consuming sweets, in order to keep herself awake and active. While her Weakpoint is easier to manage, her over-eagerness with missions often makes her forget to carry sweets on her or consume them at times while on a mission, coupled with her tendency to overuse her Super Power, she is often left in a state to scramble for whatever she can find. As Yellow Buster Powered Custom (イエローバスター パワードカスタム Ierō Basutā Pawādo Kasutamu), wearing the Protector armor created from Usada's data, Yoko's agility is further amplified. She can also use data to manifest objects in the air to run around on them or jump to even greater heights in order to perform her Rapid Kick (ラピッドキック Rapiddo Kikku) finishing move.[9]

Thirteen years ago she was only a toddler whose mother was a researcher at the Transport Research Center. Initially before their eventual reunion as a team, she sees Hiromu to be useless, thinking that he is a good-for-nothing who cowers behind his sister. Hiromu's innate bluntness with words serves only to worsen her opinion of him. She only starts warming up to him when he reveals that he does indeed remember his promise to her that they will fight Vaglass together, a promise Ryuji did not think that she would remember due to her young age and that she was crying when Hiromu said it all those years ago. Hiromu, however, still irks her from time to time. Her impulsive and hyperactive nature results in her hating to study, a fact that gets her berated by Usada over and over again. This in turns hampers her information-processing ability and she is shown to be the slowest to catch clues in their missions, as well the only one on the team incapable of comprehending English at all. She however, has a thoughtful side to her, shown when she plans a holiday outing where the team takes the Buddyloids to places they want to visit prior to her actions revealed to give their partners a birthday. After destroying Megazord Omega, the Go-Busters finally face Enter once and for all. Yoko transferring her energy into Hiromu so he can use the Volcanick All Busters Attack to defeat Enter. After the battle's end, Yoko gets into high school.

Yoko Usami is portrayed by Arisa Komiya (小宮 有紗 Komiya Arisa).[3][4][10] As a child, she is portrayed by Kokoro Hirasawa (平澤 宏々路 Hirasawa Kokoro). Komiya also played a dual role in episode 12 as Hong Kong actress Angie Sue.

Masato Jin[edit]

Masato Jin (陣 マサト Jin Masato) is an eccentric and haughty genius engineer who finds minor flaws to be more interesting than perfection. Though working in another block during the incident 13 years ago, Masato ended up in subspace regardless when his fellow researchers sacrificed themselves to trap Messiah. However, his transport into subspace was incomplete and only very small parts of his data got trapped in Messiah. Trapped in subspace, created Beet J. Stag to aid him by placing his body in stasis and creating an avatar of himself to move about. When he learned of the others' fate as Messiah's engineers upon being contacted by Sakurada, given the plans to the BC-04 he developed, Masato resolved to send Jay to reality so he can hone the Go-Busters' skills to prepare them for the final battle with Messiah. For that reason, Masato created his and Jay's unique Buster Gears, enabling him to transform and fight as the gold-colored Beet Buster (ビートバスター Bīto Basutā).

Masato is known for his utter disregard for rules and authority (one of his first actions as Beet Buster being to steal massive amounts of Enetron) often addressing Commander Kuroki by an embarrassing nickname and acting on his own. Though technically the oldest of the Go-Busters at 40 years of age, he insists that because his avatar is himself when he was 27, Ryuji (who is 28) is the oldest and therefore has the responsibility of taking care of the team. Despite his seemingly immature disposition, he is actually quite wise, seen when he tells Ryuji that he would not be able to do much if he only watched over and fought for others, thus prompting him to search for a personal reason to fight so that he could do so effectively. Masato often flashes the sign of the horns with the back of his hand out, resembling the horn of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. As an avatar whose existence in the real world is entirely dependent on Jay, he cannot transform on his own and requires Jay's Marker System to activate their Buster Machines. While his body in the real world is an avatar and thus incapable of being destroyed, having this avatar body recreated puts serious strain on Masato's true body.

Though succeeding in ending Messiah, Masato is left with the issue of getting his actual body back into reality, something that should only be possible by retrieving his missing data from the Messiah Card 07 which Enter absorbed to use as a trump card to play the group's intent to save him. However, while thinking of a way of removing Messiah Card 13 from Hiromu's body, Masato realizes that Messiah Card 07's data is inside it and he can use his hangar's equipment to transfer the card out of Hiromu and into his failing body. Though knowing it would destroy him, Masato resolved to protect the world at any cost with his avatar lasting long enough to ensure Enter's permanent death while telling his friends to escape back to their way through his hangar.

During Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Ultra Super Hero Taisen, a briefly revived Masato temporarily assumes the form of the yellow-colored Kirider (キライダー Kiraidā), a hybrid of Kirenger and the Double Riders, once he and his team prevail in the Game World's Ultra Super Hero Taisen tournament. In this form, he rides the Magirangers' Magi Dragon against the Xevious fleet.

