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The Beta Cessions is a series of releases by Celldweller that collect demos, B-sides, outtakes, and remixes that have been omitted from Celldweller's main studio albums. As of mid-2012, one complete volume of The Beta Cessions, collecting material from the era of the debut Celldweller album, has been released. A second volume is planned to be released with Celldweller's second main studio album, Wish Upon a Blackstar.[1] In addition, Klayton began releasing free remixes and mash-ups on his blog in spring 2009 that are also part of the Beta Cession series.

The Beta Cessions Vol. 1[edit]

The Beta Cessions Vol. 1
Celldweller 2.jpg
Compilation album by Celldweller
Released 2003/2004 (Second release)
Recorded 1999-2003
Genre Electronic rock,[2][3] alternative metal, drum and bass, trance, trip hop
Length 139:25
Label Position/Esion
Celldweller chronology
The Beta Cessions
Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01

The first Beta Cession release was a double album put out in late 2003 that collected material related to the debut, self-titled album. The first disc of this album begins with a brand new version of "Goodbye", which was the last Circle of Dust song to be recorded and released by Klayton. The rest of the disc contains the majority of Klayton's early Celldweller demos that he cut in Detroit in 2000, many of which were originally released on Note that the three Detroit 2000 demo songs from the original Celldweller limited edition EP, "Symbiont", "Own Little World" and "Fadeaway", were omitted from this compilation. The sole remix present, Elevation & Kenneth Thomas's remix of "Switchback", is a house/techno remix that was featured in a Paul Oakenfold set in 2005.[4] A handful of alternate mixes and instrumental tracks round out disc 1. Disc 2 contains the entire debut Celldweller album in instrumental form, with only minor variations present in the mix. It was these instrumentals that were used in many of Celldweller's media licensing deals, appearing in film trailers and television shows.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. "Goodbye"   5:25
2. "Switchback (2001)"   4:35
3. "Switchback (Elevation & Kenneth Thomas Remix)"   9:07
4. "Stay with Me (Unlikely) (Detroit 2000)"   3:30
5. "Under My Feet (Detroit 2000)"   3:34
6. "Switchback (Detroit 2000)"   3:44
7. "So Sorry to Say (Detroit 2000)"   5:20
8. "Stay with Me (Unlikely) (Scott Humphrey/Frank Gryner Mix)"   3:44
9. "Afraid This Time (Detroit 2000)"   5:12
10. "Under My Feet (Original Demo)"   1:22
11. "Klayton - Beginning of the End"   5:54
12. "Klayton - Kemikal"   5:28
13. "Switchback (2001) (Instrumental)"   3:57
14. "Goodbye (Instrumental)"   5:25
15. "Switchback (Detroit 2000) (Instrumental)"   3:43
Total length:
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. "Switchback (Instrumental)"   5:21
2. "Stay with Me (Unlikely) (Instrumental)"   3:44
3. "The Last Firstborn (Instrumental)"   7:46
4. "Under My Feet (Instrumental)"   3:28
5. "I Believe You (Instrumental)"   3:25
6. "Frozen (Instrumental)"   6:56
7. "Symbiont (Instrumental)"   5:26
8. "Afraid This Time (Instrumental)"   5:01
9. "Fadeaway (Instrumental)"   4:50
10. "So Sorry to Say (Instrumental)"   5:37
11. "Own Little World (Instrumental)"   3:34
12. "Unlikely (Stay with Me) (Instrumental)"   3:01
13. "One Good Reason (Instrumental)"   3:56
14. "The Stars of Orion (Instrumental)"   3:05
15. "Welcome to the End (Instrumental)"   4:04
Total length:

The Beta Cessions Klog Edition[edit]

In April 2009, Klayton started posting free mixes on his blog, which he calls the Klog. These mp3 files come with tags and album art that denote their being a part of the Beta Cessions line of releases. The first and third songs released so far bear the label Beta Cessions: Klog Edition while the second mix released thus far is labeled "Beta Cessions: Klash-Up", Klash-Up being Klayton's name for his mash-ups.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Goodbye/We Will Rock You (Cellmate Mix)"   2:07
2. "Klash-Up (Cinco de Mayo 2009 – Cellmate Mix)"   5:53
3. "Distants (05-14-2009 – Cellmate Gift)" (Later re-released on Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 02) 2:19
4. "Fadeaway Demo (6-13-2009)"   1:50
5. "We Will Rock You/Goodbye (Klash-Up Mix)" (was used in the 2010 live shows) 4:55
6. "Mother's Arms (12-20-2010 – Merry Christmas Cellmates)"   1:23
7. "Disposable War Pigs (11-7-2011 – Celldweller Klash-Up)"   6:28


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