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Norrbottens flygbaskår
Norrbottens flygflottilj vapen.svg
Active 1941-present
Garrison/HQ Luleå
Wing commanders Fritz Adliz (1941-1942),
Gösta von Porat (1942-1946),
Lars-Erik Tornberg
Hugo Svenow (1951-1957),
Gunnar Lindberg (1957-1959),
Bengt Bellander (1959-1965),
Jan Oterdahl (1965-1966),
T Norlin (1966-1969),
S V Larsson (1969-xxxx)
Frank Fredriksson (?-2002)
Jan Otterström (2002-2005)
Lars Jäderblom (2005-2008)
Per Nilsson (2008-2011)
Fredrik Bergman (2011-present)[1]
Aircraft flown
Fighter J 32B, J 35, JA 37,
AJ 37, AJS 37, AJSF 37, AJSH 37, JAS 39
Utility helicopter Hkp 4, HKP 10
Reconnaissance B 4, B 5, B 17, S 9, S 14, S 18A, S 26, S 29C, S 35E
Trainer G 101, Se 102, Se 103, Se 104, Sk 11, Sk 12, Sk 14, Sk 15, Sk 16, Sk 50, SK 60

F 21 Luleå, Norrbottens flygflottilj, Norrbotten Air Force Wing, or simply "F 21", is a Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located in Luleå Airport in northern Sweden. It is one of the three remaining wings in Sweden and currently has two squadrons of multirole aircraft. F 21 in the north and F 17 in the south are the two wings remaining to have operational squadrons. F 7 is a school where pilots begin their training in the JAS 39 Gripen. After that the pilot's training is moved out to the two operational wings there they learn their final skills.

F 21 today[edit]

Parts of the Swedish helicopter forces are today stationed at F 21 with MEDEVAC in subarctic climate as its main task. The wing uses the coat of arms of Luleå as the emblem. F 21 currently operates two HKP 10B in Afghanistan.

F21 figures in the crime novel The Red Wolf by Liza Marklund.

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