Masato Jin is portrayed by Hiroya Matsumoto (松本 寛也 Matsumoto Hiroya).[11]


The Buddyloids (バディロイド Badiroido) are sentient robots created by the Energy Management Center prior to Messiah's creation who in the aftermath that are assigned to assist the Go-Busters on their missions. Other than having built-in teleportation abilities and Anti-Metavirus programming so they will not be corrupted, the Buddyloids can interface with the Buster Machines, forming the control mechanisms with their heads. Despite being robots, they have very good understanding of human behavior and behave very much like humans, especially in the case of Nick, where he often advises Hiromu in how to get along with people around him. While Beet J. Stag fights with the Go-Busters as Stag Buster, the three primary Buddyloids gain the ability to digitize themselves into the Custom Visors, reformatting themselves into the protector armor for their partners' Powered Custom forms.[Note 1]

Cheeda Nick[edit]

Cheeda Nick (チダ・ニック Chida Nikku) is Hiromu's Buddyloid that takes the form of a cheetah-type android with handlebars for horns. Until the appearance of J, Nick is the only Buddyloid who usually goes out in the field, both as a mode of transportation for Hiromu through his Bike Mode (バイク形態 Baiku Keitai) and more importantly, pick Hiromu up whenever his partner's Weakpoint takes effect. Though Nick is equipped with a powerful supercomputer that allows him to make calculations at super speed and an on-board navigational computer, he has no sense of direction and is shown to be constantly getting lost, yet his pride always prevents him from calling Hiromu or anyone else for help. He is fun-loving, lively and the most thoughtful of the three robots. These traits suit him well as he plays the role of an older brother figure to Hiromu, while being his trainer and providing battle support. Nick and Hiromu often do not see eye-to-eye as the former always tries to make the latter more sociable and mindful of others' feelings. Though she originally hated him for being both a machine and driving a wedge between her and Hiromu, Nick manages to win Rika's respect to the point of her accepting him as family.

Cheeda Nick is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (藤原 啓治 Fujiwara Keiji).

Gorisaki Banana[edit]

Gorisaki Banana (ゴリサキ・バナナ Gorisaki Banana) is Ryuji's Buddyloid that takes the form of a gorilla-type android with a steering wheel for a face. He is faint of heart, constantly worrying about Ryuji despite the human's great strength. He is also the most mild-mannered among all the Buddyloids, never once bicker with anyone over anything and always just tries to do what he can to help around. Gorisaki mainly does back-up work for the Go-Busters as a mechanic. Unlike other Buddyloids who watched their partners grow up, Ryuji was already a teenager when the two met. As Ryuji is quite mature for his age and carries himself in a rather proper manner all the time, Gorisaki feels that he is not as close to Ryuji as the other two Buddyloids are with their partners, seeing their dysfunctional moments to be a good thing. As a result, Gorisaki always holds back when he talks to Ryuji and resorts to more discreet methods like eavesdropping to know his partner better. However, when he sustains damage to protect his partner from Fanloid, Gorisaki is happy that Ryuji finally scolds him for his recklessness, feeling that for they finally made progress as partners. After the fight, Ryuji encourages Gorisaki to tell him everything he wants to say without holding back. To Ryuji's chagrin however, Gorisaki begins to run his mouth off in expressing his feelings soon after.

Gorisaki Banana is voiced by Tesshō Genda (玄田 哲章 Genda Tesshō).

Usada Lettuce[edit]

Usada Lettuce (ウサダ・レタス Usada Retasu), code named RHUL-03 (RHUL-03 Āru Eichi Yū Eru Zero Surī), is Yoko's Buddyloid that takes the form of a small rabbit-type robot with a pair of control sticks for "ears". Unlike the other three robots, he is not of humanoid design. Having a sharp-tongue and habit to make snide comments to anyone around him, Usada is often overbearing towards Yoko as he has been her sole tutor and sees the girl unable to anything without him to guide her. Though the two fight often, they care about each other and would always eventually reconcile, seen when he gets kidnapped by Enter where he tells Yoko to flee when a bomb strapped on him is about to explode. Though behaving rather condescending towards others, he enjoys their company and when Yoko insists that he goes on theme park rides, something he had always wanted to do, on his own, he gets upset instead of happy as he wanted to do it with everyone else instead of doing it alone. Usada is equipped with data management applications, serving as a support system for the Go-Busters in the control room. He is also seen to have a hollow midsection for storing materials. His catchphrase is "Roger Rabbit" (ロジャー・ラビット Rojā Rabitto).

Usada Lettuce is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (鈴木 達央 Suzuki Tatsuhisa).

