Evolution 2: Far Off Promise

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Evolution 2: Far Off Promise
North American Dreamcast cover art
Developer(s) Sting
Publisher(s) ESP (JPN)
Composer(s) Masaharu Iwata
Platform(s) Dreamcast
  • JP: December 23, 1999
  • NA: June 29, 2000
  • EU: November 23, 2001
Genre(s) Roguelike RPG
Mode(s) Single player

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise (神機世界エヴォリューション2 遠い約束, Shinkisekai Evuoryūshon 2 Tōi Yakusoku) is a role-playing video game for the Dreamcast console. It is a sequel to Evolution: The World of Sacred Device. It was developed by Sting and published by Ubisoft in North America. In Japan it was published by ESP.

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise was also released for the European market in 2002 as one of the last European Dreamcast games. In the UK the game was exclusive to the video game chain Game.[citation needed]

Like the first Evolution game, Evolution 2 is a dungeon crawler. Unlike the first, Evolution 2 has both random and predetermined dungeon maps.

This game and Evolution: The World of the Sacred Device were remade into Evolution Worlds on the Nintendo GameCube.


Continuing from Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, Mag Launcher and company venture towards the continent's center via the newly built railroad. With a new set of ruins to explore, Mag has the opportunity to become the greatest adventurer in the world, but a new presence threatens to destroy his relationship with Linear.


Evolution 2: Far Off Promise has an average review ratio of 67% on GameRankings, including web sites such as IGN (4.5/10), GameSpot (5.7/10), GameSpy (6/10) and RPGFan (81/100). [1]

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