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Far Eastern University Institute of Law
FEU Institute of Law Logo.jpg
Official Seal of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law
Motto "Love of Fatherland and God"
Type Private, Non-sectarian
Established 1934 (Bachelor of Laws)
2003 (MBA-JD)
President Michael M. Alba
Dean Melencio S. Sta Maria, Jr., LL.M.
Location Metro Manila,  Philippines
Campus Far Eastern University, Manila (Institute of Law)
RCBC Towers, Makati (MBA-JD)
Hymn "The FEU Hymn" by Nick Joaquin
Colors FEU colors.svg Green and Gold
Mascot FEU Tamaraws
Affiliations Philippine Association of Law Schools
Website www.feu.edu.ph/manila/index.php/academics/institute-of-law/

The Far Eastern University Institute of Law (also known as FEU Law or the Institute of Law) is a private, coed Legal Education Board-accredited law school of the Far Eastern University. Facilities for its main program, Bachelor of Laws, is currently on the historic campus of the University in Nicanor Reyes St., Manila, although there is a plan to transfer the same to Makati.

Brief history[edit]

The Far Eastern University Institute of Law was formally established by Nicanor Reyes Sr. in 1934, the same year that the Far Eastern University was founded following the merger of the Far Eastern College and the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (IABF).[1]

Despite the Institute's limited resources, graduates include retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban; only five law schools have produced a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Manuel G. Montecillo, another alumnus of the Institute, obtained one of the highest grades in the history of the Philippine Bar with 95.5/100 in 1948.[2]

In 1970 six out of the top ten placers in the Bar Exams were graduates of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law; no other school did better until 1984.[3]

The Institute of Law has produced many well-regarded graduates, next to the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippine Law School, and University of Manila. Two Philippine Senate Presidents served as Dean: Jovito Salonga (1956-1963) and Neptali Gonzales (1976-1986).[1] As of 2014 the deanship was held by Atty. Melencio "Mel" Sta. Maria.

In 2003 the Institute teamed up with the De La Salle Graduate School of Business to offer the JD-MBA program, the first graduate dual program in law and business administration in the country.[1] See Academic Programs: Legal Education for All.

In 2011 based on the Bar Examinations passing rate from 2001 to 2010, the Legal Education Board recognized the Far Eastern University Institute of Law as the Fourth Most Outstanding Law School in the country.

Academic Programs: Legal Education for All[edit]

The Institute of Law has the intention of providing quality legal education at an affordable cost.

The reengineered Bachelor of Laws Program leads graduates to specialize in litigation and other related practice areas. Classes under this program are conducted at N. Reyes St., Manila campus.[1]


The Institute of Law is housed in the Law Building of the University. It has bar review rooms and a moot court apart from its state-of-the art classrooms. The JD-MBA, on the other hand, holds classes in the fifth and twenty-fifth floors of RCBC Plaza in Makati City.[1]


  • Melencio "Mel" Sta. Maria was the Dean of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law as of 2014. Some textbooks written by him have been cited as authorities by the Philippine Supreme Court, and he acts as an expert witness in the field of Philippine Contract Law in international arbitration cases.
  • Andres D. Bautista was Sta. Maria's predecessor.
  • Antonio H. Abad, Jr., a former dean, became Dean of the Adamson University.[4]
  • Neptali Álvaro Gonzales was Dean from 1976 to 1986.[5]
  • Jovito "Jovy" Reyes Salonga was Dean from 1956.

Student organizations[edit]

  • Far Eastern University Institute of Law Student Council is the official student government of the Institute of Law.
  • The Far Eastern Law Review is the official law journal of the Institute of Law.
  • Far Eastern University Institute of Law Centralized Bar Operations is the student arm that helps graduates of the Institute of Law when they take the annual Bar Examinations. Its activities include providing study materials, organizing hotel accommodations, and other support activities exclusively for the Institute's bar examinees.
  • Far Eastern University Institute of Law Moot Court Council is the student debating society. It provides training, in-house practice drills and other inter-university competitions.
  • The Far Eastern University Legal Aid Bureau (formerly Legal Rights Center) was created by virtue of Supreme Court Bar Matter No. 651 issued in 1993. Its primary aims are to provide clinical legal education to law students, legal internship for graduating law students, and free legal assistance to indigents. The Legal Aid Bureau also conducts community paralegal training, seminars and conferences on socio-legal issues and outreach activities. Internal activities include team building and leadership training and academic discussions. It raises funds which the Bureau can utilize in handling free cases for indigent litigants.
  • Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity (TKΦ), is the Exclusive Fraternal Order of the Far Eastern University - Institute of Law. Established in 1948 by 18 industrious and intellectually gifted working law students, from the time of its inception, it is a fraternity designed to promote the interests of the Common Tao, and has been constantly guided by its tradition ever since. Today, it is the only legally recognized and oldest existing fraternity, not only in the Institute of Law, but also in the Far Eastern University. It has it yearly publication called "The Common Voice," wherein the activities of the fraternity are written in chronological order.[1]
  • Portia Sorority is the Exclusive Sororal Order of the Far Eastern University - Institute of Law. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 2011 and composed of responsible and empowered aspiring women lawyers who have produced successful women lawyers and judges in the Society. Former President Corazon Aquino was one of their prominent members.
  • ACLAS (Alliance of Concerned Law Students)