Beet J. Stag[edit]

Beet J. Stag (ビート・J・スタッグ Bīto Jei Sutaggu), often simply referred to as "Jay", is Masato's Buddyloid that takes the form of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle/stag beetle-type android. His middle initial stands for Jueki (樹液?, tree sap). Created in subspace by Masato, Jay is sent to reality by stowing away in a Vaglass Megazord that Enter transported. Like Masato, Jay is an egotist who likes appearing cool, but he is more extreme in a sense that he shows little to no interest in anything that does not concern him, resulting in him often getting onto Masato's nerves. Despite this, he has a very high sense of awareness around where he can sense immediate danger and is very observant, but he does not tell this to the others due to his attitude. He however has a softer side, as he's fascinated by nature, especially beetles (since they are his motive) to the point of becoming melancholic. He also genuinely cares for his creator, as he went to extremes to protect a Metaloid from the Go-Busters in the hopes of using its Messiah Card to help Masato.

After the Go-Busters and Enter are transported to subspace, Jay is conflicted as to whether or not to go through with Masato's plan to extract the Messiah Card from Hiromu. After Masato forces Jay to make a promise to protect the world, Jay decides to go through with the plan and assists the Go-Busters in distracting Enter. When Card 13 is destroyed and Masato's physical body is gone, Jay was shocked that Masato's avatar was still active for some time. After they destroy Megazord Omega, the Go-Busters fight and destroy Enter once and for all, with Jay helping to transfer energy for the Volcanick All Busters Attack. Once the Masato avatar disappears for good, Jay escapes subspace along with the other Go-Busters. After the battle, he keeps the black block representing Masato's missing data with him as a memento.[17]

Jay has a habit of standing in the way of others, typically Masato, which annoys whoever he inconveniences. Unlike other Buddyloids, he is fully battle-ready and is outfitted with a Marker System (マーカーシステム Mākā Shisutemu) that allows him to recreate Masato's avatar if destroyed and activate the duo's personal Buster Machines. Because of this, Jay is effectively Masato's anchor to the real world. He is also Masato's partner both in and out of combat, with the ability to transform into the silver-colored Stag Buster (スタッグバスター Sutaggu Basutā) to actively fight alongside him as Beet Buster. This process sheds off much of Jay's outer armor, which either becomes parts of Beet Buster's suit when transforming together or is simply cast off and converted into data when transforming on his own. Copies of these armor pieces can also be transferred to allow Masato to transform without Jay transforming as well. When he is low on Enetron, he will appear drunk. Because he is not equipped with a vaccine program, he is susceptible to Metavirus infection, as evident from when he fueled himself with Metavirus-infected Enetron. As a consequence, the Beet Buster program can also be hijacked due to Jay's status as Masato's anchor.

Beet J. Stag is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (中村 悠一 Nakamura Yūichi).


Ene-tan (エネたん) is a Buddyloid that takes the form of a small frog-type robot, shaped like an Enetron canister. While not of a humanoid design like Usada, Ene-tan's ego and mentality are akin to that of her creator Masato, and has an aversion to being touched carelessly. While first appearing in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters the Movie: Protect the Tokyo Enetower!, Ene-tan reappeared to aid the Go-Busters again during their fight with Messiah Reboot on Christmas Eve.

Ene-tan is voiced by Nozomi Tsuji (辻 希美 Tsuji Nozomi).

Energy Management Center staff[edit]

Takeshi Kuroki[edit]

Takeshi Kuroki (黒木 タケシ Kuroki Takeshi) is 40 years old and is the commanding officer of the Special Operations Unit, leading the Go-Busters and several hundred other staff members. He was originally the lab assistant of Hiromu's father and a teammate of Masato Jin (who gave him the nickname "Kurorin" (黒リン)). Thus like the Go-Busters, he sees the elimination of Messiah as his number one priority by any means needed.

Takeshi Kuroki is portrayed by Hideo Sakaki (榊 英雄 Sakaki Hideo).[18][19][20]

Toru Morishita[edit]

Toru Morishita (森下 トオル Morishita Tōru) is the system control operator for the Special Operations Unit. He is calm and coolheaded whenever he helps out the Go-Busters.

Toru Morishita is portrayed by Naoto Takahashi (高橋 直人 Takahashi Naoto).

Miho Nakamura[edit]

Miho Nakamura (仲村 ミホ Nakamura Miho) is an operator for the Special Operations Unit, a recent hire in the Energy Management Center and does not know much about the Go-Busters. She is well versed in subspace detections, but she can snap when being pushed too hard.

Miho Nakamura is portrayed by Fuuka Nishihira (西平 風香 Nishihira Fūka).[21]

Buster Machine maintenance crew[edit]

The maintenance crew includes large numbers of technicians for maintaining the Buster Machines between missions, given that the machines needed to be at top shape during battles and repairs needed to be done quickly to ensure that the machines are always ready for deployment. For example, about 50 technicians are put in charge of tending to CB-01 alone. Takaishi (高石) is in charge of the maintenance crew tending to Airframe Mechanic I Kind (機体整備課I類 Kitai Seibika Ichirui). Mamoru Koyama (小山 守 Koyama Mamoru) is the newest member of the Buster Machine maintenance crew and carries a journal to record his thoughts and activities.

Mamoru Koyama and Takaishi are portrayed by Bishin Kawasumi (川隅 美慎 Kawasumi Bishin) and Kouhei Majima (真島 公平 Majima Kōhei).

