Eric Forrest

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Eric Forrest
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
GenresHeavy metal, thrash metal
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter
Instrumentsbass, vocals
Years active1988–present
Associated actsVoivod, Liquid Indian, Thunder Circus, Project: Failing Flesh, E-Force, Borislav Mitić

Eric Forrest (born 1970) is a Canadian heavy metal musician. Active since 1988, Forrest is best known for playing in a number of metal bands, including Voivod and E-Force.

During the late 1980s/early 1990s, Forrest was a member of two bands Liquid Indian and Thunder Circus. He joined Voivod in early 1994 following the departure of original vocalist Denis "Snake" Bélanger. He recorded two studio albums with them, Negatron (1995) and Phobos (1997), as well as a compilation album, Kronik (1998), and a live album, Voivod Lives (2000), before departing in 2001 when Snake returned.

Upon his departure from Voivod in 2001, Forrest formed his own band entitled E-Force, named after his Voivod moniker.

2017 Eric Forrest started an anniversary tour through Europa/Turkey, "Phobos/Negatron revisited",[1][2][3] playing exclusively songs from Voivod's albums Phobos and Negatron. A special European line-up has been raised, known as "E-Force performing Voivod" with Sebastien Chiffot (lead guitar, France), Javi Bastard (guitar, Spain) and Patrick Friedrich (drums, Germany).[4] The band played Brutal Assault festival 2018.[5]





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