Paper Anniversary (album)

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Paper Anniversary
Studio album by Christine Fellows
Released 2005
Genre Folk pop
Label Six Shooter
Producer Christine Fellows
Christine Fellows chronology
The Last One Standing
Paper Anniversary

Paper Anniversary is the third album by Canadian folk-pop singer Christine Fellows, released in 2005 on Six Shooter Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Foreword"
  2. "Vertebrae"
  3. "Road Trip"
  4. "Migrations"
  5. "Face Down, Feet First"
  6. "Instructions on How to Dissect a Ground Owl"
  7. "Paper Anniversary"
  8. "Souvenirs"
  9. "Double Takes"
  10. "We Two"
  11. "Phantom Pains"
  12. "Departures/Arrivals"
  13. "Paper Anniversary (Reprise)"
  14. "Afterword"