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Félix Patzi Paco (born 21 February 1967 in Santiago de Llallagua, Aroma, La Paz) is a Bolivian academic and politician. Since May 31, 2015, he is the governor of La Paz Department. A member of the Aymara ethnic group, he has been active in supporting indigenous movements in Bolivia.

Political career[edit]

Patzi served as Bolivia's Minister of Education in the government of Evo Morales from 2006 to 2007.[1] In 2010, he was briefly a candidate for governor of La Paz Department on behalf of the Movement for Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP), but was removed following a drunk driving incident.[2] In March 2010, he founded a new political party, Integration for Change (Spanish: Integración Para el Cambio, IPC), which was later organized as the Third System Movement.[3]

In the 2015, he ran again for governor of La Paz, this time on behalf of the Sovereignty and Freedom party (Spanish: Soberanía y Libertad; SOL.bo) founded by La Paz's mayor, Luis Revilla.[4] He won the March 29 elections with 52% of the vote, far ahead of rival candidate Felipa Huanca of the MAS-IPSP,[5] becoming SOL.bo's highest elected official.


Felix Patzi is a worshiper of the religion of Pachamama, the Earth goddess.


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