Kazuya Motomura[edit]

Kazuya Motomura (本村 カズヤ Motomura Kazuya) is an engineer of the Megazord development facility who is Ryuji's old high school classmate. Dissatisfied and disillusioned over his job, he betrays the Energy Management Center and sells a copy of the blueprints of the BC-04 to Enter. Though Ryuji manages to remind him of his dreams and convince him to stop. Sadly, Enter want to steal the hard disk drive with the blueprints then protect mission was failed completely. Guilt-ridden over his mistake, he promises Ryuji to start anew to atone for his crime.

Kazuya Motomura is portrayed by Ryo Hashizume (橋爪 遼 Hashizume Ryō).

The Sakurada family[edit]

Rika Sakurada[edit]

Rika Sakurada (桜田 リカ Sakurada Rika) is 27 years old and is Hiromu's older sister. She was 14 during the Messiah event and due to her disliking machines in general, she seldom visited the Transport Research Center and as such, she was not present at the Transport Research Center back then. Learning of her parents presumed deaths, Rika refused to allow Hiromu to become a Go-Buster as she did not want to lose another family member again, but she reluctantly accepted Nick to live with her and her brother. Though she originally does not approve of Hiromu becoming one of the Go-Busters, thinking that he should not be shouldering such a heavy burden just because he survived the tragedy. She eventually let him be upon learning of his motivation of becoming a Go-Buster, which is to never see someone else suffer what he suffered ever again, while accepting Nick as a member of their family as well.

Rika Sakurada is portrayed by Risa Yoshiki (吉木 りさ Yoshiki Risa). As a teenager, she is portrayed by Rin Mizumoto (水本 凛 Mizumoto Rin).

Yosuke Sakurada[edit]

Yosuke Sakurada (桜田 ヨウスケ Sakurada Yōsuke) is Hiromu and Rika's father who was the chief of the Transport Research Center (転送研究センター Tensō Kenkyū Sentā), the only known scientist to have devised a way to install programs into humans. Along with Michiko, after sacrificing themselves with the scientists to trap Messiah in subspace 13 years ago, Yosuke's digitized essence was absorbed into the entity to serve as one of its engineers. However, Yosuke manages to retain some of his free will and makes contact with Masato to aid his son and his friends by giving him the blue prints to the BC-04 in secret. By the time Yosuke's actions are revealed, Hiromu manages to honor the final request of his father and the other scientists to end Messiah at the cost of their own existence.

Yosuke Sakurada is portrayed by So Yamanaka (山中 聡 Yamanaka Sō) who previously played Kamen Rider Kirameki in Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki and Shouichi Ashikawa in Kamen Rider Decade.

Michiko Sakurada[edit]

Michiko Sakurada (桜田 ミチコ Sakurada Michiko) is Hiromu and Rika's mother who was a staff member of the Transport Research Center before she sacrificed herself to trap Messiah in subspace 13 years ago. She had two favorite dog statues she named Gog and Magog (ゴク&マゴク Goku to Magoku), the significance of it revealing her fate as one of Messiah's engineers and being among the scientists whose aspects are used to create Escape. Hiromu manages to give her peace by destroying Messiah at her behest.

Michiko Sakurada is portrayed by Michiko Hosokoshi (細越 みちこ Hosokoshi Michiko).


Kei Usami[edit]

Kei Usami (宇佐美 ケイ Usami Kei) is Yoko's mother who was a Megazord pilot and engineer within the Transport Research Center before the incident 13 years ago. Like the scientists, her digitized essence was absorbed by Messiah. Hiromu manages to give her peace by destroying Messiah at her behest, appearing to Yoko in spirit before she returned to their reality.

Kei Usami is portrayed by Natsuhi Ueno (上野 なつひ Ueno Natsuhi).

Saburo Hazuki[edit]

Saburo Hazuki (葉月 サブロー Hazuki Saburō) is an eccentric and passionate scientist who was a member of the Energy Management Center years ago prior to Messiah's creation, creating the framework for the Go-Busters' Buster Machines. When he left out of a conflict of interest, Professor Hazuki devised Tategami Lioh and continued working on it up until his death. However, Professor Hazuki copied his mind into Tategami Lioh's control system.

Saburo Hazuki is portrayed by Ichirou Mizuki (水木 一郎 Mizuki Ichirō), who also voices the GB Custom Visor and the Lio Blaster.

Mika Hazuki[edit]

Mika Hazuki (葉月 ミカ Hazuki Mika) is Professor Hazuki's daughter. She was initially against the Go-Busters, believing that the Energy Management Center sacrificed her father for their own means, but after learning the truth from Ryuuji and Jin, she decides to give them her full support. She gives the Go-Busters the Lio Attache with the full belief that they would be able to carry on her father's legacy.

Mika Hazuki is portrayed by Sayoko Oho (於保 佐代子 Oho Sayoko).

