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The Female Peronist Party, also known as the Feminist Peronist Party and the Peronist Feminist Party, was the women's wing of the Peronist Justicialist Party of Argentina. It was founded by Eva Perón in the late 1940s. After the Peronist Feminist Party was founded, twice the number of women were allowed to attend university.[1] With the set up of the Peronist Feminist Party, women's centres were set up in poor Argentinian neighbourhoods. These centres provided a wide range of services including medical, legal and social services.[1] At the time of the party's founding, women were largely absent from the political process in Argentina and were not allowed to vote.

In the first elections (in 1951) in which women could run for office, 24 were elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, all Peronists.[1] Also, seven female senators were elected, making Argentina the country with the most women representing the government.[1] Following the death of Eva Perón, Delia Parodi, one of those deputies, led the party until the military coup of 1955.

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