Everybody Loves Raymond (season 5)

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Everybody Loves Raymond (season 5)
ELR season 5.jpg
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 25
Original network CBS
Original release October 2, 2000 (2000-10-02) – May 21, 2001 (2001-05-21)
Season chronology
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List of Everybody Loves Raymond episodes

This is a list of episodes for the fifth season of Everybody Loves Raymond.


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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. Viewers
"Italy" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal October 2, 2000 (2000-10-02) 0001
Marie has saved up some money and takes the whole family on a trip to Italy, where they stay with Marie's relatives. Marie, Debra, Frank and Ray follow the holiday plan made by Marie. Raymond is not enjoying himself because he has caught a cold from the airplane's air conditioning, and as a result he's always complaining and pessimistic, while Debra is constantly nagging him to get with the program and have a good time. Robert meets Stefania at an Italian Ice stand and is instantly smitten, experiencing what Frank calls "The Thunderbolt". He courts her during the entire trip, although Stefania's father does not approve. Finally Ray's cold clears up, and he manages to get some time away from Debra. As a result he starts to enjoy the trip. During the Barone's trip to Italy, Robert has developed feelings for a beautiful girl named Stefania. Stefania's father dislikes Robert, and orders him to stay away from her. Ray has finally gotten in the swing of the holiday, and gets romantic with Debra, giving her flowers, taking her for a bicycle ride around the island and, unfortunately, injuring her several times in his clumsy excitement about Italian life. When it comes time for Robert to say goodbye to Stefania, he tells her she can visit him in America sometime.
100 3 "Wallpaper" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider October 9, 2000 (2000-10-09) 0003 19.9
Marie drives Frank's car backwards through Ray's front door, crushing the house. Debra is mad and insists that Frank pay to repair everything that was damaged, but Ray is not very supportive. When the new wallpaper doesn't exactly match the old paper, he seems to overreact. All the vent-up frustrations with his parents come out in the open by Ray, finally mad with his parents.
101 4 "Meant to Be" Michael Zinberg Jennifer Crittenden & Kathy Ann Stumpe October 16, 2000 (2000-10-16) 0004 21.3
Robert has been seeing his ex-wife Joanne, so now with her, Amy and Stefania, three women are interested in Robert. Ray and Frank tell him he has to choose. He decides that he and Amy are "meant to be" and tells her the same at dinner. To start an honest relationship, he confesses about Joanne. Amy gets mad and leaves. Back at home, she complains to Debra and Debra accidentally blurts out about Robert's relationship with Stefania. Amy breaks up with Robert and leaves. Robert then tries to patch-up with Joanne, but she is not interested in a serious relationship. They break-up too. He tries calling Amy to make up, but she repeatedly hangs up on him. In desperation he calls Stefania in Italy, but her father tells him to drop dead.
102 5 "Pet Cemetery" Ken Levine Steve Skrovan October 23, 2000 (2000-10-23) 0005 19.6
Ally's hamster, Pumpernickel, passes away due to Ray's carelessness (he accidentally placed the hamster io the ice-cream box, freezing him to death). Ray tries to fool Ally and replace him with a new hamster, but Ally quickly finds out the truth, and she is not interested in a new hamster. On Debra's suggestion, the family holds a funeral for Pumpernickel to cheer Ally up.
103 6 "The Author" Andy Ackerman Mike Royce October 30, 2000 (2000-10-30) 0006 20.2
Ray's dreams of writing a sports book get squashed when the publishing company takes a pass on it, just when Robert is promoted to lieutenant, which places the family into the dilemma about cheering Robert or comforting Ray. The brothers discuss their need for winning the never-ending competition between them, and getting in a fight.
104 7 "The Walk to the Door" Asaad Kelada Tucker Cawley November 6, 2000 (2000-11-06) 0007 20.6
When Ray learns that he will be seeing an old girlfriend, Elizabeth, at a wedding, he confesses to the family that he regrets that after their first date 25 years ago he did not walk her to her door. During the wedding reception he meets her and apologizes to her. She replies that she doesn't even remember the incident and laughs at the thought that he might have been waiting 25 years to tell her. In an effort to irritate Ray, Debra orders him to describe one regret he has in his relationship with her. At a loss, he steals one from Robert, but gets caught. Debra tells Ray that sometimes she regrets marrying him, but not all the time. Marie confesses that she set up the date Ray had with Elizabeth, and Ray realizes that it was a pity date, and that he was a pathetic loser back then.
