Eva tropí hlouposti

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Eva tropí hlouposti
Directed by Martin Frič
Produced by Jan Sinnreich
Written by Fan Vavřincová
Vladimír Peroutka
Starring Zdeňka Baldová
Music by Kamil Běhounek
Jiří Traxler
Cinematography Václav Hanuš
Edited by Jan Kohout
Distributed by Lucernafilm
Release date
10 November 1939
Running time
85 minutes
Country Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Language Czech

Eva tropí hlouposti (Eva Fools Around) is a Czech comedy film directed by Martin Frič.[1] It was released in 1939.


Eva Norová (Nataša Gollová) goes to visit her aunt Pa (short for Pavlína, played by Zdeňka Baldová) for her 60th birthday. Pa's wish is to learn how to grow the kind of roses that her neighbour, manufacturer Záhorský (Gustav Hilmar), has cultivated. However, aunt Pa is not on friendly terms with her neighbour. Eva applies for a job as a secretary in order to steal the instructions for growing the roses. Meanwhile, Eva's brother Michal (Oldřich Nový), who has fallen in love with Záhorský's daughter Eliška (Jiřina Sedláčková), also makes his way to the Záhorský residence. Eva in turn falls in love with the Záhorskýs' secretary, Jiří Kučera (Raoul Schránil), who has nestled his way into the family in order to win back his stolen family jewels. When Eva brings the instructions for growing the roses to her aunt, she finds out that she already got them a week earlier from her young friend Eliška Záhorský, and Eva returns the instructions. In the end everything turns out well, the Záhorskýs become friends with aunt Pa and offer her the rose growing instructions themselves, Jiří's family jewels are returned, Michal is engaged to Eliška and Eva gets together with Jiří.



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