Erfurt Hauptbahnhof

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Erfurt Hauptbahnhof
Deutsche Bahn
Through station
Erfurt Hbf Front.JPG
Entrance hall of station building
Location Willy-Brandt-Platz 12, Erfurt, Thuringia
Coordinates 50°58′22″N 11°2′16″E / 50.97278°N 11.03778°E / 50.97278; 11.03778Coordinates: 50°58′22″N 11°2′16″E / 50.97278°N 11.03778°E / 50.97278; 11.03778
Platforms 10
Architect Gössler Kinz Kreienbaum Architekten BDA (new parts)
Architectural style
  • Historicism (old parts)
  • modern glass architecture (new parts)
Other information
Station code 1634[1]
DS100 code UE[2]
IBNR 8010101
Category 2[1]
Opened 1846
Passengers 34,000

Erfurt Hauptbahnhof or Erfurt Central Station[3][4][5] is the central railway station at Erfurt in Germany.[6] It is an important junction on the German rail network, served by numerous local and long-distance rail services. Immediately north of the station is Erfurt's city centre. The station was used by approximately 12.5 million passengers in 2006, an average of about 34,000 per day. The station lies on the Thüringer Bahn, which connects Halle to Bebra. It is served also by the Erfurter Bahn.


In order for future ICE services between Munich and Berlin to connect with the ICE services between Frankfurt/Main and Dresden changes are being made to the station's tracks and platforms, the station's building are being redeveloped and a new platform bridge is being constructed. The building of the third Erfurt Hauptbahnhof began in 2002 and was originally intended to be completed in 2007. Three island platforms and nine rail tracks as well as four dock platforms are planned. The double-span roof consists of a 20-metre-wide side span and a 65-metre-wide main span with a length of 157 metres and a maximum height of 25 metres. It will cost approximately €260 million. The new station is being built by DB-Projekts as part of the new high speed line between Berlin and München via the Nuremberg-Erfurt high-speed line and Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle high-speed lines.

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following services:

  • intercity-express service (ICE 50) Wiesbaden/Saarbrücken - Frankfurt (Main) - Erfurt - Leipzig - Dresden
  • intercity-express service (ICE 50) Düsseldorf - Dortmund - Kassel - Erfurt - Leipzig - Dresden
  • intercity service (IC 50) Frankfurt (Main) - Erfurt - Halle - Berlin - Eberswalde - Stralsund - Binz
  • regional express (RE 1) Göttingen - Erfurt - Jena - Gera - Zwickau
Service Train Type Route Material Frequency
RE DB Regional Express Göttingen - Leinefelde - Mühlhausen - Gotha - Neudietendorf - Erfurt Hbf - Weimar - Jena West - Gera Hbf - Altenburg Every 2 hours
RE7 Mainfranken-Thüringen-Express DB Regional Express Erfurt Hbf - Neudietendorf - Arnstadt Hbf - Suhl - Bad Neustadt - Schweinfurt Hbf - Würzburg Hbf Class 612 Every 2 hours
RB20 DB Eisenach - Gotha - Neudietendorf - Erfurt Hbf - Weimar - Apolda - Naumburg (Saale) Hbf - Großkorbetha - Leuna Werke Süd - Leuna Werke Nord - Halle (Saale) Hbf Class 143 1x per hour
RB23 Erfurter Bahn Erfurt Hbf - Neudietendorf - Arnstadt Hbf - Stadtilm - Rottenbach - Bad Blankenburg - Saalfeld (Saale) Every 2 hours
RB (STB4) Süd-Thüringer-Bahn Erfurt Hbf - Neudietendorf - Arnstadt Hbf - Plaue (Thür) - Oberhof (Thür) - Zella-Mehlis - Suhl - Grimmenthal - Meiningen Class 450 Every 2 hours
RB (EB3) Erfurter Bahn Erfurt Hbf - Neudietendorf - Arnstadt Hbf - Plaue (Thür) - Geraberg - Ilmenau Class 450 1x per hour
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
ICE 50
towards Dresden Hbf
ICE 50
towards Dresden Hbf
IC 50
toward Göttingen
RE 1
toward Glauchau
toward Altenburg
RE Terminus
toward Eisenach
RB 20
toward Saalfeld
RB Terminus
toward Meiningen
RB Terminus
toward Ilmenau
RB Terminus



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