Galactic Union Police[edit]

The Galactic Union Police (銀河連邦警察 Ginga Renpō Keisatsu) are the protagonist organization of the Space Sheriff series that protect Earth and the universe from otherworldly threats.

Geki Jumonji[edit]

Geki Jumonji (十文字 撃 Jūmonji Geki) is a member of the Galactic Union Police who succeeded its veteran member Retsu Ichijouji as the current Gavan, referred as Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G (宇宙刑事ギャバンタイプG Uchū Keiji Gyaban Taipu Jī), shouting "Jōchaku" (蒸着, "Deposition") whenever he needs the Super Dimensional Highspeed Ship Dolgiran (超次元高速機ドルギラン Chō Jigen Kōsokuki Dorugiran) he is based on to encase him in Granium particles that form into his Gavan Type-G combat suit within a twentieth of a second. As the new Gavan, Geki battled the revived Space Mafia Makuu and defeated its masked leader Brighton who originally his best friend Toya Okuma. Soon after, Geki is redeployed to Earth to pursue Rhino Doubler, getting the Go-Busters' aid in defeating one of Makuu's remaining agents.


Shelly (シェリー Sherī) is Commander Qom's niece and Geki's assistant from Planet Bird, owning a visual illusion device allows her to use "Laser Vision," transforming into a budgerigar. While separated from Geki, Shelly meets the Go-Busters and becomes friends with Yoko.

Shelly is portrayed by Suzuka Morita (森田 涼花 Morita Suzuka).

Kai Hyuga[edit]

Kai Hyuga (日向 快 Hyūga Kai) is a member of the Galactic Union Police who succeeded its veteran member Den Iga as the current Space Sheriff Sharivan (宇宙刑事シャリバン Uchū Keiji Shariban), shouting "Sekisha" (赤射, Red Shine) whenever he needs the spaceship Grand Birth (グランドバース Gurando Bāsu) he is based on to encase him in Solar Metal particles that form into his combat suit within milliseconds. As Geki's senior, Kai aided against the revived Space Mafia Makuu and later aids him, Yellow Buster, and the other super heroes during the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z.

Kai Hyuga is portrayed by Riki Miura (三浦 力 Miura Riki).

Shu Karasuma[edit]

Shu Karasuma (烏丸 舟 Karasuma Shū) is a member of the Galactic Union Police who succeeded its veteran member Dai Sawamura as the current Space Sheriff Shaider (宇宙刑事シャイダー Uchū Keiji Shaidā), shouting "Shōketsu" (焼結, Sinter) whenever he needs the spaceship Vavilos (バビロス Babirosu) he is based on to bathe with Plasma Blue Energy emitted from the Vavilos to form his armor within milliseconds. He later aids the super heroes during the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z.

Shu Karasuma is portrayed by Hiroaki Iwanaga (岩永 洋昭 Iwanaga Hiroaki).


Psycholon (サイコロン Saikoron), a small robotic sphere, was originally a fragment of Demon King Psycho of the Space Crime Syndicate Madou that the original Sharivan defeated decades ago. Becoming independent of Psycho's thoughts as preparations of his resurrection were being set up, Psycholon disconnected himself and flees to Earth as the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z begin. Having lost his memory while befriending Yoko as they are chased down by Space Shocker, Psycholon is eventually integrated back in Psycho once his revival is complete. However, with Yoko reaching him, Psycholon is able to fully separate himself from Psycho's consciousness and sacrifices himself to save her. Luckily, once their allies destroy Psycho, Yoko is assured that Psycholon can be repaired.

Psycholon is voiced by Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々 Mizuki Nana).

Buster Gear[edit]

The Buster Gear (バスターギア Basutā Gia) comprises the equipment and arsenal utilized by the Go-Busters in their fight against Vaglass.

