Félix Lázaro Martínez

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His Excellency, The Most Reverend
Félix Lázaro Martínez
Bishop Emeritus of Ponce
Archdiocese San Juan
Diocese Ponce
Appointed March 20, 2002 (Coadjutor)
Installed June 11, 2003
Term ended December 22, 2015
Predecessor Ricardo Antonio Suriñach Carreras
Successor Rubén González Medina
Ordination April 9, 1961
Consecration April 25, 2002
by Ricardo Antonio Suriñach Carreras, Timothy Broglio, and Iñaki Mallona Txertudi
Personal details
Born (1936-03-02) March 2, 1936 (age 81)
Logroño, La Rioja, Spain
Previous post Coadjutor Bishop of Ponce (2002-2003)
Motto Bonitas justitia veritas
Styles of
Félix Lázaro Martínez
Mitre (plain).svg
Reference style
Spoken style Your Excellency
Religious style Bishop

Félix Lázaro Martínez, Sch.P., (born 2 March 1936) is a Spanish-born prelate who served as the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ponce. Lázaro was ordained to serve as the Coadjutor Bishop of Ponce on 25 April 2002, and was elevated to bishop of the diocese on 11 June 2003.[1] He retired on 22 December 2015 and was succeeded by Rubén González Medina, the Bishop of Caguas.


Lázaro was born in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain, on 2 March 1936. He entered the Piarist Fathers, who are dedicated to education, for which he was ordained a Catholic priest on 9 April 1961. In the summer of 1970 he was sent to serve in Puerto Rico to teach at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He later became Dean of the College of the Arts and Humanities of the university.[2]

Pope John Paul II appointed Lázaro the coadjutor bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ponce on 20 March 2002, for which he was ordained a bishop by the Bishop of Ponce, Ricardo Antonio Suriñach Carreras.[3] Upon the retirement of Suriñach on 11 June of the following year, he automatically succeeded as bishop of the diocese.


On 12 December 2013, Lázaro Martínez was honored with a ceremony and added to the list of illustrious Ponce citizens at the Park of the Illustrious Ponce Citizens in Ponce's Tricentennial Park.[4]

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Episcopal succession[edit]

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Ricardo Antonio Suriñach Carreras
Bishop of Ponce
Succeeded by
Rubén González Medina
Preceded by
Coadjutor Bishop of Ponce
Succeeded by