Fernando Fischmann

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Fernando Fischmann
Santiago, Chile
EducationUniversity of Chile
OccupationReal state investor, entrepreneur, biochemist
Known forArtificial lagoons
TitleFounder of Crystal Lagoons, Board member of Inmobiliaria El Plomo
AwardsErnst & Young “Best Entrepreneur Award”[1]
Scientific career

Fernando Fischmann is a Chilean scientist, businessman, biochemist, and real estate developer, whose project is the Crystal Lagoons innovation.[2]


Fernando Fischmann was born in Santiago. He attended the Grange School in Santiago[3] and then the University of Chile, earning a graduate degree in biochemistry.[4] He collaborated in the campaign of Hernán Büchi, for the 1989 Chilean presidential election.[5] In 1986, Fischmann bought 60 hectares of land at the port of Algarrobo, on the coast of central Chile, with the plan to develop a holiday resort, that is now known as San Alfonso del Mar, built around an artificial crystalline lagoon.Fischmann developed a new process for maintaining the purity and clarity of the water in large volumes and at low cost.[4]

In 2016, he won "The Stevie Award" in its two categories: Innovator of the Year, for his sustainable vision for water usage, and Innovation of the Year, for his water desalination technology that uses no energy.[6] In addition, the London Business School nominated Fischmann for its 2017 international innovation contest, the "Real Innovation Award"[7] In 2021 he was awarded with The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Medal for Inventors.[8]

Fischmann is one of the directors of Chilean Fraunhofer institute.[9] In addition, he is director of the North America Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), and is a member of the advisory council of the business network Endeavor (non-profit).[10]

Crystal Lagoons[edit]

Crystal Lagoons is an American biochemical and water services company founded by Fernando Fischmann in 2009.[11][failed verification] The Boston Consulting Group evaluated 8 company's worth in 200 at US$1.8 billion after a year and a half in operation.[12]


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