105 8 "Young Girl" Michael Zinberg Tom Caltabiano & Aaron Shure November 13, 2000 (2000-11-13) 0009 21.4
Robert dates a 22-year-old girl named Erica. Ray and Frank are excited to meet her, but Debra and Marie are annoyed. After a disastrous birthday party (Frank's), Ray, Debra, Robert and Erica go out for dinner. While Ray and Robert are away, Debra discovers that the girl is just 19. When Robert learns this he is shocked. Ray and Debra then find out that Robert had told her that he is 35, not 43, and that Ray is 37. They break up and the remaining three finish their meals.
106 9 "Fighting In-Laws" Michael Zinberg Kathy Ann Stumpe November 20, 2000 (2000-11-20) 0008 20.5
Debra's parents drop in for Thanksgiving dinner, on their way to a spa hotel in Baden-Baden, Germany. On Thanksgiving eve, late in the night, Ray goes downstairs into the kitchen and accidentally overhears that they are having marital troubles and they are on the way to counseling in New Jersey, even having to hide and sleep in the garage to avoid being seen. During dinner next day, the truth comes out into the open.
107 10 "The Sneeze" Ken Levine Aaron Shure & Steve Skrovan November 27, 2000 (2000-11-27) 0010 19.3
Ray is sneezed on in the airport rest room. He becomes obsessed with it and thinks he is getting sick. Marie pampers him and puts him to bed. Debra is annoyed by all the mothering and asks Ray to get up. Later the doctor calls to inform that Ray is actually sick.
108 11 "Christmas Present" Gary Halvorson Kathy Ann Stumpe December 11, 2000 (2000-12-11) 0011 21.2
Ray buys Debra an elaborate Christmas gift in the hope that she will be so impressed she will let him go on a weekend golf trip. It backfires when Debra gets him a better gift and willingly allows him to go to the golf trip. Ray then thinks that she has some ulterior motive and confronts her. He goes overboard and ends up losing the golfing trip and also gets stuck with all the household work.
109 12 "What Good Are You?" Ken Levine Jennifer Crittenden January 8, 2001 (2001-01-08) 0012 20.3
Debra starts to choke on a piece of orange, but Ray does nothing. When she accuses him of being useless during emergencies, he talks to his mother. Marie agrees with Debra. Andy, Gianni and Robert make fun of him, so Ray tries to be too manly with Debra that evening, which turns out to be a bad evening.
110 13 "Super Bowl" Gary Halvorson Story by : Joe Bolster and Ray Romano & Mike Royce
Teleplay by : Ray Romano & Mike Royce
January 29, 2001 (2001-01-29) 0014 21.5
Ray gets two tickets to the Super Bowl and he chooses Gianni to go with him. Frank, Robert and Debra get very upset, each wanting to be his companion. In the hotel, Ray realizes that his colleagues have brought their wives and he arranges to have Debra flown in. When Debra realizes that he has no plans to spend time with her, she decides to leave. To please her, he cancels the entire plan and also throws away the Super Bowl tickets. Of course, this makes Debra even angrier, having bluffed to get the tickets.
111 14 "Ray's Journal" Kenneth Shapiro Jennifer Crittenden February 5, 2001 (2001-02-05) 0013 21.1
Ray discovers Marie read his diary during middle and high school, and Marie makes him feel guilty for writing the things he did in it for her own interests. Ray discovers that Robert kept two journals, placing a fake one in the place where she would easily find it to fool her. Ray apologizes to Marie and edits out the entre saying: "I e-hat my mom".
112 15 "Silent Partners" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley February 12, 2001 (2001-02-12) 0016 18.4
After an uncomfortable meal at the restaurant, Ray and Debra discover they have nothing to say to each other anymore. They decide to take interest in each other's life. Debra starts watching sports with Ray and asks Ray to read a book with her. When Debra realizes that Ray did not read the book and is not interested in watching a game with her, she gets mad.
113 16 "Fairies" Gary Halvorson Aaron Korsh February 19, 2001 (2001-02-19) 0015 18.6
The twins play fairies in the school play and Frank tells Ray that this will make them gay. Ray is initially fine with the twins playing the parts, believing that the school assigned the roles, but objects when he realizes Debra specifically signed them up as fairies. He tries to change their part to boulders, but when he discovers that the twins actually want to be fairies, he gets their parts back and trains them.
114 17 "Stefania Arrives" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley & Lew Schneider February 26, 2001 (2001-02-26) 0017 18.1
Stefania (Alex Meneses), Robert's Italian girlfriend visits from Italy with her father. Robert initially likes it, but then realizes that she is annoying and breaks up with her. Stefania's father loves America and buys Nemo's to settle down in Long Island. After the break-up, to avoid Stefania's father's wrath, he lies to him that he is gay.