  • Morphin Brace (モーフィンブレス Mōfin Buresu): The Morphin Brace is the device that enables the primary Go-Busters to don their fighting suits while donning the Morphin Glass (モーフィングラス Mōfin Gurasu) visors, making them 15 times stronger than a normal person. Their transformation call is "Let's Morphin" (レッツモーフィン Rettsu Mōfin) with a Buster Suit (バスタースーツ Basutā Sūtsu) to fully materialize within half a second.[3]
  • Transpod (トランスポッド Toransupoddo): The Transpod is a shoulder-mounted device that enables a Go-Buster to teleport their arsenal from the Energy Management Center. While the primary Go-Busters' Transpods are black with silver, the Transpods owned by the secondary Go-Busters are colored silver with golden accents. The Transpods are equipped with a voice changer, enabling their owners to obscure their identity to others by mimicking someone else's voice.[3]
  • Ichigan Buster (イチガンバスター Ichigan Basutā, [Note 2]): One of the primary Go-Busters' weapons, the Ichigan Buster is a digital single-lens reflex camera that can be turned into a beam gun.[3]
  • Sougan Blade (ソウガンブレード Sōgan Burēdo, [Note 3]): The primary Go-Busters' other weapon, the Sougan Blade is a pair of digital binoculars that can be turned into a dagger.[3]
  • Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode (イチガンバスター スペシャルバスターモード Ichigan Basutā Supesharu Basutā Mōdo): The Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode is formed by combining the Ichigan Buster and the Sougan Blade into a more powerful beam cannon.[3]
  • Morphin Blaster (モーフィンブラスター Mōfin Burasutā): The Morphin Blaster is the cell phone-like device that enables the secondary Go-Busters to don their fighting suits while donning the Morphin Glass visors, transferring their suit from subspace. Their transformation call is "Let's Morphin" with a Buster fully manifesting within half a second. After transformation, the Morphin Blaster serves as a beam gun sidearm.
  • DriBlade (ドライブレード Doraiburēdo): The DriBlades are the secondary Go-Busters' bladed weapon of choice. It also doubles as the steering mechanism for their Buster Vehicles.
  • GB Custom Visor (GBカスタムバイザー Jī Bī Kasutamu Baizā): The Custom Visors are devices that enable the primary Go-Busters to assume Powered Custom (パワードカスタム Pawādo Kasutamu) form once their Buddyloids' data transfers into them. Their transformation call is "Powered Morphin" (パワードモーフィン Pawādo Mōfin) with Protector armor made from the Buddyloid's data forming around the respective Go-Buster. Before the Custom Visors were completed, Yoko and Masato used prototype versions of the Protector armor during their fight with Jishakuloid.
  • Lio Blaster (ライオブラスター Raio Burasutā): The Lio Blaster is a powerful blaster that is formed from the Lio Attache (ライオアタッシュ Raio Atasshu) mode. It can fire powerful energy blasts towards opponents by pressing the trigger. By holding down the trigger, it finishes off opponents the same way as the Ichigan Buster after releasing it. It is also used as the steering mechanism for Tategami Lioh.
  • Lio Blaster Final Buster Mode (ライオブラスター ファイナルバスターモード Raio Burasutā Fainaru Basutā Mōdo): The Lio Blaster Final Buster Mode is formed by combining the Lio Blaster and the Sougan Blade into a more powerful beam cannon.

Buster Machines[edit]

The Buster Machines (バスターマシン Basutā Mashin), made from the rare metal called Deltarium 39, are used by the Go-Busters to counter the appearance of a Vaglass Megazord. They can switch between a Buster Vehicle (バスタービークル Basutā Bīkuru) mode and a Buster Animal (バスターアニマル Basutā Animaru) mode.

  • CB-01 Cheetah (CB-01チーター Shī Bī Zero Wan Chītā): The CB-01 Cheetah is Red Buster's Buster Machine, which Cheeda Nick combines with to form the steering mechanism. The CB-01 Cheetah's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a supercar, while its cheetah Buster Animal mode is even faster. Before BC-04 Beetle arrived, CB-01 Cheetah was the only Buster Machine capable of assuming a Megazord mode on its own. The "CB" in its name stands for "Cheetah Bike".[22]
  • GT-02 Gorilla (GT-02ゴリラ Jī Tī Zero Tsū Gorira): The GT-02 Gorilla is Blue Buster's Buster Machine, which Gorisaki Banana combines with to form the steering mechanism - its head becoming the steering wheel. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a truck, while its gorilla Buster Animal mode has immense strength. Able to use banana missiles in Animal Mode, the GT-02 can transport Enetron from one place to another. The "GT" in its name stands for "Gorilla Truck".[23]
  • RH-03 Rabbit (RH-03ラビット Āru Eichi Zero Surī Rabitto): The RH-03 Rabbit is Yellow Buster's Buster Machine, which Usada Lettuce combines with to form the control mechanism - its ears becoming the vehicle's flight sticks. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a helicopter, while its rabbit Buster Animal mode can jump very high. The "RH" in its name stands for "Rabbit Helicopter".[24]
  • BC-04 Beetle (BC-04ビートル Bī Shī Zero Fō Bītoru): The BC-04 Beetle is an experimental Buster Machine Masato designed 13 years prior that was being developed as a means to aid the Go-Busters. Though Enter stole the blueprints before it could be constructed to reverse engineer a Vaglass Megazord, Masato Jin had already built the BC-04 Beetle within subspace and uses it as his Buster Machine. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a crane, while its Japanese rhinoceros beetle Buster Animal mode can siphon Enetron from its target. The "BC" in its name stands for "Beetle Crane".[25]
  • SJ-05 Stag Beetle (SJ-05スタッグビートル Esu Jei Zero Faibu Sutaggu Bītoru): The SJ-05 Stag Beetle is a Buster Machine independently built by Masato Jin and it serves as Stag Buster's Buster Machine. Its Buster Vehicle mode is that of a jet aircraft that normally rests on the BC-04 until activated and assumes its stag beetle Buster Animal mode where it can siphon Enetron from an opponent. The "SJ" in its name stands for "Stag Jet".[26]
  • FS-0O Frog (FS-0Oフロッグ Efu Esu Zero Ō Furoggu): The FS-0O Frog is the first Buster Machine that Masato designed with Ene-tan becoming its steering mechanism. The FS-0O Frog's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a submarine, while its frog Buster Animal mode can jump over distances. Its attacks are the Tongue Punch (シタベロパンチ Shitabero Panchi) and the Tadpole-designed Otama Bombs (オタマ爆弾 Otama Bakudan). The "FS" in its name stands for "Frog Submarine".


