Entre el Amor y el Odio

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Entre el Amor y el Odio
Genre Telenovela
Created by Hilda Morales Allois
Written by Hilda Morales Allois (original)
Liliana Abud (adaptation)
Directed by Miguel Córcega
Starring Susana González
César Évora
Sabine Moussier
Alberto Estrella
María Sorté
Carmen Salinas
Marga López
Theme music composer Ángel López
Opening theme "Entre el amor y el odio"
Ending theme "Entre el amor y el odio"
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 123
Executive producer(s) Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Editor(s) Marco Antonio Rocha
Alberto Frutos Maza
Location(s) Mexico
Running time approx. 44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Original release February 11, 2002 – August 2, 2002
Preceded by El Manantial
Followed by Las Vías del Amor

Entre el Amor y el Odio (English: Between Love and Hatred) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre and Televisa that aired on Canal de las Estrellas in Mexico from 11 February 2002 through 2 August 2002. The telenovela is based on the radionovela Cadena de odio ("Chain of Hatred"), which was written by Hilda Morales Allois.


After a long absence, Octavio Villarreal (César Évora) returns to Guanajuato in order to see his uncle Fernando (Joaquín Cordero), who is on his deathbed. Octavio always considered his uncle to be like a father until Fernando prevented him from marrying Frida (Sabine Moussier). Since that day Octavio has only felt resentment towards Fernando. Octavio heads for the Villarreal mansion in his car with Marcial (Alberto Estrella), a trusted employee of Fernando, when they are intercepted by a girl on a horse. Octavio is taken with the young woman's beauty, but the contemptuous Marcial tells him that Ana Cristina (Susana González) is Fernando's lover. This is a lie, however; Fernando has only protected the girl who lives on the Villarreal grounds with her supposed grandfather, Manuel (Miguel Corcega). Fernando dies in Ana Cristina's arms, confessing to her that the love of his life was a woman named Leonela. Upon seeing his uncle's body, Octavio remembers the love they had and takes out his pain and frustration on Ana Cristina, calling her a mujerzuela, a whore.

However, Fernando's will stipulates that his nephew and his protégée will inherit his shoe factory, but only if they marry and live together for a year. The corrupt Marcial goes to Miami to find the ambitious Frida, who renews her relationship with Octavio even though he has married Ana Cristina. Marcial and Frida want to take over the factory and conspire so that this marriage does not last any longer than necessary, sowing doubts in Octavio's heart about the purity and good intentions of his wife. Although Octavio loves Ana Cristina, his doubts lead him to abandon her and go to Miami with Frida. From there he returns in the company of the businessmann Rogelio Valencia, a man who has a lot to do with the now-pregnant Ana Cristina's past. Frida, also, is pregnant, and Octavio finds himself trapped between his love for his wife and his obligation to the child that Frida carries.[1]


Broadcast history[edit]

Entre el Amor y el Odio aired on Canal de las Estrellas from 11 February through 2 August 2002, occupying the 9 pm timeslot Mondays through Fridays. In total, 123 episodes aired.

International broadcasts[edit]

Flag Country Channel
Argentina Argentina Canal 9
Brazil Brazil SBT
Paraguay Paraguay Telefuturo
Bulgaria Bulgaria BTV
Chile Chile Red Televisiva Megavisión, La Red
Colombia Colombia RCN TV
Cyprus Cyprus Sigma TV
Greece Greece Alpha TV, Polis Tv
Peru Peru América Televisión
United States United States Univisión
Venezuela Venezuela Venevisión
Slovakia Slovakia Markíza, TV Doma
Republic of Macedonia Macedonia А1
Slovenia Slovenia POP TV
Serbia Serbia RTV Pink
State of Mexico México TLNovelas
Lithuania Lithuania TV3
Croatia Croatia Nova TV

DVD release[edit]

The telenovela was released on DVD in region one on 7 March 2006 with optional English subtitles. The 124-episode series was abridged to a run time of 550 minutes.

In popular culture[edit]

Entre el Amor y el Odio was the subject of a brief parody on the Mexican television program XHDRbZ which was called Entre el amor y Elodio. Susana González, Eugenio Derbez, and Sammy appeared in the sketch as Elodio.

In television series Los Simuladores, pictures of telenovela are shown.[2]


Premios TVyNovelas[edit]

  • Best New Actress — Susana González

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