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Fernanda G. Weiden at Latinoware 2008, Fórum do Gnome. Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil

Fernanda "nanda" Giroleti Weiden is a system administrator and a former council member of Free Software Foundation Latin America, and she was a participant in Debian Women. She is an organizer of the Fórum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) and one of the founders of Projeto Software Livre Mulheres (Women in Free Software Project) in Brazil. She was elected the vice president of Free Software Foundation Europe in June 2009.

Weiden, of German and Italian ancestry, was raised in Porto Alegre, Brasil. She was a former employee for Google in Zurich, Switzerland. She joined Facebook in June, 2011, and has relocated to San Francisco.[1] Being an emigrant, she has advocated for this group to participate in the emigration politics of her homeland.[2][3]

She is an example of cyberfeminism, along with developers such as Alice Wu and Yuwei Lin.[4] In June 2003, Fernanda Weiden and Loimar Vianna founded Projeto Software Livre Mulheres.[5][6]

Weiden was a sponsored Debian contributor;[7][8] she was a member of Debian Women and participated until 2011.[9][10] In 2004, she started a thread complaining about the prospective package hot-babe, which featured drawings of a girl undressing;[11][12] the package was rejected in 2005.[13]

On 16 September 2006, she participated in two panels at Wizards of OS 4 in Berlin; Weiden was one of the speakers in The Future of Free Software, together with Atul Chitnis and Federico Heinz.[14][15] The previous day, Larry Sanger announced Citizendium;[16] later that day, Wikipedia editor Tobias Conradi started an article about Fernanda G. Weiden.[17][18] She was interviewed about the open source situation in Latin America.[19]


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