Megazords (メガゾード Megazōdo) are the giant humanoid robots used by both the Go-Busters and the Vaglass.

Go-Buster Ace[edit]

Go-Buster Ace (ゴーバスターエース Gōbasutā Ēsu), code named CB-01 Ace (CB-01エース Shī Bī Zero Wan Ēsu), is the CB-01 Cheetah's Megazord mode. Armed with a supply of Buster Swords (バスターソード Basutā Sōdo), Go-Buster Ace can infuse one with Enetron to perform the Resolution Slash (レゾリューションスラッシュ Rezoryūshon Surasshu) finishing move. After Tategami Lioh appears, Go-Buster Ace gets an update, where Nick can control it by himself without Hiromu.[22]

  • Go-Buster Ace can combine with the SJ-05 to become Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom (ゴーバスターエース・スタッグカスタム Gōbasutā Ēsu Sutaggu Kasutamu).

Go-Buster Oh[edit]

Special Ops Combination Go-Buster Oh (特命合体ゴーバスターオー Tokumei Gattai Gōbasutā-Ō) is the combination of Go-Buster Ace with the GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit. A barrier is erected during formation sequence to deflect enemy attacks, though the barrier is rather weak and would not hold long. As such, the team has to be quick or the combination would fail. Its main weapon is the Boost Buster Sword (ブーストバスターソード Būsuto Basutā Sōdo), which combines a Buster Sword with thrusters of the RH-03. Go-Buster Oh can use the rotor blades on its left arm to generate a mini force field. The force field generated between the blades would be used as a shield. Its finishing move is the Dimension Crash (ディメンションクラッシュ Dimenshon Kurasshu), where Go-Buster Oh creates a tear into pseudo-subspace to trap an enemy Megazord before using the Boost Buster Sword on it.[27] However, if the enemy is immune to the trap of the Dimension Crash, it has an alternative attack, Explosion Kick (エクスプロージョンキック Ekusupurōjon Kikku), where it concentrates its Enetron onto one of its feet to perform a destructive kicking attack at the enemy.

  • In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Rocket Switch Super-1 to arm Go-Buster Oh with two Rocket Modules on its arms becoming Rocket Go-Buster Oh (ロケットゴーバスターオー Roketto Gōbasutā-Ō), then becoming Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh (ロケットドリルゴーバスターオー Roketto Doriru Gōbasutā-Ō) after using the Drill Switch Super-3 to arm it with two Drill Modules on its legs. Its finishing move is the Sentai Rider Space Kick (戦隊ライダー宇宙キック Sentai Raidā Uchū Kikku) Rider Kick, which is activated through Fourze's Limit Break and Red Buster's Morphin Brace.[28]
  • In Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters the Movie: Protect the Tokyo Enetower!, the FS-0O Frog replaces the RH-03 Rabbit in the formation to create Special Ops Combination Go-Buster Kero-Oh (特命合体ゴーバスターケロオー Tokumei Gattai Gōbasutā Kero-Ō). It is armed with the Ene-tan Screws (エネたんスクリュー Enetan Sukuryū) on its both arms and a missile launcher on its left arm which can fire the Tadpole Missiles (オタマミサイル Otama Misairu).

Go-Buster Beet[edit]

Go-Buster Beet (ゴーバスタービート Gōbasutā Bīto) is BC-04 Beetle's Megazord mode. It is armed with the twin Beet Cannons (ビートキャノン Bīto Kyanon), which can also become the dual-wielded Beet Swords (ビートソード Bīto Sōdo). Its cannon-based finishing move is the Beet Cannon Burst (ビートキャノンバースト Bīto Kyanon Bāsuto), while its sword-based finishing move is the Beet Two Sword Cross (ビートトゥーソードクロス Bīto Tsū Sōdo Kurosu). Go-Buster Beet's right arm can extend to unleash long ranged punching attacks or convert into a launcher for the SJ-05 Stag Beetle to dock in order to perform the Beet Catapult Attack (ビートカタパルトアタック Bīto Kataparuto Atakku) finishing move, which launches the SJ-05 through at its target. Go-Buster Beet can also use Go-Buster Lioh to attach onto his right hand to boost Go-Buster Lioh's attacks, such as the Lion Catapult Attack (ライオンカタパルトアタック Raion Kataparuto Atakku) finishing move. After Tategami Lioh appears, Go-Buster Beet also gets an update, where Go-Buster Beet can ride Tategami Lioh in Buddy Vehicle mode.[25]

Buster Hercules[edit]