115 18 "Humm Vac" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider March 19, 2001 (2001-03-19) 0018 19.1
Ray buys a new vacuum cleaner, which cleans well and makes Debra happy. When she realizes that Marie had sent over the salesgirl, Debra tries to find dirt in Marie's house. Debra then claims that Marie's obsessive cleaning and plastic covers on the furniture makes their house cold and the guests uncomfortable. Marie tries to loosen up, but after Frank makes a mess, she returns to her normal behavior.
116 19 "The Canister" Gary Halvorson David Regal April 9, 2001 (2001-04-09) 0021 18.7
Marie asks Debra to return a canister she borrowed, but Debra says she already returned it. They argue and Debra eventually convinces Marie that she is wrong. Marie apologizes to Debra, which astonishes Ray. Debra feels good that she finally got through to Marie but soon learns that the canister was in fact never returned; the kids had it. She tries to sneak it into Marie's house, but gets caught. Frank takes the canister, lying that he hid it to save her. When Debra confronts him about this, he admits to her that she is like a daughter to him, and doesn't like Marie's behavior to her. He also recalls that she is always mad with him, proven right when Marie yells at him, finding the ham in the fridge eaten.
117 20 "Net Worth" David Lee Jason Gelles & Mike Haukom April 23, 2001 (2001-04-23) 0019 17.2
Debra becomes angry when, without her knowledge, Ray contributes $1,000 to his friends' scheme to open a go-cart business. When he says that it's his money to invest, Debra gets upset and makes a bill for the services she does at home. When Marie, Frank and Robert walk in, they have a huge debate over the worth of their contribution towards the house. While Frank and Marie are at Ray's side, Robert is, of course, at Debra's side.
118 21 "Let's Fix Robert" Gary Halvorson Jennifer Crittenden & Mike Royce April 30, 2001 (2001-04-30) 0024 17.1
When Robert hears that Stefania and Amy have met, he is shocked. Marie hears about it and calls a meeting of Stefania, Amy and Judy to find out what's wrong with Robert and then fix him. Robert is forced to attend. Robert, shocked with it, apologizes to them. Marie then points out that he is not usable anymore and he leaves to Ray's house. He points out the fight and Debra fights with him, telling him that he pictured a perfect woman in his mind and that he dumps every girl that is not pictured like that. Robert admits that Debra is perfect in front of her and Ray, creating an uncomfortable situation.
119 22 "Say Uncle" Kenneth Shapiro Aaron Shure May 7, 2001 (2001-05-07) 0022 18.3
When Ray realizes that his kids would rather spend time with their Uncle Robert than with him, he decides to do take the kids to the zoo instead of letting Robert take them. When Robert objects, Ray tells him he should get his own life. Robert takes it badly and goes away. After Marie talks to Ray, he patches things up with Robert.
120 23 "Separation" Asaad Kelada Philip Rosenthal May 14, 2001 (2001-05-14) 0023 17.2
Lois arrives at Debra's house and announces that she and Warren are separated. Debra blames her mother for the separation. Ray is unable to understand why Debra is getting upset over something that was long coming, even smiling a bit in front of her, offending her deeply. Warren arrives at Debra's house on Ally's birthday to tell her that Lois is not at fault and it was all mutual, making her cry.
121 24 "Frank Paints the House" David Lee Scott Buck May 21, 2001 (2001-05-21) 0020 20.1
Frank paints Ray's house against his wishes, and enlists Robert and Ray to help. When Franks bosses them around and chooses a color Ray does not approve of, Ray fires him. Marie then explains that Frank was fired from his last job. Ray confronts Frank, and Frank loudly explains his reasons for making the decisions he had made about painting the house, stating that he shouldn't need to explain. Ray apologizes and brings him back, agreeing that Frank will be in charge. In the end, Ray wants to use the power-brush Robert is using to paint. Ray sabotages Robert to get the power-brush but they end up spraying lemon-meringue paint on Marie, which then makes Frank happy.
122 25 "Ally's Birth" Jerry Zaks Tucker Cawley May 21, 2001 (2001-05-21) 0025 20.1
At a father/daughter dance, Ray remembers the day of Ally's birth. In the flashback, Debra realizes that she is pregnant and wants to be the first to tell Ray. Marie has her own plans, but Debra finally manages to win. After 9 months, when Debra is ready to give birth, she is fed up with Marie's constant intrusion. When her water breaks, she lies to Marie and just goes to the hospital with Ray and Robert. When they are stuck in traffic, Robert tries to deliver the baby, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Finally Ally is born in a hospital.