Students' complaint[edit]

In 2000 ten law students of the Institute of Law lodged a complaint against Dean Andres Bautista, Associate Dean Teresita Cruz and two professors before the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for alleged irregularity. The complainants, headed by Artemio Urriza Jr., alleged that they were supposed to graduate in 1999 year but were unjustifiably given failing grades in two to three subjects taught by professors Atty. Ed Vincent Albano and Atty. Japar Dimaampao.

Their letter of complaint said they unduly received failing grades in Civil Law Review 2, Commercial Law Review and Remedial Law subjects.

"We firmly believe that we all passed our subjects and are very qualified to graduate but because of the whimsical and deliberate intentions of a 'triumvirate conspiracy' headed by our dean, Andres Bautista, together with our two professors, we became victims of injustices," they said. But Bautista denied the complainants' allegations as he maintained that the ten deserved to flunk in these subjects.

"We held a faculty deliberation on the second week of March. Professors then expressed reservations among some students, including them (complainants). It was decided that they need to take up these subjects again," he added. Bautista said that faculty deliberation is conducted to enable professors to collectively discuss the status of students.[6]

Overheard at FEU Institute of Law[edit]

Overheard at FEU Institute of Law is a humor Facebook page, published by some law students and alumni, that documents different snippets of conversation or speech heard at the Institute of Law. The source of the humor in each quote varies. Some are intentional witticisms on the part of their speaker, some are based on his or her apparent cluelessness (as with students who did not study), lack of common sense, or stupidity, and some seem to demonstrate symptoms of mental illness (figures of speech intended). Overheard at FEU Institute of Law has become well-known within the campus.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Artemio Panganiban - former Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court; 6th placer, 1960 Bar Examinations, 1960 FEU Law Cum Laude and Most Outstanding Student
  • Manuel G. Montecillo - 1st Placer, 1948 Bar Examinations, 95.50%
  • Tomas P. Matic, Jr. - 1st Placer, 1955 Bar Examinations, 90.55%
  • Agustin O. Benitez - 1st Placer, 1959 Bar Examinations, 89.20%
  • Corazon Aquino - former President of the Philippines, former FEU Law student
  • Jose Nolledo - Member, Philippine Constitutional Commission of 1986; Delegate, Philippine Constitutional Convention of 1971; 3rd placer, 1958 Bar Examinations
  • Justice Oscar M. Herrera - Court of Appeals
  • Carlos Felix Borromeo III - NBI Agent Batch 1988 to 89
  • Eddie Ilarde - former Philippine Senator
  • Wenceslao Lagumbay - former Philippine Senator
  • Neptali Gonzales Jr. - former Majority House Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, Mandaluyong Mayor, created the Rizal Technological University
  • Edilberto Sandoval - Associate Justice of Sandiganbayan
  • Roland Jurado - Associate Justice of Sandiganbayan
  • Manuel Collantes - former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador to the United Nations, 1940 FEU Law Class
  • Nestor Mantaring - Director, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Edmundo Magpantay - State Prosecutor Department of Justice
  • John Resado - State Prosecutor Department of Justice
  • Samuel Ong - former Deputy Director, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Sedfrey Ordonez - 1970 delegate to the Philippine Constitutional Convention, former Solicitor General and Secretary of Justice, former Ambassador to the United Nations, former Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, 1946 FEU Law Class
  • Flor L. Resurreccion- NBI Special Investigator III (1992-2005); Licensed Private Investigator-California, USA; Owner-Manager Sigma Investigation and Surveillance- California, USA; US Department of Homeland Security - TSA Officer (July 2016 - Present).
  • Eubulo Verzola - former Justice of the Court of Appeals, former Director of the Senate Public Information and Media Relations Office
  • Fermin Martin Jr. - former Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals, 1955 FEU Law Class