Buster Hercules (バスターヘラクレス Basutā Herakuresu) is the combination of the BC-04 Beetle and the SJ-05 Stag Beetle. Its armaments include the Beet Cannon and the Gatling Bazooka (ガトリングバズーカ Gatoringu Bazūka) in its chest, the Stag Launcher (スタッグランチャー Sutaggu Ranchā) on its right arm, and the Stag Shield (スタッグシールド Sutaggu Shīrudo), which can also be used as a giant pair of scissors, on the left arm. Its finishing move is the Hercules Crisis (ヘラクレスクライシス Herakuresu Kuraishisu), which destroys its target without leaving any trace.[29]

Great Go-Buster[edit]

Great Go-Buster (グレートゴーバスター Gurēto Gōbasutā) is the combination of the CB-01 Cheetah, GT-02 Gorilla, RH-03 Rabbit, BC-04 Beetle, and SJ-05 Stag Beetle specially designed by Masato to allow the Go-Busters to fight Megazords in subspace. Because of the complex and time-consuming nature of the machine's assembly, Great Go-Buster Oh is assembled in the base's hangar and launched after it is completed. It is armed with the Buster Lance (バスターランス Basutā Ransu), which it uses to perform the Demolition Thrust (デモリションスラスト Demorishon Surasuto) finishing move, and the Stag Launcher. Because the combination uses an incredible amount of energy, using Great Go-Buster puts massive strain on Hiromu's body. After Tategami Lioh appears, Great Go-Buster gets an update, where Great Go-Buster does not need to combine in the hangar.[30]

Tategami Lioh[edit]

LT-06 Tategami Lioh (LT-06タテガミライオー Eru Tī Zero Shikkusu Tategami Raiō) is a sentient Buddyzord (バディゾード Badizōdo) created by Professor Hazuki. Though his daughter thought it was built to defeat the Go-Busters, Tategami Lioh was designed by Professor Hazuki to be compatible with Go-Buster Ace as it fought the robot in order to deem it as its partner. As a Buddyzord, combining the designs of a Megazord and a Buddyloid, Tategami Lioh has a level of autonomy that the Buster Machines do not, and it switches between three modes. In its Buddy Animal (バディアニマル Badi Animaru) mode, it takes the form of a lion that can holds its own in combat even against enemy Megazords. Armed not only with powerful teeth and claws, it can fire an energy beam from its mouth when its mane rotates at high speed. Go-Buster Ace can also ride on its back in both this mode and in its Buddy Vehicle (バディビークル Badi Bīkuru) mode, it takes the form of a 3-wheeled motorcycle, or a "trike", allowing it to travel over any terrain. With Go-Buster Ace or Go-Buster Beet riding it, it is armed with the Lioncer Gun (ライオンサーガン Raionsā Gan) in a twin energy cannon mode that either Go-Buster Ace or Go-Buster Beet can use in attacks against enemy Megazords, such as the Lio Burst (ライオバースト Raio Bāsuto). Tategami Lioh can also transform into the "Buddyzord" mode where it takes on a Megazord appearance. It wields the Lioncer Gun in a spear mode, while its Buddy Animal mode head becomes the Tategami Shield (タテガミシールド Tategami Shīrudo) that it uses to block attacks and fire a beam from the mouth. Its finishing move is the Lio Impact (ライオインパクト Raio Inpakuto). Tategami Lioh also provides updates to some of the Buster Machines to improve them more.[31]

The "LT" in the Buddyzord's name stands for "Lion Trike".

Go-Buster Lioh[edit]

Go-Buster Lioh (ゴーバスターライオー Gōbasutā Raiō) is the combination of the LT-06 Tategami Lioh, the GT-02 Gorilla, and the RH-03 Rabbit. It has a wild fighting style, as Tategami Lioh's AI is in control of the Megazord. In this form, Go-Buster Lioh can also use the Boost Buster Sword and the energy shield formed from RH-03's rotors. Its finishing move is the Ignition Tornado (イグニッショントルネード Igunisshon Torunēdo) where a blast of energy is released by the Tategami Shield on its chest. Go-Buster Lioh can perform his own version of Dimension Crash, the Lion Crash (ライオンクラッシュ Raion Kurasshu).[32]

Go-Buster King[edit]

Go-Buster King (ゴーバスターキング Gōbasutā Kingu) is the combination of the GT-02 Gorilla, RH-03 Rabbit, BC-04 Beetle, SJ-05 Stag Beetle, and LT-06 Tategami Lioh. It has brute force with Tategami Lioh's wild style fighting, making this combination stronger than any other Megazords. But unlike Great Go-Buster, it does not need to combine in the hangar, since Tategami Lioh can do it by itself. It is armed with both of Great Go-Buster's weapons and twin swords on both arms to perform the Twin Blade Slash (ツインブレードスラッシュ Tsuin Burēdo Surasshu) attack. Its finishing move is the Emission Break (エミッションブレイク Emisshon Bureiku) where Go-Buster King charges Enetron into the Buster Lance and slashes all targets.[33]


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