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The Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) is an American peace organization composed of members of the Episcopal Church. It was founded on November 11, 1939 as the Episcopal Pacifist Fellowship by Bishop William Appleton Lawrence, Mrs. Henry Hill Pierce, Rev. John Nevin Sayre and Bishop Paul Jones and others with the mission to pray, study and work for peace. In the 1960s it changed its name.

The EPF has a national office with a small paid staff, and many local chapters (71 as of January 2009). It urges the broader Episcopal Church, other organizations and people in general to adopt a more peaceful stance on issues such as the Iraq War, Iran, promoting peace in the broader Middle East, nuclear weapons and Cuba. It offers Active Nonviolence Training, takes part in peace demonstrations, helps organize action groups and awards peace prizes to individuals around the world who strive for peace.

It is a sister organization of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.

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