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Faith (South Korean TV series)

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Also known asThe Great Doctor
Historical fusion
Medical drama
Written bySong Ji-na
Directed byKim Jong-hak
Shin Yong-hwi
StarringLee Min-ho
Kim Hee-sun
Music byOh Jun-seong
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes24
Production locationKorea
CinematographySeok Deuk-won
Lee Young-cheol
Running time60 minutes
Production companyFaith SPC
Original release
NetworkSBS TV
Release13 August (2012-08-13) –
30 October 2012 (2012-10-30)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationSin-ui

Faith (Korean신의; Hanja信義; RRSin-ui; also known as The Great Doctor) is a 2012 South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun. It was broadcast by SBS from August 13 to October 30, 2012, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 (KST) for 24 episodes. It is about a modern-day plastic surgeon, who is kidnapped and brought back in time to the Goryeo period, 700 years in the past, where she falls in love with her kidnapper, a warrior who is the leader of the royal guard.[1][2][3]


The title Sin-ui, can mean faith, as in belief in justice. The Hanja means Divine Doctor, but in Hangul it also means divine healer or great doctor.[4][5][6]


After King Gongmin of Goryeo (Ryu Deok-hwan) marries the Yuan princess, Noguk (Park Se-young), they return to Goryeo. On their way, they are attacked, and the queen is fatally injured. According to the advice of his royal advisor, the king orders the Captain of the Royal Guard, Choi Young (Lee Min-ho), to pass through a mystical portal ("heaven's gate") and find the "heaven's doctor". Choi Young travels to the future and brings back Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-sun), a modern-day doctor from Seoul, to save the queen's life. He promises that he will return her to her world once she saves the queen, but the royal advisor schemes and persuades King Gongmin to force Eun-soo to stay as she can be useful to him.

As Eun-soo accustoms herself to her new surroundings, she and Choi Young gradually fall in love with each other. But problems arise as others become fascinated with her as the "Heaven's doctor", and Eun-soo becomes a pawn in the political power plays between King Gongmin, the Yuan overlords, the sociopathic nobleman Ki-chul (Yu Oh-seong) and Prince Deok-seung (Park Yoon-jae), King Gongmin's uncle. Constantly risking his life, Choi Young thwarts numerous attempts by Ki-chul and Deok-seung, who are out to have Eun-soo in their possession.

The series follows how Choi Young and Eun-soo evade and overcome impending problems and whether or not they succeed in getting her to heaven's door in time before it closes for good.



In the mid-1300s, approximately 1352, Choi Young is a bodyguard to King Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty. He is 29 years old and has no regrets in life, no ambition for women or money, and his hobby is sleeping. As a brave captain and strategist of the Woodalchi warriors, he is not afraid of death.
A 33-year-old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. Eun-soo was originally a general surgeon but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day a strange man whom she thinks is a drama extra kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era. In Goryeo, she is believed to be the apprentice of the famous Chinese surgeon, Hwata, sent from heaven.


Original soundtrack[edit]

Faith OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
LabelLoen Entertainment
Starhaus Entertainment

Part 1

Released on August 21, 2012 (2012-08-21)
1."Carry On" (계속하다)Ali4:22

Part 2

Released on September 3, 2012 (2012-09-03)
1."Because My Steps Are Slow" (걸음이느려서)Shin Yong-jae (4Men)4:27

Part 3

Released on September 11, 2012 (2012-09-11)
1."Bad Person" (나쁜사람)Jang Hye-jin (ft. MC Sniper)4:00

Part 4

Released on September 17, 2012 (2012-09-17)
1."Teardrop" (눈물이한방울)Younha3:54
2."Teardrop" (Inst.) 3:54
Total length:7:08

Part 5

Released on September 24, 2012 (2012-09-24)
1."Look At" (그대를봄니다)Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul)4:00

Part 6

Released on October 8, 2012 (2012-10-08)
1."The Wind's Song" (바람의노래)Youngjun (Brown Eyed Soul)3:38
2."Because It's You" (그대니까)One Piece3:34
Total length:7:32

