Femmes de chez nous

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Femmes de chez nous
Femmes de chez nous.jpg
Studio album by Christine Fellows
Released February 1, 2011
Genre Indie pop
Label Six Shooter Records
Christine Fellows chronology
Femmes de chez nous

Femmes de chez nous is the fifth studio album by Christine Fellows, released February 1, 2011 on Six Shooter Records.[1]

The album features songs in both English and French, Fellows' first album to do so. It features songs from Reliquary/Reliquaire, a multidisciplinary performance work presented by a collective of artists, including Fellows, Shary Boyle, Leanne Zacharias, Alex McMaster, Caelum Vatnsdal and Lise Brémault, at Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum in 2009.[2]

The album will also be packaged with a DVD containing a live performance of Reliquary/Reliquaire.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dragonfly"
  2. "Mile 137"
  3. "Un Canadien errant"
  4. "Traversée"
  5. "Février"
  6. "Mlle. Sténo"
  7. "Certainty"
  8. "Reversed Arrow"
  9. "(W)Horoscope"
  10. "Femmes de chez nous"
  11. "La Réserve"
  12. "Leap Year"
  13. "Antipodes"