  • Jesus Elbinas - former Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals
  • Salome Montoya - Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals, 1954 FEU Law Cum Laude, 6th placer, 1954 Bar Examinations
  • John Choa - Ambassador-at-Large to the Territory of Guam, USA
  • Agustin Benitez - former Dean of College of Law and Vice-president of the University of the East, 1st placer, 1959 Bar Examinations
  • Wilfredo C. Andres, CPA - Assistant City prosecutor in Quezon City
  • Ed Vincent Albano - Dean of College of Law at University of Perpetual Help; Law Professor at San Beda College of Law, Adamson University, Perpetual Help College of Law
  • Arsenio Pascual Jr., MD, LL.B. - Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence at the UP College of Law, Ateneo Law School, and FEU Institute of Law, a medical practitioner and lawyer, expert in forensic sciences and medical malpractice law
  • Ophelia Balcos - first woman and first Asian to Chair the Human Rights Commission of the State of Minneapolis, USA
  • Custodio Parlade - President Emeritus of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Gerardo Espina Sr. - Member of the Consultative Commission on Charter Change
  • Cleto T. Villatuya - former commissioner, National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC)
  • Meynardo Bautista, Jr. - Chief Inquest Prosecutor in Quezon City
  • Gina Lyn R. Rubio - Private Attorney, 5th placer, 2006 Bar Examinations, 2006 FEU Law Class Valedictorian
  • Manuel J. Laserna Jr.- Law Professor and bar reviewer (1985-2006); 3rd placer, 1984 Bar Examinations (90.95%); trial lawyer; Bar leader; founder, past chair/pres., and consultant,Las Pinas City Bar Association (2001–present); Managing Partner of the Laserna Cueva-Mercader & Associates Law Offices (LCM Law, Las Pinas City); AB, Ll.B. (cum laude), Ll.M.; Cocofed law scholar (Ll.B.); FEU law scholar (Ll.M.); Retired Management Executive and in-house legal counsel of the Philippine Coconut Producers Federation (1975-1994); past Director and Vice Pres., IBP PPLM Ch., 1995-2007; Independent Expert on Phil. laws and jurisprudence, International Center for Dispute Resolution (American Arbitration Association), New York City, USA.
  • Myrna C. Mercader - Law Professor and bar reviewer (FEU, 1985-2006); law and business professor, University of Perpetual Help Rizal (since 2000); BSC Accountancy (magna cum laude), LL.B. (cum laude), certified public accountant, Doctor of Business Administration, and Ph.D. Economics; Central Bank scholar - MA Econ. and Ph.D. Econ.; co-founder and past chair/pres., Las Pinas City Bar Association (2001-2009); past Director and Auditor, IBP PPLM Ch., 1995-2007; partner, Laserna Cueva-Mercader & Associates Law Offices (LCM Law, Las Pinas City); retired Central Bank training executive (1974-1994); past Pres., BF Resort Village Homeowners Assn Inc., Las Pinas City; licensed real estate broker.
  • Johnson A.H. Ong - Law Professor, Private Attorney, 10th placer, 2005 Bar Examinations (Negotiable Instruments)
  • Amante A. Liberato - Law Professor Commission on Audit Officer, 5th placer, 1996 Bar Examinations (Obligations and Contracts)
  • Edwin C. Yan - Law Professor, 6th placer, 1982 Bar Examinations; trial lawyer; former solicitor, Office of the Solicitor General. (Consti Law 1)
  • Edwin R. Sandoval- Political Law Reviewer, Summa Cum Laude, Class valedictorian 1991, and a law professor in Arellano Faculty of Law, Adamson University Law and UST Faculty of Civil Law
  • E. Valderrama - Law Professor, International Arbitrator, 12th placer, 1982 Bar Examinations. (ADR)
  • Benedicto M. Gonzales Jr. - Law Professor, 19th placer, 1993 Bar Examinations, former Caloocan City councilor. (Admin Law)
  • Viviana Martin-Paguirigan- Associate Dean, law professor 16th placer 1993 Bar Examinations (Succession, Civil Law Review)
  • Edinburgh P.Tumuran - Author: The HLURB's Jurisdiction: A Guidebook for Law Practitioners Before the HLURB and Compilation of Pertinent Real Estate Laws and Jurisprudence. Published and sold by Rex Bookstore and also being sold at the National Bookstores.
  • Ruel V. Canovas - Former Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission


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