Part 7

Released on October 15, 2012 (2012-10-15)
1."Love" (사랑아)Rumble Fish4:46
2."Love" (Inst.) 4:46
Total length:8:43
Disc 2:
1."Faith (Opening title)"Oh Joon-sung2:59
2."Attack Point"Oh Joon-sung1:39
3."Bad Guy"Oh Joon-sung3:59
4."Bad Table"Oh Joon-sung3:01
5."Bloody Warrior"Oh Joon-sung1:36
6."Dancing in the Moonlight"Oh Joon-sung2:18
7."Forever (Carry on PP ver.)"Oh Joon-sung2:31
8."Faith (Choral ver.)"Oh Joon-sung2:59
9."Flower Garden"Oh Joon-sung2:14
10."Happy Dance"Oh Joon-sung2:09
11."I'm Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)"Oh Joon-sung1:51
12."I'm Woodalchi (String ver.)"Oh Joon-sung1:51
13."Knife Wood"Oh Joon-sung2:52
14."Missing You"Oh Joon-sung2:15
15."Moon of the Princess"Oh Joon-sung2:46
16."Move and Run (String ver.)"Oh Joon-sung1:36
17."Move and Run (Original ver.)"Oh Joon-sung2:13
18."Old Market"Oh Joon-sung1:38
19."Smile (Lovely Face Eun soo)"Oh Joon-sung2:28
20."Sadness (String ver.)"Oh Joon-sung2:55
21."Shadow Man"Oh Joon-sung3:38
22."The Blade of Red-Moon"Oh Joon-sung1:42
23."The Palace Story"Oh Joon-sung1:59
24."The Dangerous Time (Choral ver.)"Oh Joon-sung1:28
25."The Justice"Oh Joon-sung2:27
26."Tears of Soldier"Oh Joon-sung1:55
27."Trick"Oh Joon-sung1:30
28."War of the Fire"Oh Joon-sung1:44
29."White Night"Oh Joon-sung2:45
30."Witch Prayer"Oh Joon-sung2:01
31."Worry or Afraid"Oh Joon-sung1:48
32."You and Me"Oh Joon-sung1:34


Faith was '90s drama queen Kim Hee-sun's comeback project, her first TV appearance in five years after her marriage and childbirth. The production of Faith was riddled with problems. The initial budget was 10 billion won (about US$10 million) but the series got its budget slashed, and was pushed back multiple times because of the leading actor. The drama was announced in 2009 with Lee Joon-gi as a main lead. However, the actor had to be replaced because he was drafted in the army. Born in 1982, Lee would normally have time to enlist until the end of 2010 but he received his papers early, shortly after beginning his new film project. This forced him to drop Faith, as well as his horse-racing movie Grand Prix, which had already begun shooting. Lee had tried to postpone enlistment to finish these two projects by the end of the year, but was unable to do so.[17]

He was replaced by Kang Ji-hwan (Coffee House) who, however, had to withdraw after a request by the Entertainment Management Association because of his ongoing contract dispute and legal fight with his former and current management companies.[18] The antagonist, Kim Seung-soo, also left, with the majority of the original cast at that time. This was a severe blow to the budget, as 10 million won had reportedly been spent on promotion with Kang as the lead.[19] Actors like Oh Ji-ho and Lee Sang-yoon were considered for the main role, before finally deciding for Lee Min-ho.[20]

Filming for Faith began on May 24, 2012 and it aired from August 13 to October 30, 2012. The ratings were mediocre but rarely dropped below 10%.

