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EyeSteelFilm is a Montreal-based Canadian cinema production company co-founded by Daniel Cross and Mila Aung-Thwin, dedicated to socially engaged cinema, bringing social and political change through cinematic expression. Today the studio is run by Co-Presidents Mila Aung-Thwin and Bob Moore.

Notable collective members[edit]

Directors (past and present)


Full feature documentary films
Date Film Director Notes
1997 The Street: A Film with the Homeless Daniel Cross
2001 Too Colourful for the League Daniel Cross and Mila Aung-Thwin
2001 S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic Daniel Cross
Music for a Blue Train Mila Aung-Thwin
2002 Bone Mila Aung-Thwin
2003 RoachTrip Eric "Roach" Denis
2004 Inuuvunga: I Am Inuk, I Am Alive Daniel Cross, Mila Aung-Thwin,
Brett Gaylor and the students of
Inukjuak - Innalik School
2005 Chairman George Daniel Cross and Mila Aung-Thwin
2006 Punk the Vote! Eric "Roach" Denis Punk le vote!
2007 Up the Yangtze Yung Chang
2008 RiP!: A Remix Manifesto Brett Gaylor
Antoine Laura Bari
2009 Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam Omar Majeed
Last Train Home Lixin Fan (simplified Chinese: 归途列车; traditional Chinese: 歸途列車)
aka Guītú Lièchē / Gui tu lie cheby
2011 The Vanishing Spring Light Xun Yu
Inside Lara Roxx Mia Donovan
Fortunate Son Tony Asimakopoulos
The Frog Princes Ryan Mullins and Omar Majeed
2012 China Heavyweight Yung Chang Chinese 千錘百煉
The Fruit Hunters Yung Chang
2015 I Am the Blues Daniel Cross
2017 Let There Be Light Mila Aung-Thwin and Van Royko
Short films
Date Film Director Notes
2007 The Colony Jeff Barnaby Short film
2008 Ali Shan Yung Chang Short film

Films presently in progress include:

  • Rainforest: The Limit of Spleandor (by Richard Boyce), Inkulal (by Linda Vastrik), Inventing the Future (by Daniel Cross), Jingle Bell Rocks! (by Mitchell Kezin), Just A Click Away (by Laura Turek), Les Tickets (by Eric "Roach" Denis), Mokhtar (by Halima Ouardiri), Such Great Heights (by Richard Boyce), Turcot (by Daniel Cross)


EyeSteelFilm has received numerous awards from international film festivals and annual television and film awards. EyeSteelFilm has collaborated with international broadcasters including Super Channel, PBS, CBC, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, BBC, YLE, TV2 Denmark, ZDF ARTE, The Documentary Channel, SBS, etc. They have received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, SODEC, CALQ, and National Film Board of Canada.

  • EyeSteelFilm is a RealScreen Magazine Global 100 Company.[1]
  • Montreal Mirror arts weekly chose the firm as one of the "Noisemaker"s of 2007.[2]
  • EyeSteelFilm founder and president was one of five MIPDOC Trailblazers of 2008.[3]


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