Fangcun Station

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Guangzhou Metro
Location Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Operated by Guangzhou Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 1
Platforms 2 (1 island platform)
Structure type Underground
Opened 28 June 1997
Preceding station   Guangzhou Metro   Following station
toward Xilang
Line 1

Fangcun Station (Chinese: 芳村站) is a station on Line 1 of the Guangzhou Metro that started operation on 28 June 1997. It is situated under the junction of Huadi Avenue (Chinese: 花地大道) and Fangcun Avenue (Chinese: 芳村大道) in Fangcun in the Liwan District.[1] The station has four main exits (A-D) at each of the four corners of the concourse. There are two platforms on an island linked to the concourse by two banks of escalators and two stairways. Facilities include an ATM and a convenience store. The station is popular with revellers visiting the popular Bai-E-Tan (White Swan) riverside bar street on Changdi Street approx 10 minutes walk from the station, as well as shoppers going to the large superstore located nearby.

Transport connections[edit]

There are several bus stops nearby including the Fangcun Interchange station on Huadi Dadao at the southern entrance to the Zhujiang Tunnel, which is a major hub for cross-river buses. The Fangcun-Huangsha foot/cycle ferry runs from nearby Changdi Road. There is a staffed bicycle park outside Exit B of the station.

Station layout[edit]

G - Exit
Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Platform 2 Line 1 towards Xilang (Huadiwan)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 1 Line 1 towards Guangzhou East Railway Station (Huangsha)


Exit number Exit location
Exit A A1 Huadi Dadaobei
A2 Huadi Daobaobei
Exit B B1 Huadi Daobaobei
B2 Luju Lu
Exit C Huadi Daobaobei
Exit D Fangcun Daobaozhong


Coordinates: 23°05′56″N 113°14′09″E / 23.09881°N 113.23579°E / 23.09881; 113.23579