On October 19, a little before the end, the news was published that Lee Phillip (who played Dr. Jang Bin), sustained an eye injury and had to pull out of the drama. The injury did not arise during drama filming, but because he was scheduled for surgery next week he would not be able to continue shooting. Many viewers agreed that "It's too bad that he leaves so close to the drama's finale without getting to be a part of it. On the other hand, it's both fortunate for the drama and a damn shame for him that he's barely a presence in the show to begin with, despite the setup hinting at a much meatier role".[21]

The writer Song Ji-na uploaded the original script on her website and it was obvious that there were considerable changes in the final product, some of them because of lack of money. However, Faith had financial problems almost from its start and they did not finish after the drama wrapped. Six months after the end of its airing, many of the cast and crew of that drama had not been paid. The acting, editing, and producing salaries which had not been paid amounted to 1.7 billion won. Drama producer and direction Kim Jong-hak, whose credits include Eyes of Dawn, Sandglass, Daemang (2002) and Legend (2007), was accused of double-contracting the Faith OST rights (to two separate companies) in the fall of 2012 became the subject of a police investigation for embezzlement and breach of trust. Kim was sued in February 2013 under the charge that he had embezzled 2 billion for personal use and summoned by police for ongoing investigation. He took his own life on July 23, 2013, by carbon dioxide, in a gositel room.[22][23][24] This tragic death and many of the "ills" of Korean dramas have been attributed to the outsourcing of production to independent companies which struggle to cover the exorbitant cost of writers and stars.[25]

Faith was sold to 6 Asian countries including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, with 90% of the total pre-sales amount of ₩4 billion coming from Japan.[26]


In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
Nielsen Korea[27] TNmS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 August 13, 2012 9.4% 10.8% 12.2% 13.8%
2 August 14, 2012 10.3% 11.4% 11.8% 13.1%
3 August 20, 2012 10.3% 11.6% 13.4% 15.8%
4 August 21, 2012 11.5% 12.8% 13.2% 15.5%
5 August 27, 2012 10.6% 10.6% 12.9% 14.5%
6 August 28, 2012 12.2% 13.5% 13.1% 14.8%
7 September 3, 2012 9.8% 10.9% 12.3% 13.9%
8 September 4, 2012 11.0% 12.4% 12.6% 13.9%
9 September 10, 2012 11.8% 13.2% 11.6% 12.8%
10 September 11, 2012 11.2% 11.4% 11.7% 13.0%
11 September 17, 2012 10.4% 11.3% 11.8% 13.5%
12 September 18, 2012 10.1% 11.0% 11.2% 12.2%
13 September 24, 2012 9.7% 10.9% 10.7% 12.2%
14 September 25, 2012 9.0% 9.7% 10.2% 11.6%
15 October 1, 2012 9.3% 9.9% 11.1% 12.7%
16 October 2, 2012 9.5% 9.7% 9.6% 10.2%
17 October 8, 2012 10.5% 11.4% 13.2% 14.1%
18 October 9, 2012 9.9% 10.6% 11.5% 13.0%
19 October 15, 2012 8.8% 9.5% 9.2% 10.6%
20 October 16, 2012 9.9% 10.9% 10.7% 11.9%
21 October 22, 2012 9.3% 10.5% 10.2% 11.7%
22 October 23, 2012 8.9% 10.0% 9.7% 11.6%
23 October 29, 2012 8.7% 9.7% 9.1% 10.3%
24 October 30, 2012 10.1% 10.9% 10.5% 11.4%
Average 10.1% 11.0% 11.4% 12.8%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2012 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Kim Hee-sun Won
SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Lee Min-ho Won
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Kim Hee-sun Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Yu Oh-seong Nominated
Special Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ryu Deok-hwan Nominated
Special Award, Actress in a Miniseries Shin Eun-jung Nominated
New Star Award Park Se-young Won
Top 10 Stars Lee Min-ho Won
Popularity Award Nominated
Kim Hee-sun Nominated
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (TV) Park Se-young Nominated
Most Popular Actor (TV) Lee Min-ho Nominated
Most Popular Actress (TV) Park Se-young Nominated
8th Seoul International Drama Awards Popularity Award Lee Min-ho Nominated
2014 GyaO! Entertainment Awards[28] Best Korean Drama Faith Won


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