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Eskalera Karakola

Eskalera Karakola is a squat in Madrid, Spain, which is run by feminists and works on autogestion principles. It was situated in the Lavapiés barrio from 1996 to 2005,[1] and is now in Calle Embajador. Eskalera Karakola organizes activities focusing on domestic violence and women's precarity in post-industrial capitalism.[2] In 2002, it created a Female Workers' Laboratory (Laboratorio de Trabajadoras), and has carried out anti-racist activities, in particular with female immigrants, since 1998. Eskalera Karakola also took part in the organization of the GLBT Pride and the forum "Women and Architecture". It participated in alter-globalization events such as the European Social Forum and is part of the European nextGENDERation network.[3] It publishes a review, Mujeres Preokupando ("Concerned Women").[4]


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